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Among the best things in life is playing printed games in person with family and close friends. When those are not convenient we like iOS Board Games. News, reviews, previews, and opinions about board gaming on iPhones, iPads, iPods and even Android devices. (iPhone board games, iPad board games, iPod board games, Android board games)
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iOS News Bits: Divine Right • Traveller AR • Skotos Sched • Via Pompeii • Call of Cthulhu • Dice Soccer • Blue Lion • Wits & Wagers • Hacienda • Neuroshima Hex Online • Pandemic • Red November • Ticket To Ride Pocket • Hero Academy • Operation: Eradicate

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[Dear readers, it's been a long time since the last News Bits. Changes are in the works to bring you more timely news than we have been. Please see the "Note to Our Readers" at the end of this post. Thanks!]

• Divine Right Released
• Traveller AR Released
• Skotos Release Schedule for 2012
• Yatzymate Released
• Fast Company Article on Digital Board Game Adaptations
• Dungeon Crawlers Released and Updated
• Repeat Poker Released
• Via Pompeii Coming
• Picket Fences Updated
• Roy G. Biv Updated
• GMT Games Update
• Carcassonne Updated
• Khet Released
• Charadium II HD Updated
• Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land Released
• Tikal Updated
• Magic: the Gathering Toolbox Released
• GameWiz Gaming Aid Released
• Higher Data Limits for Turn-Based Matches in Game Center
• New World Colony Updated
• Cabals Updated
• Reiner Knizia's City of Secrets Skyline HD Released
• Loot and Scoot Updated
• Dice Soccer Updated
• Draw Something Released
• Blue Lion Released
• Wired Covers Digital Board Games for iOS
• Word Race Released
• Wits & Wagers Coming in August
• Hacienda HD Coming Soon
• Reiner Knizia's Color Conquest Released
• Dice War Reloaded Released
• Kingdom Builder Randomizer Released
• UniWar HD Released
• Dead Man's Dice Renamed to Liar's Dice 3D
• Neuroshima Hex Online On The Way
• Hasbro zAPPs Monopoly and Life
• Phase 10 Updated
• Fairway Solitaire Released
• Army of Frogs HD Updated
• Assassin's Creed Recollection Updated
• Pandemic App Not Released
• Fierce Wombat Games Shut Down, Red November in Limbo
• Big Daddy's Creations Interview on Gamezebo
• Tracker Tap Released
• Ticket to Ride Pocket Postmortem on Gamasutra
• Hero Academy Updated
• Ticket To Ride Pocket Updated
• Anno Updated
• Kingpin Coming Soon Again
• Take It Easy Released
• Operation: Eradicate Released
• Note to Our Readers

• Divine Right Released - January 13, February 2
No, it's not the 80's TSR game, but it's got hex maps, economy management, castle building, unit recruitment and war! And it has since been updated with additional map sizes of 100, 400, 900 and 1600 hexes.

• Traveller AR Released - January 17
Back in the 1980's it was all D&D all the time. Then I heard some friends talk about this Sci-Fi role playing game called Traveller and they really liked it. Many people liked it and still do. Two brothers named Kieren and Tony Howlett liked it so much they made an app inspired by it.

• Skotos Release Schedule for 2012 - January 19
Shannon at Skotos, developer of iOS card games like Michael Schacht's Gold!, Reiner Knizia's High Society, Kingdoms, Money and more was kind enough to give us the run down on Skotos plans for 2012:

Feb: Michael Schacht's Web of Power Card Game: The Duel (screenshot included)
March: Reiner Knizia's Masters Gallery (an adaptation of our Reiner Knizia's Modern Art: The Card Game)
Q2: pass + play for all our games
Q3: Game Center for all our games
Q4: Reiner Knizia's King Arthur Card Game

Look for Skotos releases in our upcoming 2012 anticipation schedule.

• Yatzymate Released - January 24
A developer named Stein Ove Helset has released an asynchronous multiplayer Yahtzee.

• Fast Company Article on Digital Board Game Adaptations - January 25
Business Publication, Fast Company, has picked up on the trend of digital board game adaptations.

• Dungeon Crawlers Released and Updated - January 25, February 3, 9
Ayopa Games released Dungeon Crawlers in late January. It pretty much plays as its title would suggest. For more info check out Brad's review from a few weeks back. Here's some information some subsequent updates:
Ayopa Games wrote:
What's new in version 1.0.1

Thanks for your patience! This update will now enable iPad 1/iPod touch/iPhone 3GS users to enjoy Dungeon Crawlers.

