Inscriptions on the Aqualith

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What is the Aqualith?

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Blogs are an interesting beast. They've stood the test of time, even against the behemoth of social media that's to many considered "the internet" for the better part of fifteen years. Short or long form, they've been a way for a user to share their thoughts, usually unfiltered, on any topic of their choosing. But you know that, already. What I'm getting at is that often these blogs tend to have peculiar names, funny/punny names, or very straight forward and mundane names.

Inscriptions on the Aqualith is referential to what I'm at the moment calling a sub-setting for any sort of science fiction, fantasy, or better yet: a sci-fantasy setting for tabletop RPGs. This would include exhaustive, but definitive, lore about an ancient culture of magic users that solely draw their strength and power from a single monolith, hidden deep in the watery glades of their homeland. Now surrounded night and day by a protectorate and constantly studied by scribes and elders, the Aqualith, as it was known to be called, gives those users who know how to harness it, the ability to manipulate water in all it's forms. Since it is a single culture, the pocket setting as I'm calling it now can easily be placed as a module into a setting of the gamemaster's choosing to be used for player characters, non-playable allies, and even nemesis. More on those details in a later post, and possibly PDF products in the future.

We were talking about the title right? Well on this Aqualith are inscriptions in a language foreign to any tongue in the land. Over centuries, scribes eventually were able to decipher their meaning, at least in part. For our world, I hope to be your scribe; unpacking thoughts about not only this stuff about the Aqualith, but the gaming hobby and community I'm personally apart of, and maybe you can share with us your own side of the hobby.

So that is really it. In looking up the word aqualith, I did see a few uses of it in the real world, which are not applicable to the faux-history and culture I'm developing here. So the Aqualithic period of African history or the German form of the mineral, aqualite, have no bearing on my usage here.

Next, I'd like to unpack my proclivity for water magic.

Steady tides be with you!

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