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Finishing NF6, Game Design and Bundles of Joy

David Gregg
United States
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Finishing NF6

Technically our goal to finish playtesting was on the 17th, but we made a couple last minute changes to boost a few under-performing cards (which have been very successful btw). Today will likely be the final reports before sending on the cards to AEG. So far I've only seen 1 completed card art (which looks awesome) and a few sketches, so will be able to enjoy the incoming stream of art over the next few weeks.

Also on the Nightfall front, looks like some stores are beginning to stock Nightfall: The Coldest War with a few others scheduled to start carrying it over the next few days. I've got my copy sleeved and ready to play, just waiting to get up with my gaming group.

Game Design

Just in Time

I've decided on my changes for the game's next trials:
-> Game length will be a static 40 tasks, divided evenly between the 4 task types
-> Players will be dealt job cards specifying 2 of the types: +1 to one and +2 to the other
-> Players will score 1 point per completed task plus bonus points based on job cards
-> Moving back to using all discs for time travel, with same color discs used for fudging results
-> Changed Sabotage to Distort: removes all discs from location AND forces players at location to time travel (no fudging)
-> Penalties for failing a task force players to discard that day's disc color, distort a number of locations and then shift the timeline an additional day
-> Completing a task no longer awards 2 discs: you place essence on task, so you get the essence back plus 1 disc

I still don't have a good way to handle the very end of the game, so brainstorming continues on that front. The rest of the game is getting very solid though, very happy about that. I might take some time and create a more final prototype, perhaps after I'm sure that there won't be anymore large-scale changes.


Ideas for this one have come together nicely. I'll probably be creating some initial card frames over the next week using the same icons I did back with early Chainmaster prototypes:

Bundles of Joy

New Games!

Sorry, couldn't resist listing this tidbit under this heading

Went by my local FLGS and picked up Discworld: Ankh-Morpork. I've read the first couple books in the Discworld series and loved them, so hearing about the game got my attention and it looks like it plays pretty well too, so became a no-brainer. Also received Thunderstone: Heart of Doom and Thunderstone Advance: Towers of Ruin in the mail this week. I'm hoping to get in games of Discworld and Thunderstone Advance today, we'll see how the day goes.


We take care of a couple of stray cats that live under our utility building, one very old black male (Andy) that actually belongs to our land lord, but has basically been left to live outside and then a true stray calico female (kidos named her Cali). There's also an orange tomcat that prowls the area and has been roughing up Andy (we're gonna catch that bugger sometime), but has also impregnated Cali a couple of times now as well. This last litter was born a little over a week ago and produced 1 orange, 1 light calico, 1 dark calico and 1 grey/black striped (almost looks solid dark grey). We've moved the kittens and Cali into our enclosed patio area to keep them safe and well fed until the kittens can be given away, then we're going to take Cali to the vet so we won't have anymore of these surprise litters (though it's mighty tempting to keep 1 or 3).

I took some pictures of the kittens, but my phone's camera is, well... gulp
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