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Shefford Friday night games

This is a short description of the games we play at our Friday night game group.
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Friday 10th February 2012

Sharon Khan
United Kingdom
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Games, games and more games!
There were 6 of us for most of the evening, with a 7th joining us near the end. At the start there were just 3 of us, and I managed to convince them to play Wildlife Adventure, which I’d been wanting to try to see if it was suitable for the kids yet. I remember that I liked Expedition more, and playing it again I can see why, but it’s still a fun light game, and I expect the kids will like it soon, but I might hold off a little longer before introducing it to them. Next we needed a filler for 4 while waiting for the last two players to arrive, so pulled out King of Tokyo, Richard’s current favourite game.

After that we were 6 so split into two 3s. Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization was suggested and there were three immediate very keen yeses, followed by a slight groan from Colin, who was a bit slower to say he wanted to play it. Dorn was suggested for the other table, so they played that, followed by Ascension and another King of Tokyo game. Marion and James took a while to remember how to play Through the Ages again, but soon got the hang of it. This time James learnt from his mistakes last time and didn’t get into a hole, although he also didn’t seem to score many points. Marion meanwhile got off to a great VP getting start, but then managed to get in a hold food-wise, and the game was definitely against her. She got a bit over-keen to get the first colony and sacked all her military to do so, then realised her mistake as aggressions came her way, and then the event deck penalised her heavily for various reasons, and she really suffered for a bit mid-game. The game ended rather suddenly, as the card deck ran out when we weren’t expecting it in my turn (we should have been counting better!). James was a bit unlucky there, as he’d already had his final turn without realising it was his last, so didn’t maximise his points (in his case via military), so Marion was able to take the 7 point military bonus off him, and that meant their positions were reversed – if he’d realised it was his last turn he’d easily have won that bonus, and come second instead.

Next James suggested I played one of my unplayed games that I’d been saying I wanted to try, so I went for the Catan Dice Game, which I’d played the computer implementation of, but not the real game. It’s light and luck dependent, but I bought it mainly for the kids to get them into Catan via a kids version, so I think it’ll be ok for that, although I doubt I’ll pull it out again with adults much.

After that we rearranged the groups, and upstairs we played FITS – rolling for random boards, and playing one from each of the new expansions. I decided that the last two expansions aren’t that great – Marion scored really highly off the word one very impressively, making a proper word, whereas my strategy was to cover up all the letters I could, and make a short word from the remainder, and Richard just got a huge negative score as he was unable to make any word longer than 4 letters with the odd collection of letters he’d left himself. Then the last board arrived, from the last expansion, and the scores were just so out of line compared to the scores on all the other boards that it decided all three positions of the game, making the first three rounds irrelevant – might be ok on its own, but not mixed with the base game and first expansions. Andrew arrived partway through our FITS game, so joined in on the downstairs table, where they played two games of King of Tokyo with him. Upstairs I suggested Ascension: Deckbuilding Game when we finished FITS, and we finished that just on midnight.
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