- Fixed Consistent Crash bugs for iPad 1, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch 3/4 due to lack of memory
- Fixed freeze issue in 4-2 during Duke Fight

Ayopa Games wrote:
What's new

*What's New in 1.0.2*

- Entire game can now be sped up 2x by touching the screen during combat, not just "walking"
- New pathing system is less choppy on lower end devices, and smoother on higher end devices
- Increased the size of ability/player arrows for iPhone/iPod users
- Increased the quality of some GUI elements for lower end devices
- Stunning Banshees on 4-1 freeze issue resolved
- Opening Chest on 4-2 crash issue resolved
- Healthbars no longer overlap damage text
- Ability Wheel now works when dragging to select an ability
- Removed walk dust to Increase performance on iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th Gen

• Repeat Poker Released - January 25
Repeat Poker is a memory and strategy game that uses Poker for scoring.

• Via Pompeii Coming - January 25
A thread at TouchArcade clued us in to the upcoming release of Via Pompeii from Time Tours. The puzzle/board game is tentatively scheduled to release on March 21, 2012.
Time Tours wrote:
Via Pompeii is an upcoming puzzle/board game with a touch of strategy and TD made by TimeTours. iPad version is due end of march with iPhone version following shortly after.

We just decided against universal because the iPhone layout and levels will differ. We love the concept of universal, but feel most gamers hate to pay for both devices if they own only one. And we want to offer enough incentive to play both versions if you like the game.

- 3 different game types between puzzle and strategy
- Epic Time travel story which culminates in ancient Pompeii
- 5+1 cities with 19 levels each, 10+ hours of gameplay without backtracking
- New skills with every city offer new ways to solve levels
- Replay levels with new skills to earn more gold and find the way to the hidden city
- Lots of character to meet on your way
- 8 Leaderboards and nearly 200 Gamecenter achievments
- Full localization for English, German, Spanisch, French, Italian

• Picket Fences Updated - January 26
Wrinkle-Free Games has updated Picket Fences for iPad. Picket Fences is a collection of original rummy-type card games featuring home-improvement themes.

Wrinkle-Free Games wrote:
What’s new in Version 1.1:

Added optional Game Center leader boards for Standard difficulty.
• Compare your high scores with your friends' scores.
• See how your scores stack up against the best in the world!

• Roy G. Biv Updated - January 27
The dice strategy board game billed as "Chess with numbers" has been updated to version 1.6 and 1.7

What's New in 1.6

Game Center enabled.
Free two player.
Leaders Boards should work correctly.

What's New in 1.7


1. Leaderboard score submission issue fixed.
2. Added 180 degrees self orientation using internal gyroscope.
3. Defined separate leaderboards for one player and two player games.
4. Game pieces getting stuck issue fixed.
5. iOs devices connectivity issues resolved

• GMT Games Update - January 27
GMT Games posted an update on their electronic games in mid-January.

I promised many of you online that I'd give you an update on where we stand with our electronic games this time. So I polled all the development teams, only to find that the Christmas season and "real job" work requirements had caused a slowdown over the past couple months with many of our electronic game projects. That said, here's a listing of what we currently have in the works, and my rough take on their status:

Products that are Coded and Testing:

Twilight Struggle (PC): Here's a demo of current UI progress.

Twilight Struggle PC Demo

Note that this game is playable BOTH against an AI and in real time over the internet. It's not just a solo computer game.
Dominant Species (iOS): We had a longer than expected delay getting the updated art ready, but now it is implemented and we are restarting testing. We'll be contacting a new batch of testers shortly.

Now that we have the new art in place, we are ready to start working on the tutorial. We'd love to have some talented volunteers to help with this - what we believe is a crucially important piece on an iOS platform, and most especially for a game with the depth of choices offered by Dominant Species. So, if you have skills and/or experience with creating quality tutorials and would like to help, please drop me a note. Thanks!
Dominant Species: The Card Game (iOS): This one has progressed nicely over the past few months, and we are ALMOST ready for some additional testing. If you have an interest, please let me know.

