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Game 3 - Hired Guns

Bart Levty
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There are following spoilers in this post:
Faction Eliminated package.
Player signs the board a second time package.


We had to wait a week for our third game and we played it in a different squad. We're all quite busy so it's extremely possible that there will be one or more players in our group that won't be able to come at a given time. Therefore it was no surprise that in the day of our next game Swistak and Mat were to be absent due to their personal lives. On 26 II 2012 Earth 7884 happily invited Adrian, who hadn't been able to make it the previous time, and Zibi, a newcomer who was intrigued by the idea of Risk Legacy. Unfortunately I forgot to ask any of them if they had a camera so without Mat there are still no photos. I'm pretty sure this will change in our next meeting though.

Explaining the rules to Adrian and Zibi took us some time but they seemed to grasp them really well. I took my missle, intending to remember about it this game, while all the other guys got a Red Star each. Since we had four scars left (two Bunkers, one Ammo Shortage and a Mercenary) we distributed those randomly and drew starting resource cards.

In order from first to fourth spot we got Afghanistan, Kamchatka, Egypt (2 coins) and Alberta

Tomek and I had told the other two which factions were the best (THE faction was obviously Khan Industries with all the other conisdered good except theSaharan Republic) and which spots on the map are good to control (Australia and South America) but unluckily for them Tomek sat next to me. That was unlucky because I rolled the highest and the hot stuff got taken before they could even consider it. The setup:

Levty- Khan Industries in Indonesia
Tomek - Die Mechaniker in Brazil
Zibi - Imperial Balkania in Iceland
Adrian - Enclave of the Bear in Mongolia

Turn 1
Levty places a Mercenary scar in Indonesia and takes the whole Australia continent. Because he has taken the town of Bree he can take a coin and he then places two mercenaries on his mercenary scars, making a really great start. Irkutsk is drawn.
Since there is no one to attack nearby Tomek is content to just expand in South America without taking a resource card.
Zibi takes parts of Europe to get the mercenary scar in Scandinavia and moves into Egypt to trigger the Balkania's power. He then takes the 2-coined Egypt card to replace it with East Africa.
Somewhat unsure as to how he should expand, Adrian moves parts of his soldiers into Ural and China, placing most of his forces in his base and the latter territory.

Turn 2
Getting 6 more troops in his HQ, Levty decides to take China and Mongolia from Adrian. Adrian places a bunker scar in Mongolia but Levty still manages to take it. If he manages to keep everythig under his command then each turn he will get 9 soldiers total, even though part of them will have to be maneuvered to be of use. Levty grabs another coin. Ontario appears with two coins on it.
Tom moves into Ontario and then attack Zibi's lone soldier in Egypt. He takes the Ontario card and reveals Iceland, another 2 coin territory.
Zibi attacks Tomek in North Africa and takes it from him but is unable to finish Tomek's forces in Egypt. He moves a lone soldier into Russia. After taking Iceland Scandinavia appears.
Adrian places his troops in Ural to take China back. After conquering it he tries to reconquer Mongolia but is unable due to the bunker he placed. He takes a coin and uncovers North Guinea.

Turn 3
Levty wipes Adrian's forces off the board and takes his coin, taking one more coin for conquest. Middle East is unveiled.
Tom pays 2 coins to get 2 extra troops and he covers the majority of North America with his soldiers. He ends without attacking anyone.
Zibi cashes in 4 coins to get ten soldiers total. He places some soldiers in all border territories of Europe and then overtakes the continent, moving into Ural to take it from Levty after that. Tomek is more than happy to place his Ammo Shortage scar in there to make the job easier for Zibi. After combat Zibi moves one of his soldiers into Afghanistan and then maneuvers back to Russia. He gets Scandinavia card and reveals Central Africa.
Adrian joins back the war in Kamchatka to unsuccesfully try to take back Mongolia.

Turn 4
Levty places his troops in India and moving through Middle East he tries to conquer South Europe which receives a bunker. Due to some bad rolls on Zibi's side he manages to take it with just one soldier down. He maneuvers some troops from Australia into India and takes North Guinea card. One of the one-coin territory cards appears.
Tomek gets 6 troops and uses them to strengthen Eegypt and take the whole North America. Again, he doesn't draw a card.
Zibi places soldiers in Russia to take back Southern Europe. After that plan fails he maneuvers to Northern Europe and ends his turn
Adrian one more time tries to reconquer Mongolia and again is left with just one soldier. He probably would manage to take it if Levty didn't used his missle.

Turn 5
Levty changes four of his cards into a Red Coin and places his soldiers in Southern Europe, having a total of 9 in there. He manages to take Western Europe and Great Britain but fails to take the third HQ in Iceland. He takes a coin to draw another 1-coin territory card.
Tomek gets an awesome number of 12 soldiers but decides not to risk them this turn and instead uses most of them to make his borders more secure. The remaining troops take North Africa from Zibi, South Europe from Levty and Kamchata from Adrian, knocking him out again. He grabs a coin and unveils the two-coined card of Eastern Australia.
Zibi removes the soldiers of Levty threatening his HQ in Great Britain and follows to reconquer Western Europe from Tomek. After taking a coin South Africa - another 2-coined card - is drawn.
Adrian decides against getting killed again and joins the war in Madagascar, taking two more territories from there.

Turn 6
Levty is pretty aware that if he won't win the game now then Tomek will so he cashes in two coins to get two extra troops. Instead of trying to move them through heavily defeneded Europe he places them all in Mongolia and goes to Zibi's HQ through North America. Getting to Greenland was easy enough but he had only four soldier against Zibi's three in the final assault. After they both lost one he opts to roll two dice and with a lucky roll manages to win his second game.

Khan Industries are victorious.

Immediately after signing the 'one person gets to sing the board for a second time' package was opened.
And inside we got our first events. There were just three of them, all of one type, the player with most population gets 3 troops in his cities or chooses a mission. There were also some missions, all granting a Red Star upon fulfillment, except two which granted two stars and were to be destroyed when their requirements were met.
One of them allowed to place the World Capital on a 4-coin territory (we only had territories with 1 or 2 coins though) and the second to create a new sealine when controlling all the seven islands on the board. That might be just the thing for our growing Australia problem.
There were also rules for Homelands that allow a faction to draw a card of a territory it doesn't control if it started most games in the territory's continent. Interesting.

The spoils after the game were as follows:

Levty raised a major city of Khatovar in New Guinea, thus making him the only one allowed to start inside of Australia.
Tomek placed Shire in Brazil.
Zibi added a coin to Iceland raising its worth to three coins. Even though he shouldn't have done this as he hadn't controlled Iceland at the end of the game we noticed it later and just agreed that next game it won't be possible to place another coin there.
Adrian added a coin to Madagascar, making it another two-coined territory.

To conclude, this was our longest game yet, taking around two hours. There was a lot of thinking involved and the fact that the other players didn't unite against me allowed me to get an HQ, a Red Star and then win the game. This might have something to do with Tomek's defensive tactics which proved extremely effective in the long run and could have made him win. Ultimately it just gave me enough time to make two attempts to grab the missing HQ and fortunately succeed.

Surprisinly enough Australia had gotten even better, with two mercenary scars and two cities. But anyone except me wishing to expand into it needs to start in Southeast Asia. This combined with Die Mechaniker might prove to be quite an effective combo but we'll have to see. Especially if we take into account that I used to rely on those highly-coined territories in the previous games but Tomek proved that you can still do great without resource cards. I will definitely have a harder time winning from now on, not only lacking a Red Star at the start but also being considered the highest threat in general. I just hope that next time we'll finally manage to play a 5 player game.
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