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This is a short description of the games we play at our Friday night game group.
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Friday 27th January 2012

Sharon Khan
United Kingdom
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Games, games and more games!
Friday was the night of the filler game. Marion and James arrived just as Sami and I had finished a game of Eminent Domain, and Marion pointed out that it was yet another filler game she hadn’t tried, along with Quarriors. So we started a three player game of Quarriors!, while Sami finished putting the kids to bed. Marion was very impressed when I suddenly scored 6 points in a turn, putting me 1 point from victory, to then in her turn do exactly the same, by rolling two of her spell dice that got her 3 points, and just one point behind me. I was prevented from scoring the next turn, although had three creatures in front of me to score the turn after, but then Marion rolled another spell dice for 3 points for the win. It was an odd set-up with pretty much all cheap creatures or low-attack creatures, and then a spell dice at 9 that rolled 3VPs, and a spell dice that gave you more Quiddity.

Then we followed this up with Eminent Domain – another slightly bizarre game, because of the abrupt end when I took a Research action and said “Oh, that’s triggered game-end”. None of us had noticed that the Colonize deck had run out as well as the Research deck being so low, so none of us had been playing for end-game. Sami won, having settled about half of his amazing number of surveyed planets, and with some points in research. Marion was second, thanks to some produce-trade actions that netted her a few VPs. None of the scores were high though – there were only about 6 points from top to bottom score, and none of the scores went above 20.

Next we pulled out Ascension: Deckbuilding Game, which Marion somehow missed playing when it was in its really popular play every week phase, but is enjoying now! I went heavy military, with Sami to my right going heavy cash. James was a bit of a mixture, and Marion decided to switch into military a little way into the game. There were an amazing number of military cards early game, most of which I managed to mop up. Meanwhile Sami got most of the large cards that were coming up, although James got a couple of quite impressive ones too! We had a stall for a while as there was nothing much to buy in the centre row, and James’ ability to buy a hero from the void was incredibly useless, as no hero ever went into the void (except two Apprentices!). It was a very low Void game in fact, with no-one having the ability to trim their deck. Sami suddenly had an amazing turn, getting out all his good constructs, and if I hadn’t managed to get rid of most of them the next turn with a very timely monster draw, he would have won easily – getting 5 military a turn from constructs, as well as his 8 or so cash he was getting most turns, but as it happened, I managed to just beat him.

After that Marion asked for King of Tokyo, another new filler she’s enjoying. It was a fairly short game, as first Marion went out, after spending a while in Tokyo, then Sami went into Tokyo, neither James or I were able to do much damage to him, and so he just stayed there, and kept scoring, and his extra head seemed to make it easier to get VPs, as well as do us damage!

At that point Sami headed to bed – he’d said at the start he wanted an early night – leaving the other 3 of us to play Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization, my current favourite, and one that Marion had enjoyed trying. It was new to James, so I had to do a rules explanation again – definitely not as streamlined yet as it could be! Then we started. James took a little while to understand the flow of the game, but soon got set up with an amazing science strategy. Marion and I were fighting for military dominance, as there was a scoring card for military at end-game. I got upgraded troops in Era 1 though, while Marion at end game still only had basic troops – just 9 of them!!! My extra experience with the game showed, and early game I was scoring 4 VPs a turn more than the other two, and steaming ahead on points. I had lots of colonize bonuses, so picked up the first three colonize bonuses. James was determined to get the fourth though, and sacked his two troops to get it. Unfortunately this proved to be a mistake, as it put his military sufficiently below both Marion’s and mine for us to both aggress him, and the aggressions were hard for him to recover from, especially as he had quite a low production, and quite major grain problems after losing some population as a result of the aggressions and event cards. He got a great VP set-up shortly after though, gaining 6 VPs a turn, which was moving him past Marion on the scoretrack at quite a rate. Sadly there weren’t enough turns left in teh game for him though, and Marion went past him at end-game scoring. I was quite a considerable way ahead, although scored less in end-game scoring than Marion. The bizarre thing for my game was that I never moved my science income above 1 in the whole game!
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