Still in the early stages (Various stages of creating look and feel and getting map, counter, and card art in place):

Empire of the Sun (iOS and Android): This is one somewhat stalled at the moment. We're having conversations with the programmer now regarding whether this is really the best of Mark's games to start with - looking at For the People and Washington's War as well.

Manoeuvre (iOS and Android): This is one of the games where real life has intervened. It'll probably be a couple more months before we see progress here.

Nightfighter (PC and iOS): This project is progressing nicely, with the added good news from Fred last week that they're intending both a PC and an iOS release of the game for concurrent (or close) release. My best guess is this will be the next game to progress to the "outside test" phase, within 2-3 months.

Winds of Plunder (iOS): This one was somewhat stalled by real life and by some issues with the cards. We're working with the programmer to help get the card issue fixed, then we can move forward to game functionality.

Pacific Typhoon (Android): Looks like we're at least a few months from having a playable/testable version of this one.

Space Empires (iOS and Android): No recent word from this development team on progress. Still quite a ways from testing, last I heard.

The Caucasus Campaign (iOS); This is is a longer-lead project. Haven't seen any samples of the Map, Counters, or UI yet.

Sekigahara(iOS): This is a new-to-the-list game since our last update. This developer offered to show us what they could create if we'd give them an opportunity. We said "sure." Their progress reports sound encouraging, and we're supposed to get a demo to evaluate within a week or so.

Other Games Coming to the Above Lists Soon

Two things, here:

1. Look for an announcement over the next couple of weeks about our agreement for the electronic rights to our two Commands & Colors series of games! Contracts have been signed and now we're just working on coordinating on the press releases.

2. We have just begun talking with a developer interested in creating an iOS version of Paths of Glory. I love this game and think a tablet version would be terrific. As long as we can get the terms worked out, this one should be added to the lists above shortly.

Please note that we are also VERY MUCH still looking for development partners for a bunch of our games. If it's not on the list I gave above (except for Labyrinth, which is committed as part of a deal with the Twilight Struggle team, or For the People, which is committed as a 2nd game to the Empire of the Sun team assuming all goes well with EotS), we'd love to talk with any interested developers about either an iOS, Android, or PC version. We'd prefer tablet games at present, but there are some for which the larger screen of the PC is more appropriate, so we're open to those as well. The below is by no means an exclusive list, as we're open to talking about any of our games, but I for one would love to see and play electronic versions of:
American Revolution Series
Fields of Fire
Conquest of Paradise
Great Battles of the American Civil War Series
Great Battles of History Series
Leaping Lemmings
Musket & Pike Series
Pax Romana
Santa Fe Rails
The Conquerors: Alexander
The Kaiser's Pirates
The Napoleonic Wars (and Wellington and Kutuzov)
That's all for this time on the electronic front. If you are a programmer/developer or company rep and would like to talk with us about creating an electronic version of one of our games, or if you are interested in testing (send contact info and UDD of your iPad please) please contact me (Gene) at

• Carcassonne Updated - January 28
In late January, the grandaddy of all iOS board games received an uncharacteristically quick series of updates from The Coding Monkeys. Things were touch and go for a very brief and laggy period for some users, but the Monkeys righted the ship quickly.

What's new

• fixed a problem introduced in 2.42 that made the game unresponsive for some players


• fixed issues with meeple placing interface on iOS 4.x and lower
• fixed crash when receiving a large number of moves
• fixed issues with "Next Table" button on iPad
• fixed display errors in resume game list
• fixed issue with "Rule of the Strong" Achievement
• fixed caching issues with avatar image

• more robust networking for quick games
• improved networking for 3G networks that compress and block traffic
• added warning indicator for network connection problems
• next table now prioritizes quick games
• improved meeple positioning on some tiles for better visibility
• detail improvements

• Khet Released - January 28, 30
Khet, that's right, the laser game was released in late January. Our intrepid reviewer Brad was quick with a review.

• Charadium II HD Updated - January 30
Charadium II HD is a draw-and-guess multiplayer game for iPad developed by On5. It was updated in late January and again in mid-February.

What's new in version 2.32:

- Fixed Facebook authentication issues!!!
- New tool: Eraser
- Draw for Fun: drawing sandbox
- Export images to the Camera Roll

What's new in version 2.31

Thank you for playing Charadium!
It's great to see how many people have outstanding drawing talent.

