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Space Wolves' Defeat - Session Report

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Time to refresh my Epic 40,000 knowledge. It is my intention to start playing this game again with new players. But I haven't been playing Epic myself for years... Still, great memories of Epic 40,000 battles remain and are encouraging me to reboot my 6mm scale hobby.

In this second session report I'll revisit the game flow with two vanilla Space Marine detachments. I'll try out the basic movement and shoooting + assault. (Testing firefights and multiple detachments is for next time.)

Oooooon the left side: 200 points Ultra Marines.
And on thé right side: 200 points of angry Spaaaaace Wolvesssss!

You will notice a slight variation in detachment composition. The blue guys have an Assault Squad and the Grey lads have a Librarian. (Note: the 3 square slates in the pictures count as buildings.)

Now for the game. Step one: draw an initiative counter --> yellow. That means the Space Wolves go first and choose a regular move. The Raider moves 20cm and the Rhinos speed up to 30cm. There's one Rhino that only moves 25cm to unload his Tactical Squad who then move 5cm each. (A unit loses 5cm when embarking/unloading.)
Now the Ultra Marines can move. They choose a special order "Assault" and place a green dice to indicate this action. All units then make a regular move. I deliberately did not disembark the Space Wolves to experience the impact of this decision on the battle results.

Let's draw another initiative counter for shooting --> yellow. Only three units with firepower are in range: the Land Raider and two Space Wolves Tactical units. The Land Raider has special Anti-tank weapons and chooses the closest vehicle and rolls 2D6, scoring 4+ on one dice. The HQ Rhino is hit, the infantry inside rolls a 4+ and is saved. The Rhino is lost. The Ultra Marines detachment now receives one Blast Marker.
The two Tactical units have a combined firepower of 2, shoot at vehicles in the open, resulting in 1 dice roll, and unfortunatelly a miss.
Now the Ultra Marines may retaliate. It's their turn to shoot. (Shooting alternates between detachments. One player's detachment, then a detachment of the other player, and so on...)
Because they are on "Assault" orders, the total firepower is halved. Shooting from the blue side was swift and resultless...

From gallery of toco

Let's draw another initiative counter for War Machines, even when none are in-game. --> blue.

Let's skip to the Assault Phase. Now it gets interesting. This is where the abstraction in the rules of Epic 40,000 shines, and where you can really make a killing! -*EVIL_GRIN*-
Only two initiative counters left in the cup, and the draw reveals... --> blue. It didn't really matter who got to go first because there was only one detachment on "Assault" orders. All units from this detachment may move again now, and infantry moves (charges) at double speed! The Assault Marines with jump pack move at triple speed!!!
It's clear that all Ultra Marines can reach their targets and start close combat with the Space Wolves.

From gallery of toco

Those poor Rhinos are sitting ducks. The infantry inside cannot be used in this close combat. The Ultra Marines total a whopping 26 as Assault value. The Space Wolves bring 9 in return. When consulting the close combat table we find the Space Wolves are "Overwhelmed". True to the reality, this close combat system is a good abstract simulation! The winner needs to roll 2+ to kill a unit in close combat, the loser needs a 6+.
Not much of the Space Wolves remain and the detachment is "Broken" and retreats up to 20cm. The retreating Terminators now make a roll to rally and only 1 of 5 blast markers remains. A last stand presents itself ...

Board Game: Warhammer Epic 40,000

Game over! Morale value of the Space Wolves is 0. (You have to substract the morale value of each detachment that falls under half strength from the total army morale.)

From gallery of toco

First impressions (again): Smooth, abstract and realistic 40K battle simulation!


This really felt like one Warhammer 40,000 battle crammed into 10 minutes. Perfect!
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