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I am new to the gaming world and I am going to be reviewing games from the prospective of a gamer just coming into the hobby. In my review I will cover several things, first Components of the game, second how gameplay works, and finally my thoughts of the game. These reviews are by new gamers for new gamers.
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The Gaming Noobs Review of Last Night on Earth

Josh Brahmer

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Basic Overview: Last Night on Earth is a cooperative game for 1-6 players. The game is set in a small town at the start of a Zombie Apocalypse were 1-2 players play as zombies and others play as humans try to complete a variety of missions from kill 15 zombies to defend a manor. The game length the about 1.5 hours to play but could vary depending on the mission.
Components: When I first opened the box there was so much stuff. There is a main board that is 2 sided on one side is a grass land which is most Used side then the flip side has a Manor that is specifically used for one scenario. Then you get 6 L-Shaped boards that surround the main board, each of these boards has special buildings that do special things. Also you get 8 highly detailed Plastic Miniatures and 14 plastic zombies that come in 2 different colors and sculpts. The game also comes with a wide variety of tokens. The game comes with 2 decks of cards one deck is for Hero’s and the other for the zombies.
Game play: At the beginning of the game the players must pick their 4 hero’s (no matter how many players are playing 4 hero’s must always be used) the hero cards all have special abilities and health. Then determine who is going to be playing as the zombies. After that’s determined then the players pick the scenario that they want to play, this will determine the number of rounds in the game as well as the objective. Then the players determine where they start on the board. Once the board and characters are put in place you can start playing. Each round is broken into 2 parts the first is the zombie’s turn. The zombie turn is broken up into 6 parts as followed

1. Move round marker
2. Draw cards from Zombie deck
3. Roll to see if you can spawn zombies
4. Move Zombies
5. Zombies try to get some brains
6. Roll to see how many zombies you can spawn if you were successful in step 3, and place the zombies.

After the zombies are done with their turn it is the hero’s turn. The hero’s turn is also broken down into steps as well.

1. Hero’s Move or Search- The Hero’s roll a D6 and they can move that value or they can search if the roll was not what was wanted.
2. Trade Items- If two hero’s are in the same square they can trade items during this step.
3. Ranged attacks- During this stage if any hero’s have ranged weapons they can make an attack during this round.
4. Fight round this round is where the hero’s fight zombies with Melee weapons or their fists.
That is the breakdown of a round in a game. On average each objective has about 15 rounds or until the objective is done. The combat in this game is very simple the zombie rolls 1 dice and a hero rolls 2 dice and if either of the dice rolls are greater the zombies roll the zombie is fended off which is pretty easy to do. The real challenge is killing the zombie which can only happen if you roll higher than the zombies roll and roll doubles.

My Thoughts: The things I really like about the game are it is easy to understand, because the concept and the mechanics are so simple it is just dice rolling and looking for doubles also the set up and tear down time is quick. The second thing I really like about the game is it is easy to teach to other gamers. Third I really like the diversity the game has every time we have played it felt a lot different with different weapons being played and different zombies affecting the humans heck even playing as the different characters feel allot different. Also talking about replay ability the game comes with all kind of tokens that you don’t use to help you think of your own scenario.

There were a few things I did not like about the game and they are the zombies seem to be a little underpowered. Second in the turns everything is so rigid and ordered as a hero there are times were I would like to fist fight first then move then shoot but the rules make you do it in such a specific order and I also don’t like that each player has to do each stage of their turn at the same time. The Final thing I hated without a doubt in this game was the CD you get with the game it is just so bad that’s the only way to describe it is terrible.
But Overall I would give this game a 8 out of 10 for a new player it has substance it is visually pleasing and quick and easy to learn overall it was a $32 very well spent. I really hope my review did this game the justice it deserves.

So this was my first review for a board game I really hope you guys will give me some feedback what you like, what you hate, and what you would like me to keep.
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