This update includes:
- New "furry" magic brush
- Skin tone color
- View friends' profiles
- "Replay" drawings in Ping Pong
- Star and Warn buttons in Ping Pong
- Painter and guesser indication in Live leaderboard
- Folder for finished Ping Pong games
- News button in the main menu
- Updated Tutorial
- Achievement fixed (including Game Center sync issues)
- Fix for possible network freeze
- More various fixes

• Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land Released - January 30
iOS loving Lovecraft geeks everywhere were no doubt excited to see Red Wasp Design release Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land in late January. The app is a a turn-based strategy/role-playing game based on the award winning Call of Cthulhu RPG.

• Tikal Updated - January 31
Codito/Sage Board Games updated their Tikal app for iOS universal to version 1.2 by switching the from the much maligned OpenFeint to Apple's much ballyhooed Game Center for iOS 5.

What's new

Replaced OpenFeint with GameCenter for turn-based online multiplayer.
Up to 4 players may play online, or 2 or 3 players may play with possible AI opponents. "Undo" is also now supported in online games.

NOTE: online games now require iOS 5.0 or later.

Replaced OpenFeint with GameCenter for achievements and leaderboards.
Significant improvements to the AI.
Restored option to turn off confirmation messages.
Added "Last Moves" log.

Fixed bugs with worker/leader selection.
Fixed bug with stats that could cause loading and undo to take a long time.
Fixed bug that allowed invalid last tile placement.

• Magic: the Gathering Toolbox Released - February 1
At the beginning of February, Wizards of the Coast released their first and only iOS app for the iPhone called Magic: the Gathering Toolbox. It's a game aid for their almost 20-year old Magic: The Gathering that tracks game state, searches cards, builds decks, reads articles, tells you about events, and some more.

• GameWiz Gaming Aid Released - February 1
Franco Martoglia has released a gaming aid app called GameWiz that makes use of the BGG database and your collection through a a simple and effective user interface to allow you to keep your boardgames library always updated.

• Higher Data Limits for Turn-Based Matches in Game Center - February 1
Looking up some info on Chimera's scifi 4x game Starbase Orion, we randomly found a post by Apple mentioning an improvement to turn-based game handling in Game Center:

Apple wrote:
Turn-based gaming adds another level of excitement to Game Center on iOS 5. We’ve recently increased the data size for turn-based matches from 4 kb to 64 kb, so you can take the fun to another level with more sophisticated gaming scenarios. Learn more about turn-based matches in Game Center.

• New World Colony Updated - February 2, 13
Erik Asmussen has updated New World Colony to version 4.22 and 4.23:
What's new in 4.22:

NEW MAP EDITOR! This feature lets you create unlimited custom maps, use them in local games or online matches. It also lets you save any map you encounter in any game mode, and play it or edit it later. Available as an in-app purchase.

- Now backwards compatible with iOS 4.3!
- In multiplayer matches, 2nd player picks first.
- No longer plays music or sound effects if playing music from library
- Can change perspective to top-down
- Iphone colony point score no longer obstructed by multiplayer name
- Shows invade cost for your own territories
- Canceling demolition now actually cancels demolition
- Added 'end turn' confirmation to online matches. It can be disabled in the options menu.
Can now tap on in-game 'game type' display (top-left corner) to et a description of current game type rules
- Fixed issue with leaderboard and achievement counts getting out-of-sync. You may notice your victory count jump up, but that's due to it fixing historical discrepancies.

What's new in 4.23:

What's new

- Map editor now accessible from the main menu
- Fixed issue with online matches with 3+ players reverting to initial territory selection mode after one player surrenders
- Fixed issue with online matches sometimes not starting with the correct number of players
- Fixed issue where solo matches against multiple AI players would not delete after surrendering and quitting match

• Cabals Updated - February 3, 20
Kyy Games has updated Cabals:The Card Game twice in February to versions 1.05 and 1.06.
What's new in version 1.05

*Improved deck editor
*Option to accept AI opponents or not
*Automatic background re-login when session has expired
*Fixed some graphical issues on iPhone 3GS

What's new in version 1.06

*Four new hero cards.
*Unit abilities can be targeted more freely.
*Players also gain experience and get card rewards for multiplayer matches.
*Improved matchmaking.
*New victory screen with more information.

