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Mini Painting, 3D printers, & Revisiting an old Graphic Redesign

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Been a few months since the last update. Like usual I'm working slowly on Game: Shadows of Brimstone miniature painting and mixing in a few other projects. I have a few things I really need to get to. I've had a request for my full graphic redesign of Merchant of Venus. I only released the game board but never the complete redesign. It's a daunting project since I didn't originally setup the files for easy distribution. I've always planned to do it but since no one ever seemed interested I never bothered. But now I got someone and feel bad its been months since the request and still not ready. I will get to it, just need to focus. I'm very pleased with how it turned out and to be honest, a bit embarrassed by the previous version up in the files section. It's pretty bad and needs to be replaced with the new one.

Tales of the Arabian Nights - 3D Printed Heroes!

I took a bit of a break from SoB since we got a new toy. An Ultimaker 3 3D printer! My buddy Chris Taylor has it set up at his house and been banging out prototypes and other fun stuff. So had some new things to paint from some heroes I designed on Hero Forge. If you haven't heard of Hero Forge, it's a 3D "paper doll" miniature editor. You can either have them 3D print them for you or they will sell you the STL file and you can use your own equipment. One thing we discovered very quickly is 3D printers require a lot of experimentation to get good prints. They are still in the Model-T era of technology. Since we needed some detailed minis to do tests on I designed a full set of miniatures for Tales of the Arabian Nights. The game came with standees only so did my best to design heroes to (mostly) match the art. Hero Forge doesn't have a lot of Arabian style clothes so it was a bit difficult for a few of them.

We printed 2 test figures and I painted them. The big issue was lots of little mistakes that marred the details.

From gallery of ScottE

On the reprint and additional heroes the print speed was slowed down and they were printed at a 45 degree angle. Still a few errors but much better quality and I cleaned them up with an Exacto Knife.

Board Game: Tales of the Arabian Nights

Matthew Frederick designed really cool Destiny/Story Dials to replace the number tokens. Far nicer way to track that info. So build a set.

Board Game: Tales of the Arabian Nights

Escape from New York - 3D Printed Heroes/Larger Board

Our printer has 2 heads so we had a roll of water dissoluble material that the frame could be printed with. This way there was little to no cleanup after the print, just leave it in water for a few hours.

To try this out I went back to Hero Forge and designed a mini for Escape from New York, a game I created a graphic redesign of a few years back. The original game I used standees but really wanted to add minis too.

Here's the test hero (going for the early 80's action antihero vibe) on the game board.

Board Game: Escape from New York

I've designed 3 more minis (one to look like Snake) which we'll be printing/painting soon. I hope to have this ready for GATEWAY 2018 in LA.

Speaking about the game board, the original was a bit too small for minis to fit comfortably. So upscaled it with some small additional changes. My original board was 27" x 14". The new one is 31.8" x 16.2". I also reduced the size of the border edge & slightly brightened it.

You can find the file here- Escape from New York - Graphic Redesigned Game Board

Game: Shadows of Brimstone - Mini Painting

Last but not least, got a few more Game: Shadows of Brimstone miniatures painted since the last time I posted.

Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Feral Vampires Mission Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients

Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Ancient Horrors Enemy Pack

I'm currently working on the minis from Shadows of Brimstone: Order of the Crimson Hand Mission Pack and I'm hating every minute of it. There's 13 of those guys with yellow, red, and black robes. Plus belts, guns, masks. Tedious to paint and way too many of them. I'll be really happy when I'm done with them.

Signing off for now. If you are attending GATEWAY 2018, look us up. We might have a new prototype to playtest along with just hanging out and playing all the new stuff we've collected this year.
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