Brave New World - A Risk Legacy Campaign

Earth #7884 - there will be spoilers
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Chapter 0 - Introduction

Bart Levty
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In 2128, after years of global warfare, the brightest scientific minds of our globe announced a breathtaking discovery: the ability to create new Earths. Instead of warring over ever-scarcer resources and everdiminishing supplies, factions and populations could travel to a pristine Earth, untouched by humans. While gigantic colony ships were being prepared to take of colonists and soldiers on one-way trips to the clones of their mother planet, individuals skilled in various areas of management were organized into small groups. Those cabinets, as they were called, were tasked with assuming leadership over the myriads of settlers who were already preparing to inhabit the new worlds. I happened to be appointed to one of such cabinets.

The governors I was assigned to were familiar to me and I was well aware of their competence. Rector Swistak, an expert on all things philosophical, gained a reputation for being an amiable, even if an inprudent, academic. Next was chancellor Mat, a man of immense focus and passion for various ventures. His enthusiasm spread on to others readily enough, yet at times he became so engrossed in his labor that other urgent matters were of secondary importance to him. My third colleague was general Tomek, a very active and committed individual whose reluctancy towards bureaucracy had lead him to several regulation violations. The fourth and last was me, duke Levty, who among the civilians was known as an astute strategist and organizer with a penchant for becoming far too aloof. Back then it seemed that there were few people one would rather work with.

The planet we were delegated to was the newly created Earth #7884 waiting in the Sirius system. After the first few meetings we believed nothing could stand in our way. Our initial plan was to create an utopia devoid of any aggression, with no squabbling nations nor people who would come into power only for their own personal gain. The major factions coming with us fully supported this idea and for a brief few moments morale were extremely high. With our considerable experience and a common goal it appeared that this common dream of ours was actually achievable. How naive we all were.

The first crisis happened on the board of the colony ship. The differences between the four of us appeared too great an obstacle to overcome. Fortunately there was no open fighting, but the situation was tense enough so that the cabinet ceased its meetings. This soon echoed aboard the ship as the factions started to view each other with mistrust and tried to separate themselves in isolated parts of the vessel. Even though everyone still had hopes that the planet would be big enough for everyone to live in harmony, we were all aware that those hopes were in vain. We were wishing for peace but preparing for war.

The moment the boiling point would be reached seemed imminent but thankfully, after a time far too long, our vessel entered the orbit of Earth #7884. The planet seemed to be watching the newcomers with its immaculate grace welcoming us. Its continents yet to be named, the face unscarred by any form of human activity. There were no cities nor any signs of war on the surface. We were all so hopeful for the promises she offered that for a few short moment everyone forgot about their petty disputes and simply gazed at our new home in awe.

But that was about to change.

Wars would come.

As they always do.

[Outro: Hope Vol.2]
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