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Disney World 2018 - Also Some Games! Gizmos and Root! All the Photos!

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!

The past couple of weeks have been quite busy for me! I shot a lovely Rainbow Wedding and went to Disney! I ended up playing a few games and those are posted towards the end. Cheers!

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting the most rainbow wedding! Paula and I have always seen eye to eye on the colors and the rainbows and it was super exciting to share that awesome day with her! Here are a couple pics.

Walt Disney World!

I found the Scrabble ceiling!

Love this ride so much!

Interesting history on Viking Gods... I even found game pieces... Just sayin'

Only in Paris.

New Avatar World! heart

Yeah, I had to. I miss the darkroom so much!

So during the Disney trip, we were with a large number of people. Didn't get many games in but Jenny stopped by one night and we played 2 games of That's Pretty Clever.

Always happy to play this game. On the plane rides I was playing the app a bunch and Ron still has the highest score between us over 300 points. I'm like 240 or something lame. I was interested in playing the real game though.

Jenny was just learning and after the first play, she immediately wanted to play again. Of course. The first game went really well for me, or so I thought. Yah, no, Ron completely crushed us but I was still happy with my score. I could have had a ton more points if Jenny had a better final turn.

The second game was a disaster for me and I was the ultimate loser. Nothing was being rolled well at all. Ron won that game too. Wat up? He has been playing the app too much...

Always a good time.

Saturday, before we took off for home, Evan was awesome and hosted a game day! Ron and I went for a little while before heading to Magic Kingdom for the night show.

I managed to get in 3 games 2 of which I learned! Woohoo!

First on the table was Gizmos. New to me!

I was interested in trying this for a while and never really had the chance. Evan ended up not playing but teaching us how to play which was great.

Plays out much like splendor collect cards and gain benefits for the different actions and marbles you collect. There is a bit more to it than Splendor since you are trying to get combos. It was cute.

I thought for sure Matt was going to win that game. He had some large cards and point tokens. I managed to get a bunch of late-game tokens though and a lot of misc range cards so I ended up winning with 34 points. Everyone else was only a few points behind me so it was definitely close. I was the one who ended it.

What I do t get is the reserve card, I don't like that in Splendor and I don't like it in this game either. I didn't do it once, I get why it's an option though. I also dislike the research action. Thankfully most of the gamers at the table forgot the action, and I can see why that would drag the game on much longer. Blah.

All in all, I would happily play it again. It didn't wow me or anything. It is harmless and perfectly fine game. I love the marbles and the gimmick but the box is far too huge.

Next up I was talked into a game of Root. New to me!

I was interested in playing with Evan and this is what he was pulled into. This has obviously been on my radar, but I wasn't convinced it was a game for me. I'll be damned, this game is amazingly cute.

I wanted the easiest race available so I played the cats. I didn't know much about the game, but asymmetric powers, which is not an appeal for me. Each race does different things, but everyone is trying to get to 30 points first. It is a race game. There are some cards that are called Dominance and they will provide a player with a new end goal objective if they choose to play it. Each player is doing something different and scoring points differently. As the cats, I was able to build buildings and gain points most easily.

I know the birds have a programming mechanic, and the vagabond steals things or varies depending on the character choice, I suppose.

In my game, I was feeling pretty good on my locations and ended up going to a dominance ending. I nearly had it right when I played it too, but the birds swooped in and managed to tear me down enough to tie for control. Boo, it was a close one. The alliance green mice character ended up winning the game with 30 points. Had I just gone for 30 points, I think I might have been able to win the game.

I was getting all the worst card draw when I needed specific fox types. It was a mess and I lost me keep and everything just to maintain my fox clearings. Evan was playing the vagabond and was having a pretty miserable time. He was also learning and playing for the first time. In the end, he said he had an ok time, much like me.

I did like this game better than VAST but it still isn't really my type of game. I would play again, but there is not much pulling me to beside it being amazingly cute.

I felt kinda bad since I pulled Jason away from his GF in a Great Western Trail game since I really wanted to play a game with Jason since he managed to ditch me all DTC. She was sweet about it though (probably gave him hell later) and I got to play Castell with him and Ron.

