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Taking it to the Street (Masters)

Kevin L. Kitchens
United States
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There's a lot to like about the new Street Masters game from Adam Sadler and Brady Sadler of Blacklist Games (and a few things I don't care for but those are easily mitigated). It's a clever blend of card play, miniatures, and fast action that doesn't take up a lot of table space. And as it's a cooperative game, that means it's perfectly soloable and scales from one to four seamlessly so whether you prefer true-solo with four hands or one, it's definitely manageable for everyone.

Unfortunately, as with many Kickstarters, the contents get delivered in several large boxes. I bought my copy second hands (in all the original packaging however) and was able to separate the already mixed contents back to their original sources. But still, organization was going to be a challenge. Just like Mechs vs. Minions, the custom plastic trays were great for shipping and initial presentation, but inefficient for storing and playing the game. In the case of Street Masters, this might require opening all the big boxes to find all you need.

After I got everything re-sorted, I pulled out all the components I would want to play with and started trying to figure out how to store them. First the plastic trays for the miniatures had to go. They simply take up too much space. Fortunately these were nice but not so nice as the Mechs ones, so it didn't really hurt to say goodbye. For some reason I keep buying these latch down plastic containers whenever they are on sale at Joann. They are designed to hold a box of crayons I believe, but they are a great 4x3x1 or so for storage game components. However, being plastic with thick walls, etc, they too have a larger footprint than the storage gained. But I tried. I piled all the minis into those (one set per container), the defense tokens each went in smaller plastic boxes and the dice and the rest of the counters/tokens in a small Plano box. But then with the provided holder for the cards, all of that wasn't going to fit into the base game box.

I'd been considering making some sort of generic box, like I've done with the modular GMT trays... and since I had an affinity for the 4x3" box, decided to use that as my model. Except in the case of the miniatures, the box was a little short and I had to make sure all the minis were lying down so the lid would clamp down. So I made mine a little taller at 35mm in height. As I always work in millimeters for accuracy, the box is actually 100x73x35. I designed these in my "Sure Cuts a Lot" design software along with a lid (15mm in height) and cut boxes for each of the factions as well as one for the fighters and one for the allies/rivals.

Then I turned my attention to the defense counters. a 35mm box was just a little too large and making one for each of the three types would again bump up against the amount of space I had left in the game box. I decided to copy the 35mm box and then make adjustments to bring it to about 2/3 that height or 24mm. Since I kept the length and width the same, the same lid would work on it as well. (I also intend to make a pattern for a 16mm high box for smaller component sets). Both the 35mm and 24mm box cut from a single sheet of cardstock. The lids I can get two to a page, but may have to rework them to less than 15mm tall if I distribute the pattern as they are very close to 11 inches wide and printers have a .25" non-print area, so I need to get them to 10.5" total...

I made three of these boxes to hold the defense counters and planned to just leave the wound tokens in a bag (since the Plano box had to go). But that felt lazy. So two more 24mm boxes later (as well as some "space as you like" dividers) and these counters also had a home.

Made some labels to stick on the lids and I'm happy to report that everything stacks neatly in the base game box with potentially room for a few more factions should they be released. The dice, color rings, and objective counters are just bagged as they would come out to the table with each mission. But I can just grab out the wound, defense, and faction boxes and be ready to play fairly quick.

I might swap out the card holder for tuck boxes or even make a better foam core deck box at some point. But for now, I'll leave it as is and get to playing some more.
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