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Dominion: Comedy Gold Baby!

Mike Ricotta
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Perhaps the only way anyone could ever get me to play magic again (once in over a decade!) is an unglued/unhinged draft tournament. I really like the comedy cards and the silly combinations. (I came in second in the tournament, take that long time players). Since the only card game I play in any regularity is Dominion I want a light hearted overly broken Dominion expansion! I don’t think there is enough comedy in board games in general, so lets see what we can do to fix that!
Now the best part in my (not so humble and always correct) opinion one of the better parts of unglued is the goofy actions, arm wrestling, not touching things, having to say catch phrases and so on.
So I had a few ideas for cards in my comedy set, I give you the pretend secret history of Dominion: Comedy Gold Baby!

Another Expansion!
Randomly add another set of kingdom cards.
All other players must bitch about this, if they fail to do so they gain a curse.

Deck Builders galore
Play another deck building game
Argue if it’s better than Dominion
Winner of the argument gets +1 Card
The Govenator
+1 Buy
+3 Gold
If another player reveals a Sea Hag you gain a curse
NOTE: Arnold had an affair with an unattractive woman!

+1 Card
+1 Action
Anyone who has a drink on the table gains a curse

That itchy burning sensation
Play in front of another player
Draw only 4 cards while this is in front of you
If another player touches this card it is then placed in front of them
Do not discard this card during the cleanup phase

The dreaded seven
+7 cards
you may not buy a province this turn
you must say “the dreaded seven” when you play this. If you fail to do so discard your hand

Village village
+1 card
+2 Actions
gain a village if you played 3 or more villages this turn
Note: Every set needs a village…
hain of Laboratory
Just draw your deck and save us all some time

Dumpster diver
gain any card in the trash
proclaim that it is “still good”

Defining the theme
Pick one category: People, items, buildings
Everyone reveals their hands. Discard any cards that do not fit into the chosen category

Cost Overruns
+1 Action
Every card (including those in your hand) now cost one more then the printed cost

What from where?
Flip the top card of your deck. Perform the following action based on what set it came from :
Dominion: Intrigue - The next player to talk gains a curse
Dominion: Alchemy - Everyone gains a Potion!
Dominion: Cornucopia – Starting with you gain one action card for free, then each player, in turn order, gains an action card that has not already been gained by another player
Dominion: Hinterlands – Gain 3 silvers
Dominion: Prosperity – Trash a treasure or VP card. Gain one that costs up to 3 more
Dominion: Seaside - Add any card from your discard pile to your hand
Dominion: Promo Card – Pick any of the above!

Well that’s enough for now. What ideas do you guys have?
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