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Red Alert! A Blast from the Future Past!

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Board Game: Star Trek Red Alert

Star Trek Red Alert - New Tokens & Control Panels

Years ago I worked at a computer game company that had the Star Trek license. We occasionally would get boxes from Paramount Licensing full of various Trek goodies. One box showed up with a pile of these cardboard punch out space ships. No one else wanted them so I grabbed them and noticed they looked a lot like Diskwars. This turned out to be a Star Trek Red Alert Factory Set! I never got around to actually playing it since a factory set didn't have enough ship control panels or tokens to play. No idea what happened to that set but I either gave it away or sold it at a flea market.

A few months ago I was reminiscing about Diskwars and remembered Red Alert. Being a big Star Trek fan I decided to check it out again. In the BGG marketplace someone was selling a complete factory set so on a whim I picked it up.

After admiring the nice art I realized again there's not enough control panels, order tokens, or dials to actually play. Now that it's 2018 I have access to all these wonderful things like scanners, laser printers, & die cutters! So been worked on making more control panels and tokens.

I first scanned in all the tokens and control panels. Then a lot of cleanup in Photoshop. For the tokens, I redrew most of them since they’d look nicer then direct scans. Since I was remaking the dials from scratch based on the originals, I decided to make custom colors for each faction.

Board Game: Star Trek Red Alert
Board Game: Star Trek Red Alert

Another problem I discovered was there’s only one of each crew and tech. For unique crew, not a problem, but for Security and Away Teams, that’s not going to work. So came up with a new mercenary faction that had the same stats (they were all the same between factions except for 1 Ferengi crew which was minor). As mentioned in the FAQ, ships can have as many Security and Away Teams on their ships up to capacity.

Board Game: Star Trek Red Alert

To save me a lot of time and work, I hired Print & Play Productions to make the tokens. Originally they were all black bordered but changed that since I was afraid they’d show wear too quickly. The printing turned out really nice though they have some alignment issues. But not enough to ruin gameplay.

Board Game: Star Trek Red Alert
Board Game: Star Trek Red Alert

I’ve got enough for 4 players so plan to bring it to the next convention. There are 20 scenarios to choose from so plenty of gameplay. I also got the various fan made expansions posted on an old FTP site. Apparently the publisher designed 2 more expansions but they were never produced since they lost the Star Trek license shortly after the game shipped. So someone released the ship/crew/tech data and fans created them. The Dominion fan expansion adds tons of new content and includes the Dominion and Breen factions. The main problem is how to do the ships since they have a wacky shape. So that's a major issue I'll have to think about before attempting to build them. For now we got enough to play.

PDF files
Starship Control Panels
Red Alert Tokens Set
(The tokens are in Print & Play Production's templates format. They are all 300 dpi so you can reformat them to whatever you need to make your own tokens.)
Star Trek Red Alert FAQ
(The original FAQ was a text file so reformatted it to look nice and in PDF format.)
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