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Madeline's thoughts on social deduction games, forum/community meta, and any other philosophical musings
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No mountains, no valleys
Never argue with idiots; they'll drag you down to their level and then beat you on experience.
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Hello! I'm guessing most of you will have found this from a link in the Werewolf/Village Square forums, but whether or not you have, an intro:

My name is Madeline. I joined BGG in spring 2014, after the friend who'd gotten several of my classmates/colleagues hooked on Resistance together posted a link to a (since-deleted) strategy guide here. I quickly became involved with Resistance PBF, and from there, the Werewolf forums. I played semi-actively until early 2016, and then more sporadically from mid 2017 onwards.

I can be very longwinded, and I have a lot of thoughts about games; not just in the "is this mechanically balanced" sense, but "are the people balanced?" Are people playing fair, in the obvious and not-so-obvious ways?

A lot of my thoughts have found written form around the Geek (and I'll shamelessly plug some below!), but others are not as easy for me to express. Werewolf has a tradition of "mod chats" where players can leave their real-time thoughts on the strategy of playing their roles, plus whatever gamestate observations they don't want to make public, which others can look back on later. (Resistance has similar geekmails, at least when I've played, but not feasible to make public to the same extent.) So along the way, I sometimes vent my frustrations there--after all, if other people's emotional volatility is making me upset in thread, it would be pretty hypocritical of me to dump my emotions on them! Or at least that's how I feel.

So this blog is a place for me to share some of those longer-form musings, in what can be my "own space:" I (hopefully) don't have to feel like I'm dumping on everyone if you're free to ignore me at will. I'm not sure the blog format is the best, but I don't think anything really would be (maybe an interconnected wiki?) My thoughts can be very verbal, but not always linear--which makes it hard to complain about one thing because I'll bring up five more problems along the way. Which is why I more often stay quiet.

Anyway, in no particular order, hope you find something worthwhile here.

P.S. my usual avatar is a rook, like the chess piece, hence the name. I'm currently moderating a werewolf game for the first time, which is exciting, but also means that I've changed it temporarily and the name isn't going to make sense during the possibly one occasion that people are reading it. That's my luck.


Previous Writings, some of which may be expounded upon later:
Top 25 Games (2015)
Top 35 Games (2017)*

Meetup Report (2014)
Convention Report (2017)

Pandemic Legacy Season 1 Campaign
Pandemic Legacy Season 2 Campaign
What is the gamestate?

*in particular, this includes the first draft of the Topographical Theory, of which much more to come.

Personal Codes of Conduct (Werewolf)
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