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Stats, Stats, and more Stats!!!

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I still haven't figured out why I'm such a stat junkie. I don't even know when exactly it started, but I know it started sometime in the past two years. I'm saying this, cause it just finally hit me that I keep track of way too much crap. The problem is, I cant stop!! I've tried (thought I have successfully gotten rid of a few stat tables) I just can't get rid of them.

I think I should blame Halo. When you go onto your bungie profile, they track EVERYTHING. I started looking at the heatmaps and weapons and areas that I needed to improve. I'm doing it on Battlefield too. But that was videogames, and it was all automatically taken care of. I got addicted to using Xfire too for tracking time I play games, which since I've moved to Raptr since it tracks even consoles. UGH!!!!

And now... I manually do it for my board game plays. You should see the ridiculous things I track in Google Docs spreadsheets. Fun part is, I've constructed the main one in a way that all I have to do is enter the number for a win or a loss and it auto configures everything else. So here is a list of things I track from boardgames...

Google Docs Spreadsheet - Board Game Plays
• Every game I play(ed) has it's own sheet to track Wins/Losses/Ties. There's a separate table for soloing. Some are even broken up for further tracking, like 2-player, 3-player, etc. Some track which win with which character I use. Each section gets added up individually, then they all get added together. I can easily look at a page and see how many Multiplayer Wins/Losses/Ties I have vs Solo one, as well as an overall that adds them all together. I have a template I use so that I don't have to remake every sheet every time. I just copy it.

• The main sheet is a quick reference that pulls all the numbers from all the other sheets automatically. It tracks total multiplayer and total solo games and gives me a percentage of each from the total overall. Total wins/losses/ties, as well as those totals with multiplayer only, and solo only. (Percentages as well) Each game is also grouped by genre, like Abstract, Strategy, Wargame, etc, so I can see the percentage I play of each of those.

• The second sheet, further breaks up my multiplayer gaming into Adversarial vs Co-op. Cause one day I looked at my multiplayer wins and wanted to know how many of those were versus people and not as a co-op. Gah! So I had to make that table. It is also completely automated reading the information from the individual game sheets.

• The third and final sheet (so far) is tracking my overall play %. It only grabs the total games played data from each game sheet and keeps track of the percentage that game gets played. It also has a box at top that displays my most played game (Currently Ascension, which is counted as all the versions of it)

But it doesn't stop there! Oh no. I just HAD to track other crap!

Google Docs Spreadsheet - BG Stats: Wargame WWII

This one, I have no idea why I made it. Maybe I was bored. But dangit!

• First Sheet - Ambush. I just input if I've won or lost depending on the mission. It also looks at those wins and losses and tracks how many times Allies or Axis get a victory for that particular mission. In fact, I could mostly likely automate this from the main sheet above, but I'm still a bit of a novice with information going between different spreadsheets.

• Second Sheet - Ambush Total stats. Looks at the previous one for a quickview. Totals up wins and gets percentages etc. Also shows how many times each map gets used. (since different missions use the same map)

• I pretty much do the same exact thing for Combat Commander and Memoir '44. It took me a long long time to get in every single mission for Memoir '44, since I have every expansion except for the 2nd Campaign Book. So I'll need to add those eventually. The Memoir '44 one is also more extensive since it was the first one I made and has so much info on it. Even the dates the battle took place, but I use this one to arrange them in chronological order, as I'm soloing each one in order.

Google Docs Spreadsheet - BG Stats: Aviation

This is one I'm seriously thinking about ridding myself of since it's becoming more of a pain in the ass to keep up with and I'm finding I don't care about these stats. So far it only has Hornet Leader and RAF stats.

For Hornet Leader I'm tracking
• How many times a target has been destroyed or left operational (Separated by Co-op / Solo)
• How many times a pilot as flown a mission, also tracks if he was undamaged, MIA, etc.
• How many times a pilot has been promoted and what the promotion was.
• How many times a pilot has been drafted or randomly selected.
• How many times a campaign has been played, tracking length of campaign, and evaluation of it.
• How many times a score has shown for a particular campaign. (I really can't figure out why I keep track of this, it makes no sense to)

For RAF:
• Same thing as Hornet Leader with the score... again, why do I do this.. I have no idea.
• How many victories by scenario.

Google Docs Spreadsheet - Deckbuilding Draft Stats

This one started out simple. It was just a table to track when a card from Nightfall or Thunderstone has shown up, just so I can see which ones I have not seen in a game yet. Having all Thunderstone expansions, it's really difficult for me to remember if I've played with a certain card or not, so I kept track of that. Simple.
But I just had to go and complicate the crap out of it, to the point that I can't even remember what the hell it's tracking. I started inputting every time it showed up. Then added percentages. Well, on the sheet there's 3 different percentages that follow the card, and I can't actually remember what they do, even with my title above them. I think, one of them is the percentage of time it has shown up in games, another is the percentage of time it has shown up compared to overall card count, and the last is the percentage it has shown up compared to cards from that particular game/expansion. (again, more crap I don't really need, but it's there)

Google Docs Spreadsheet - BG stats: Other
OMG what's wrong with me.

• Merchants and Marauder captains, how many times they've survived vs being defeated.

• Ghost Stories Taoist Powers: how many times each one has won or lost.

• Ghost Stories Incarnations: how many times each has been exorcized or survived and killed the taoist.

• I used to track something else for Arkham Horror but I don't remember what since I deleted that sheet.

Well. That's the end of the Google Doc Sheets. But does it end there? NO! Why would it. Cause I'm CRAZY!

I have a geeklist that is not submitted and private. Probably to avoid the questions of why the hell am I doing that?

It started off simple... as everything I do. It's titled, Conquering the Soloable game. I listed every game that is Solitaire, has a Solo variant, is co-op (soloable), or that I've written (or found) an unofficial solo variant for. What I was doing, was keeping track of what I have done in a game, cause I bounce around them so much, I lose track. "Have I beaten Ghost Stories on Nightmare solo? I can't remember. Let me look at my list"

THAT was it's ONLY purpose.

That's right, you read it. "Was". *sigh*. I had to go and complicate this one too!!

What did I do? I turned it into a mini game. But then I got rid of that. And made it something else entirely. I made it an Achievement system. If you've played video games, you know what I'm talking about (Gamerscore Achievements on the 360, trophies for PS3, some MMOs even have achievements now)
So I did it for my boardgame soloing. (Not multiplayer, thank god!)

Of course, then I had to make rules for it so that when I add a new game, there's no difference. Then I started keeping track of achievements points and giving everything a point value, which of course led to having the total points possible in the header.

I need help. Professional kind. But I don't think that kind of help exists.

I can't stop...

Here are html links to the stuff I've mentioned above.

Overall Stats (Auto-generated)
Aversarial vs Co-op (Auto-generated)
Playtime Percentage (Auto-generated)

Game Example #1 (Ascension) (Where I enter the win or loss, and the above three sheets read off of it)
Game Example #2 (Ghost Stories)

Thunderstone Draft Stats

My Insane Memoir '44 Stats
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