• Reiner Knizia's City of Secrets Skyline HD Released - February 3
We're starting to lose track of just how many apps Knizia's now got his name on. Anybody got a count? Here's another. The description says it's "A new and refreshed edition of the popular board game", but we're not sure which board game that is. We can't find a board game called "City of Secrets" or "Skyline". But hey, it's a Knizia.

• Loot and Scoot Updated - February 6
Victory Point Games has updated Loot and Scoot to version 1.2.

What's new

- Fixed iPad compatibility issues
- Bug fixes
- Name retention
- Reduced file size
- Added "undo" option to Noble Sacrifice

• Dice Soccer Updated - February 6
LambdaMu Games has update Dice Soccer to version 1.2. The latest update features multiplayer support and a bunch of other great stuff. Here's the info:

LambdaMu wrote:
Our latest patch that goes Live on 6th February will not only allow players to connect with other devices over Bluetooth and Game Center, but is also brimming with new features and content, including an all new Season in the campaign, and addition of Entourage characters to accompany your team on thefield. Here is a list of the key features introduced in this patch:

- New Season (4) with 19 new Teams to face
- 16 New Players to Unlock and Choose from (female characters included!)
- ALL NEW Entourage Cards. 21 new characters to help your team
- Multiplayer Support via Game Center and Bluetooth with built-in leveling system
- New and Improved Quick-Sub substitution system
- 18 New Achievements in the Trophy Room

• Draw Something Released - February 6
It's a draw-and-guess game by OMGPOP.

• Blue Lion Released - February 8
JACTALEA has released Blue Lion, a quick playing two player game app. Brad reviewed this last week.

• Wired Covers Digital Board Games for iOS - February 8
More evidence that this genre's appeal is widening. Wired Magazine's GeekDad section posted an article on digital board games for iOS.

• Word Race Released - February 9
It would seem that nobody has released an official Taboo app. The App Store is filled with clones, one even actually uses the phrase "Taboo-like" in its title. Word Race is another Taboo clone, and a nice looking one at that

• Wits & Wagers Coming in August - February 9
Dom dropped us a line to let you know that Wits & Wagers for iOS is coming in August. Brad caught up with him at the New York Toy Fair and had a bit more to say in his report.

• Hacienda HD Coming Soon - February 9
Marcin at Cube Your Mind has contacted us to let you know about the upcoming iOS implementation of Wolfgang Kramer's Hacienda that will be named Hacienda HD. The app is expected to launch on March 15. Here are some basic facts of the app:

Cube Your Mind wrote:
Device comptability: iPad
Price: not decided yet
Number of Players Supported: 1-5
Multiplayer Modes: local (pass and play), online (synchronous and asynchronous)
App Features: Artificial Intelligence, support for left-handed players, additional maps, Game Center integration, lite version

Hazienda HD will bring new a level of fun, to family boardgaming. The most important part of our work is creating positive experience of mobile version of the original game. That's why so important for us is look-and-feel of the app. We believe that this game could be played not only by adult players, but by the children too. It is being tested by 7 y.o. fan of boardgaming, who gives us a lot of feedback.

We hope, this app can be found as interesting by both casual and heavy players. If you want a challenge, we want our game will provide one. If you play just for fun, you will find it interesting too. The original Hacienda was a family-strategic game and we would like to apply the same experience to our mobile version.

If you are interested in the development of this app, you can follow along at the Cube Your Mind web site.

• Reiner Knizia's Color Conquest Released - February 10
Yet another app breathed forth from the doctor's nostrils like creation itself. This one is a puzzler where you arrange squares in a quadratic grid to create the largest color clusters possible. It's developed by USM, who refer to Dr. Knizia in the game's description as a "cult designer".

Prose with Bros Updated - February 10
Evil Laugh Games updated their flagship magnet poetry app a number of times this month:
version 1.0.11

What's new

Bug fixes:
- Fixed broken push notifications.
- Fixed issue with newly added words not showing alternate word forms (you'll see a bunch of new words now).
- Fixed iPad issue with tabs disappearing if closing a saved sentence via the "Done" button.
- Fixed backwards sorting of saved sentences (newest are now at the top).
- Fixed iPad usernames not scaling to fit area in saved sentences section.
- Made some optimizations to voice engine to try to fix problems with voices sometimes stopping, or not reading the second sentence in voting.

version 1.0.9

What's new

- Universal support for iPad!
- 6 new types of punctuation and new double-punctuation support for all types (2-in-a-row)
- Now runs on iPhone 4S (bonus!)
- New text-to-speech engine with optional female voice. Unfortunately we lose the old version of the voice (*sniffle), but now we can add new words on the fly without needing to update. We'll be adding new words every day!
- New tabbed layout for easier navigation.
- New help section for first-time-players.
- Added embedded support e-mail option to contact us.
- Live loading phrases with new ones being added daily.
- Past prose and saved sentences now sort with newest at the top.
- General bug fixes, tweaks, and stability improvements.

