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The 2018 People’s Choice Top 100 Solo Games Meta Contest

Morten Monrad Pedersen
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I heard a scream yesterday. It sounded like someone fleeing from their worst nightmare.

I couldn’t figure out who it was at the time, but after I saw that Kevin had started this year’s People’s Choice Top 100 Solo Games it became blindingly obvious that the source of the scream was my wallet.

I’ve spent all the night comforting the poor thing. Hope you’re happy now, Kevin, picking on small defenseless wallets. Tsk tsk.

As in previous years, I’ll host a meta-contest, where the winner gets to go home with the world famous No Prize™ award (if the winner is already at home she or he is allowed to stay there without doing any going).

External image

The world famous No Prize™ award on display.

To participate you need to answer the questions in the comments below this post and send the answers to me in a geekmail before the first part of the list is revealed. These mails will be used once the recount demands start flying and lawyers get involved (I’ll send my answers to Kevin, so that I also can’t cheat).

I use the word “rank” a lot in the questions and by the I mean the how highly it places (placed). E.g. Mage Knight ranked #1 on last year’s list even though it was item #100 on the geeklist (because of the order in which the games are revealed these two things are opposites).

I won’t be handling the scoring myself, so you have to report your VPs in comment section below this post as you gain them. I’ll keep a ranked list up to date at the bottom of this post. Doing it this way not only makes it possible for me to host this meta-contest (otherwise I wouldn’t have enough time available), it also gives more opportunities for banter and interaction in the comment section.

Please, please, pretty please with cherries on top, report your total score instead of VP gained since last time and use a new comment each time instead of updating a previous comment (I get notifications about new comments, but not about updates to existing ones).

The winner is the participant who has the most VP after all 100 games have been revealed. Ties are broken by most different letters in the contestant’s full name, and further ties by who sent their answer to me first.

Here’s the 2017 list in case you want to use that when answering the questions: 2017 PC Top 100

For each question I give some hints. I’ve done my best to make sure that they’re correct, but I give no guarantees. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

If you want to participate, but not worry about the details, it’s perfectly fine to ignore the scoring rules and hints for now.

Have fun!

Points so far

92 - WingTale
89 - Formersd
89 - jwml
85 - mortenmdk
84 - Orion328
80 - bikefreak
77 - myw85
74 - briezee
74 - flaeryn
74 - mattwood1221
72 - Albia
71 - Darkwing Suck
71 - djstudley
67 - kontrabas
63 - listrahtes
58 - Teatabletopper
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