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Game night: Water Lily, San Marco, and Dominion (plus Friday)

Mark Johnson
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A couple different game orders came in yesterday. Hooray! I swear Greg gets at least one new game every week, but my purchases are few & far between. They're also in clumps to take advantage of free shipping deals online.

Board Game: Eurorails

The first included Eurorails, Friday, and Water Lily. I ordered Water Lily on the strength of recommendations for an enjoyable, light game, combined with Gameworks top-notch productions. I've really enjoyed many of their games, maybe all of theirs at the light end. Friday was intriguing as the solo deckbuilding euro, and Eurorails was a reacquisition for my wife. It was a game we played together long ago, I thought was way too long, and eventually sold it. A couple years ago she asked why I'd done that when it was one of the few games she enjoys! Oops! We'll see if it gets to the table.

The second order started with just LocoMotive, which my son & I loved at a recent Games Day. When some friends added games to get halfway to free shipping, I searched until I found a couple more titles I wanted to buy: Cambria and Mondo. I haven't played them yet, though, so no opinions just yet.

When Santa Clarita Boardgame night took place, we thought it would just be Greg and I, but then our newest member Marcin showed up unexpectedly and we had the minimum number for multiplayer games!

Board Game: Water Lily

First up was Water Lily. It was quick & fun, though less than I was expecting. It's sort of a kids' game crossed with an abstract, plus some of that wonderful GameWorks production. The sucker is so quick we actually played three games in a row. After the first time we tried a little variant to play until all of the frog discs were moved off the board...not until just a single color was gone. That seemed to help, otherwise a simple spring to the finish had been the underwhelming winning strategy. (This isn't the first time a well-regarded kids game has left me wondering what other gamers see in it, but I'll still play with this one some more.)

Board Game: San Marco

Then we wanted to show Marcin a classic euro for three, so my mind immediately went to San Marco (well, that and Web of Power, which we'll save for another time). I think I played this one with four once--never again. Though I'd still like to settle upon a nice 2-player version (not Canal Grande), I'm also happy with this being a 3-player specialty game. We all enjoyed it, which was kind of a problem when Marcin checked online about buying a copy. I didn't realize these had gone OOP and now command a high price.

Board Game: Dominion

Last we brought old good, old(!) Dominion, which Marcin had purchased for his new collection but hadn't played yet.

Board Game: Friday

The following day I tried one game of Friday. I think I got it right, and made it partway through the red events before Crusoe expired. Never even battled the pirates. I think it's pretty clever and I want to try some more, though it's hard to see how this won't be very same-y.
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