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Tuesday Evening Gamers (TEG) - Milwaukee

This blog is a writeup of our weekly game group. Thoughts on what we played how the game went, etc.
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Tuesday Evening Games - February 21st - Chicago Express, 7 Wonders, Crokinole, Garden Competition

Gary Heidenreich
United States
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February 21st, 2012

A day late because it was my birthday Wednesday. Well because of that I pulled the "It's my Birthday" card out on Tuesday.

Chris, Timm and I gathered around the table wondering what we were going to play. We wandered among the shelves, tossing out names. Chicago Express was decided on. We do play it with both expansions. It had been awhile since we broke this one out. It had been mentioned the last few weeks but finally made it to the table. We played and Timm ended up winning with 105, Chris had 95 and I had maybe 60. Yes, I forgot my notes. Couple of had been awhile so I didn't realize Chris was pushing to end the game (it took us about 35 minutes) by auctioning off shares. Missed that. As Chris noted, it wasn't getting any better for him as Timm and I ramped up the Wabash and I had the Erie and was making decent cash each round. I also think that the initial PA share HAS to go higher than the 16 it was auctioned off for. Timm had the initial share and he added to that with Chris grabbing the third share. This has to come out sooner than later. It's so damn quick, why not?

We then broke out 7 Wonders again this week. Busted out two games of it. I know Timm won one game, I forget who won the second game (Timm maybe as he was talking smack). Don't remember any real detail or scores other than one of the two games was very close and Chris lost one game pretty bad. I really like this one with three and I think four would be very good, as well. I wasn't necessarily sold on six but it's not bad.

So, I pulled the Birthday Card and picked the next game. We had time and just three of us which makes it easier to learn something. So, I brought out Garden Competition. I had read the rules a couple of times in the past so it wasn't completely foriegn to me. We went through the rules and started our pruning and planting. The first half of the game had us cutting lawns for our neighboors and cleaning houses for favors and cash. If you do favors, you possibly get free plants from your neighbors. Judging for the competition happens at the end of the season (game). You know of a few of the flowers/type of flowers the judges are looking for (but not all). Buy the judges a cup of coffee and you will know more. As it gets later in the season the weeds start coming. Your neighbors start having a weed problem and if you don't help them deal with it, YOU have a weed problem. A serious weed problem. Weeds are -1 per weed at the end of the game. Chris unfortunately missed that rule. So, by the end of the game, it was time for the judges to judge. If a flower card was out there, you would get two points if you have that specific flower in your garden. If it was a type, you got one point for each variety of flower of that color (type). Subtract weeds and that is the score. Timm won with 12 points (he had a couple of weeds). I ended up with 8 points (I had a couple of weeds). Chris ended up with 3. He had 14 weeds or he would have won. Weeds *really* multiply fast and get nasty. Chris was turned off of the game for missing that rule and I can't blame him. I, personally, liked the game. The theme is really cool and fits in with the game. I know a bit about flowers so I liked that. It's also a tight game as you only have two actions per round of 12 rounds. I'm looking forward to playing this one again.

I was going to teach another game, The Demise of Dr. Frankenstein a dice allocation type of game. I was taught this game about a year ago and ended up getting a copy. I liked the game as it was very similar to Yspahan, mechanically, but with a bit more going on and I think more paths to winning. But, I was taught the game and did not realize some of the niggly little rules going on. So, going through the rules and teaching it was sort of painful. We did not play the game as everyone, including myself, was a little frustrated. It was at the end of the night so Chris left and Timm and I played a couple of quick games of Crokinole which I lost both games.

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