It was just a 3 player game and he needed a rules refresher. I hadn't played for a few months but I was feeling pretty good. I knew off the bat what Ron's strategy would be and I was right. Yeah in the final round there was a scoring with 3x 7's on it. I knew it would be a game that Ron would collect every and any 7 he could find. I was not wrong and he picked up 9 of them... yeah he totally killed us all. I think he scored like 34 points in the final round for his performance. It was insane.

I thought Jason was doing particularly well though, he was getting a lot of local performances and tons of tokens. I was just a mixed bag and Jason was doing what I wanted to do, but he was doing it better.

I ended up in total last place. Ah well, it was awesome to get to play a game with Jason. He is good people! It was a great game day even if I only got to play 3 games!

Monday night games! Whoa! It's been a while since I have been to a Monday night games!

First on the table was Lucky's Misadventures. I was excited to get this game back to the table and with 3 players.

Ron was learning so Dan went over the rules and it was very easy to play after that. The turns were snappy and the pace was great with 3 players. It is probably best with 3, but I still am looking forward to trying with 2 players.

This game I was going to try and make machines! I was itching to make the cool machines and get awesome bonuses. Yeah, no, Ron was all over it and stealing my machine parts and just totally dominating that. So, I ended up switching strategies and going after the sisters since they were showing up in the Maven line. I ended up collecting them ALL!!

On the final turn, I was simply 1 card away from getting the 3rd sister in my hand and she was at the top of the deck. It was just a disaster. Ron was able to secure the instant win by getting the machine victory. Ugh!

I think I would have won otherwise if we ended up counting the points at the end. I had more than the other since I made them all add up their points. Boo!!!! I should have totally won that game. It was great fun though. I don't think anyone disliked it, but I do think I like it the best out of anyone at the table.

Next up Dan read the rules for GoTown. New to me!

This is a small box card game with a lot of take that. You are actively trying to get cards played to the table and create floors. Whoever can get 5 floors first wins. You have a hand of cards and you always draw 1 at the start of your turn. At the end of your turn if you have less than 3 you will also draw up to 3.

You can play a floor to your building if the value is 9, but they also happen to match in colors. If I have a 3 I could also steal the 6 from the top floor of another player, their 3 gets discarded. There is a lot of stealing other peoples cards. You take that top floor and open up another floor and steal their 5 etc. You can't steal if there is a guard dog though unless you have the bone to give them. There are other cards to make people lose their turns and wildcards to be any number.

The game could essentially go on forever if you are really trying hard. You might just get a lucky turn though and have the double turn card and use all your other cards effectively and draw perfect cards etc.

In our game, we really thought it would go on forever, but Ron was able to have a perfect turn and went from 1 floor to 5 in one turn, somehow. I guess we all had the floors he could steal from to make it work. We were pretty happy the game was over. There was just too much take that and not enough strategy in this game to keep us interested. I can see how it could be fun for a drinking game or just casual gamers who aren't really into strategy or anything.

I could play it again, but it is not one I will go around requesting. It just didn't work for me as a filler type game.

Since we had 5 minutes we ended up playing a game of Ticket to Ride: New York.

Dan hadn't yet played it, which is shocking. But, he was up for it. I mean it is really an easy game to learn if you know T2R at all.

We played in under 10 minutes I think and hey I managed to get all my routes completed. I am glad I didn't push it for one of them since it was quickly blocked off after I discarded that one card.

Still didn't matter though, Ron did EVERY category better than I did. I mean HOW?! He just did the car points and the route cards and the penny spaces too. It was just like, "really"? cmon that was bogus. So he pulled off the win that time.

Still always a game I enjoy playing.

The final game of the night was a fav Monday night special that of Tichu.

We started off poorly but managed a strong come back to where it was 900 to 900. That was super awesome. I called a couple Grands in the game and made them. I think I missed a Tichu call at one point though.

There was one round that I was totally lucky on my call and got passed a bomb to help me out. Dan ended up calling a few times too and he was down to 1 card and Ron was down to one card and I had to make a tough call and hope that Geoff couldn't do anything about that. It ended up working out where Dan was able to go out! I easily could have gone out first but I choose to play it risky and it paid off.

It was a great game and one I totally want to play every week if I can. Love this game so much. Oh, I suppose I should mention that Geoff and Ron ended up winning. That final hand Dan and I were just dead in the water. Boo. #teamgeoffandsteph

New to the Collection:
Poetry Slam
Triky Trail

Thanks for following along!

Happy Gaming!!!


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