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We're Getting the Band (of Brothers) Back Together

Kevin L. Kitchens
United States
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Snowflakes Melt
Snowflakes Melt
So it only took two years, but I finally got around to organizing my revised editions of the Band of Brothers series. After some illness related confusion as to why I had Texas Arrows countersheets in my Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles box. I knew TA included errata SE counters, just not that it simply replaced ALL of them! Of course labeling them as "Countersheet #2" and "Countersheet #3" when there is no corresponding #1 didn't help break through the Dayquil induced delirium either.

Anyone looking to upgrade their version one copy of Screaming Eagles, check out the BGG Marketplace for my extra set of counters.

Developing the storage plan and lining up for a quick round of rounding.

But once I was set aright on my thinking, I set myself to punching and sorting and rounding the little furry nibs. I took the same tact with BoB that I did with Combat Commander: Europe and its expansions; that is to just group all the counters for each force together instead of trying to keep SE separate from Band of Brothers: Ghost Panzer. This just makes it easier to have everything in a single location than it is to open boxes and fetch counters and make sure they go back where they belong. Plus the TA scenarios (and possibly the KS bonus ones) introduce some overlap as well.

Previously I had designed organizers (Band of Brothers Counter Tray Insert by Ones Upon a Game) to go into the provided storage trays of the Kickstarter. These are some very nice trays too, but they seemed to be more of an afterthought as they didn't provide a good means for functionally storing an using the counters. My solution was to create racks to hold the counters vertically, ala Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! – Operation Barbarossa 1941 (second edition) and while that will work, it was one of my earlier design attempts and I prefer the counters to be flat and more "sorted".

Since the counters are nice and large (albeit a little thick) it was evident that only two stacks (of seven) would fit in a single GMT sized tray well. So began the process of sorting them to determine the best arrangement of counters and what size and how many of my modular trays (Modular GMT Compatible Game Storage Tray -- Patterns and Instructions...) would be needed. Since the Germans are included in both games, it was clear they'd spill over from a regular four module (GMT equivalent) tray, so I decided to split them into two three module versions. One for Armor and the other for the remaining squads, planes, etc. The Soviet forces aren't as numerable, but they have more variety, so they got a full four-module tray. Three module trays were all that were needed for the Americans (just fit!) as well as the "on-table" counters and markers needed to play any scenario. So in total this meant cutting and folding and combining 16 modules into the five necessary trays.

Counters all sorted and in their own spaces.

I did "cheat" just a bit in that I didn't punch the duplicate set of markers and counters from GP (identical to the ones in SE) and bagged up a few foxhole counters that would overflow their section. Doubt I'd need that many anyway, but they are there if I do.

I put together some quick labels for each box and voila!

Storage complete. Now time to play!

Previously, I'd use my half-sheet mailing labels for boxes, but those are more valuable to me shipping than for this and I'd either have to peel them to cut them or sacrifice the other half of the sheet. My new solution is Avery 6427 labels which are 2"x4" and come 10 to a page. The pack I got for under $9 at Walmart held 25 sheets, so I've got labels for quite some time. I design the labels individually in Photoshop, then based on what labels I still have on the sheet, can place them onto a full sheet template, then when I print, it only prints on the labels required (and available), I can peel them off and save the rest for later.

Using Avery 6427 as on as-needed basis.

Now I need to get a notebook and sleeves for the awesome cardstock scenarios cards and this will be able to fit mostly in a single box (I tend to leave these in a closed cupboard with the lid off anyway). The extras counters, rules, player cards, and now superfluous storage trays are all combined into the TA and GP boxes.

Map boards, rules, counters all stacked into the open-faced Screaming Eagles box.
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