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App News: Nomad and AEG Bringing More Tabletop Goodness to Digital, Rivals for Catan Moves on Mobile and more...

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App News

Nomad Bringing AEG Titles Mystic Vale, Cat Lady, and Space Base to Digital
We all know Nomad Games Ltd (II) from their odd obsession with creating at least 17 expansions for Talisman: Digital Edition every week. You might not remember that they teamed up with Alderac Entertainment Group to bring their card game hit, Smash Up to digital as well. Well, now they've teamed up again and it appears that Nomad is bringing three of AEG's titles to life on our phones/tablets: Mystic Vale, Cat Lady, and Space Base.

We don't have any idea when these titles will be making their way, only that they're in the works. We also know that it's a new team working on these titles, so we'll still be getting our fair share of new Talisman content as well. Whew!

As usual, we'll tell you more as the info available to us begins to grow.

Rivals for Catan Now Available in Catan World
Catan Universe was United Soft Media (USM)'s solution to bring their entire digital Catan-verse under one umbrella. Was it successful? How would I know, I haven't played Catan in ages. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but if a game doesn't include trains or money as a victory point condition, then my group ain't touching it. Also, my favorite Catan game wasn't the titular title with a robber and little roads made of sticks, it was the two-player gem, Rivals for Catan.

Looks like I'll be checking out Catan Universe later today. USM has announced that Rivals for Catan is coming to Catan Universe today. In fact, it's already there.

Version 1.5, released today, brings Rivals for Catan under the digital Catan umbrella. It will cost you 500 Catan Gold which is inconvenient because I'd rather just spend money, but whatever. 500 gold comes out to $5, it just takes a couple of extra steps to purchase.

USM wrote:
By placing cards in a strategically skillful way, players build settlements, roads and Cities – just like they do in the board game version Catan. But they also construct the buildings where their subjects work, hire heroes to make their opponent's life difficult, and build ships to boost their trade. Players submerge themselves into the bustling life on Catan to decide on the fate of its settlers as prince or princess of Catan. The big variety makes the game a popular addition to the board game.

The digital version can be played with Catan fans world-wide, online with friends, or against the AI. Besides the basic game, up to three theme sets can be used in one game to get a big action variety and make the game even more exciting.

In the theme set “The Era of Gold”, the struggle for the trade advantage becomes more intense, and the resource gold gains in importance. In “The Era of Turmoil”, Traitors, Archers, and Arsonists make the competition tougher. If the players rely on the University in the set “The Era of Progress”, cards such as building crane allow them to lead their principality into a bright future and leave their opponent behind.

The introductory game of “Rivals for Catan” can be played for free. Furthermore, the card game is part of the “Arrival on Catan” which introduces the new version to the players in a game against the AI. The complete game can be downloaded as an in-game purchase within the Catan Universe store.

Catan Universe is available wherever you want to game: PC/Mac, iOS, or Android.

- Catan Universe for iOS Universal, free
- Catan Universe for Android, free
- Catan Universe for PC/Mac via Steam, free

Tropico Heading to iPad
One genre that is horribly neglected on the App Store is the city-builder. All we have are cheap F2P nonsense with no really great examples on the platform at all. In a perfect world we'd get someone to port the old Impressions Games's titles like Pharaoh and Zeus: Master of Olympus to iPad, but that doesn't appear to be happening. Heck, I can't even get those on Mac. A close second, however, would be the Tropico franchise.

Looks like things are about to get better!

Today, Feral Interactive announced that they're bringing Tropico to iPad later this year. It will be completely redone for a touchscreen and will be a premium title with no IAP. Feral recently brought Rome: Total War to iPad and it was a smashing success, so here's hoping we get the first great city builder on our iPads later this year!

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