• Dice War Reloaded Released - Feb 12
Laxity Media has released Dice War Reloaded. DWR looks like it might be a boiled down version of Risk.

• Kingdom Builder Randomizer Released - February 12
Quantum Arrangers have released Kingdom Builder Randomizer, a game aid app for iOS iPhone to assist you in preparing setups for your print board game Kingdom Builder.

• UniWar HD Released - February 13
One of the very first asynchronous multiplayer apps, UniWar finally got an update to an HD version and went Universal as well. The app is available for Android and soon for Kindle Fire as well.

• Dead Man's Dice Renamed to Liar's Dice 3D - February 13
Unlike classic games like Chess, you can probably count the number of Liar's Dice apps in the App Store on two hands. One of them recently was renamed and updated.
What's new

New name, same great game!
Added optional Spot On gameplay.
Added backgrounding support.

• Neuroshima Hex Online On The Way - February 13
Big Daddy's Creations posted some screenshots to Neuroshima Hex Online. It's coming soon, but no date had been given.

• Hasbro zAPPs Monopoly and Life - February 13
Through an article on and one on Gizmodo, we learned that Hasbro will be soon be releasing new version of Monopoly and The Game of Life where you play the print game, but manage logistics like money, cards, and even the friggin' spinner (!) with an iOS app. They call it zAPPed!

Looks like the THE GAME OF LIFE ZappED edition was released in early February.

• Phase 10 Updated - February 13
Magmic has updated its Phase 10 app, now with Masters Edition In-App purchase.
What's new

MAJOR UPDATE: Phase 10 Masters Edition in-app purchase!

• Fairway Solitaire Released - February 15
Big Fish Games released Fairway Solitaire, a puzzler masquerading as a solitaire card game.


• Army of Frogs HD Updated - February 15
Big Daddy's Creations updated Army of Frogs HD to version 1.2.
What's New in this version:

Added push notification to multiplayer

• Assassin's Creed Recollection Updated - February 15
Ubisoft updated Assassin's Creed Recollection to version 1.6.7.

What's new

- Memory balancing.
- Japanese translation.
- Safe Agents are marked with an icon.
- Memories' text now include reminder icon for expertise and Faction.
- Access the leaderboard and achievements from the Profile menu.
- Challenge 10 fixed.
- No reward is given to a player who quits an online game early.
- Bug fixes (carousel, online, rewards, etc,)

• Pandemic App Not Released - February 15
In a blog entry over at Gamasutra, we learned that Henry Truong was developing an iOS app for Pandemic, and according to him when ownership at Z-man Game changed hands, the agreement lapsed and the new owners decided not to renew the relationship. Henry Truong, despite pressure from many quadrants, decided not to re-theme or re-skin the app and release it as a clone. He also started a thread on this topic here at BGG.

• Fierce Wombat Games Shut Down, Red November in Limbo - February 17
Jim over at Gamezebo clued us in about the held up release of Fantasy Flight's Red November for iPad. It seems that the parent company of Fierce Wombat Games, the developer who had been working on Red November, decide to shut down the studio. So it would appear that the release of Red November may now be in some kind of limbo. Check out Jim's article:

• Big Daddy's Creations Talks with Gamezebo - February 20
Big Daddy's Creations was interviewed by Jim Squires at Gamezebo.

• Tracker Tap Released - February 20
Tracker Tap is a game aid app released by Quantum Arrangers, the same developers who brought you Kingdom Builder Randomizer. It's a score-keeping app that can be used in all kinds of gaming and non-gaming situations.

• Ticket to Ride Pocket Postmortem on Gamasutra - February 22
Over at Gamasutra, Gerald Guyomard has posted a very interesting postmortem of the development of Days of Wonder's Ticket to Ride. Highly recommended reading if you like reading behind-the-scenes stuff.

• Hero Academy Updated - February 22
Fast becoming a blog favorite, Hero Academy by Robot Entertainment was updated to version 1.1 this past week. The new update brought on a new team, the Dwarves among other improvements.

What's new

• Explosive new team available: Dwarves!
• New Dwarven-themed playfield featuring teleportation squares - FREE to all players!
• Added Game Center achievements and leaderboards
• Less waiting for games to load; new "Next Game" button goes right to your next active game
• German language support added; more languages coming soon
• Hero Academy no longer prevents your music from playing
• Auto-forfeit if no turn is submitted - 7 days for random games, 14 for custom games
• Double-tap items and units to open help dialog
• Balance changes to the Knight, Wizard, Necromancer, and Void Monk
• Various stability and functionality fixes

• Ticket To Ride Pocket Updated - February 23
Hot off the heals of their recent update, Days of Wonder yet again updated their flagship app, Ticket To Ride Pocket. This time the update includes the 1910 Expansion.

Ticket to Ride Pocket Adds 1910 Expansion

Ticket to Ride Pocket adds 3 new ways to play the original US map, 35 new destinations and 10 new Player Achievements to popular iPhone board game

Los Altos, CA; Paris, France – February 23, 2012. Days of Wonder, developers of high-quality digital and physical board gaming experiences that “Play DifferentTM”, today announced a major expansion to their best-selling iPhone/iPod Touch board game Ticket to Ride® Pocket. The release provides three new game modes based on the popular 1910 expansion deck, first made popular in the physical board game version of Ticket to Ride, and also available on Ticket to Ride for iPad.

This expansion adds 35 new Destination Tickets to the original set and features three new game play variants on the original US map. The Ticket to Ride USA 1910 expansion variants include: Classic, Mega, and Big Cities that exclusively uses Tickets connected to the US biggest cities. In addition, 10 new Player Achievements for solo play have been added, many of them specific to the new 1910 variants.

“We’re excited to have found a way to squeeze this fun expansion onto iPhone and iPod Touch devices. And as the first to have succeeded in collecting all 10 new achievements, I’m definitively looking forward to seeing who will score higher than 426 in the Mega variant first!” said Days of Wonder Founder and CEO, Eric Hautemont.

The expansion comes on the heels of the release of Ticket to Ride Multi Mode, which allows players to connect for asynchronous multi-game play via GameCenter.

The Ticket to Ride 1910 expansion is available for $.99/€.79 through in-app purchase for owners of version 1.2. Owners of previous versions of Ticket to Ride Pocket can upgrade to version 1.2 for free, but must still purchase the 1910 expansion. For those new to Ticket to Ride Pocket, version 1.2 is available in the App Store for $1.99/€1.59 from the AppStore on the iPhone and iPod Touch or at

• Anno Updated - February 23
Some have compared Pilsen Labs's Anno to Timeline: Inventions, whose official app recently released. Anno has been updated this week.

What's new

New packs!

Greatest Bowl Games
Team of Champions
The Films of Bill Murray

Also includes a few changes to improve stability.

• Kingpin Coming Soon Again - February 23
Piotr at Kuznia Gier dropped by to let us know that their iOS app of Kingpin will be out soon.

The promo trailer for the app has been posted at Youtube.

• Take It Easy Released - February 23
This past week Zabu Studio released their first iOS app, Take It Easy!. Brad posted an announcement a few days ago.!/id480691712

• Operation Eradicate Released - February 26
Early response on this one is that it's a Pandemic clone. The developers, Skejo Studios have already posted a little bit here on BGG to talk about the app and how it came about.

• Note to Our Readers - February 26
We want to let you know that News Bits in its current form has kind of run its course. You may have noticed long delays between the last few installments of News Bits. We at iOS Board Games realize that such delays make it more of a "chronicle" of events and less of a timely news source. We want to bring you important iOS Board Game App news in a more timely manner, so various changes will be made in how the blog reports news. Please do stay tuned.

Additionally, my own personal involvement will decline a bit while I recede more into the background and Brad takes over at posting the news, while we take on a number of guest reviewers. Because of this the blog is going to need a bit of help with producing news. So if you think it's something to which you could commit and be a part of, we would be happy to hear from you. Thanks for reading!
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