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New Game Round-up: Explore Trudvang Legends, Reminisce About Dragon Ball Z, and Pound People in Street Fighter

W. Eric Martin
United States
North Carolina
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Board Game: Black Mirror: NOSEDIVE
• I have a hard time covering most games based on licensed IPs because I spend so much of my time doing game-related activities that I rarely sample things outside of those borders. Thus, when Asmodee announces Black Mirror: NOSEDIVE, as it did in mid-November 2018, I can do little more than acknowledge that I've heard of the television series, then quote from the press release, like so:

Modeled after the iconic Black Mirror episode of the same name starring Bryce Dallas Howard, in NOSEDIVE players are challenged to create a "perfect" life by collecting lifestyle cards, while avoiding any "dings" to their social score.

Integrated with the free NOSEDIVE smartphone app available on iOS and Android, the game includes over one thousand unique experiences to impress players' important friends and improve their social standing.
Board Game: Trudvang Legends
Trudvang Legends is a large-scale legacy-ish fantasy board game coming from designers Fel Barros, Guilherme Goulart, and Eric M. Lang and publisher CMON Limited, and while this might not seem like a licensed property at first glance, it's in fact based on the Swedish RPG Trudvang Chronicles. In case that detail isn't enough to give you a clue as to what the game's about, here's an overview from the publisher, who expects to take Trudvang Legends to Kickstarter in Q2 2019 for what I'd presume to be a release in 2020:

Steeped in epic Nordic and Celtic myths and sagas, Trudvang Legends places players in the roles of legendary heroes who make their mark on a dynamic, everchanging fantasy world.

The game thrusts players into a cycle of epic sagas in which their achievements change not only the world itself, but the very rules by which gods, peoples and nature interact. They will quest through an interwoven series of adventure books, and the results of their choices will echo through history: changing the relationships between sovereign nations, usurping kings, creating new waygates, or even locking and unlocking parts of the map.

Change in Trudvang Legends manifests physically as parts of the board actually change, making the actions of previous hero generations affect future sagas. However, the changes are only as permanent as long as history remembers them, which makes the game endlessly replayable, and even playing the same adventure book repeatedly will have a completely different feeling because the world itself has changed. Heroes, following a path of destiny, will even become historical fixtures as they become kings, guildmasters, or even gods!
Board Game: Dragon Ball Z: Over 9000
Board Game: Dragon Ball Super: Heroic Battle
• In July 2018, IDW Games announced a licensing deal with Toei Animation Inc. for a number of games based on the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super anime, with IDW stating that it will "support both Dragon Ball brands with games releases through 2021". Two card games — Dragon Ball Z: Over 9000 from Jon Cohn and Dragon Ball Super: Heroic Battle from Spencer Reeve — are due out in November 2018, with a Dragon Ball Z miniatures game to come in 2019 to coincide with the thirtieth anniversary of the anime. A note about this game from the press release: "Players will take on the role of their favorite Z-Fighter as they battle iconic Dragon Ball Z characters, using familiar moves and items while creating epic moments in the Dragon Ball Z universe."

Board Game: My Hero Academia: The Card Game
• Hey, here's something I've actually seen — the anime My Hero Academia! Well, two episodes of it anyway. As with many television series, I find it interesting, but not compelling enough to get me to watch it over doing other things, such as writing up this post.

This 2-4 player game from designer Steve Warner and publisher Shinobi 7 has a straightforward description that doesn't say much about the gameplay and what distinguishes it from other games: "​In My Hero Academia: The Card Game, you must recruit super-powered students to your hero agency. Select students with the best combinations of quirks (i.e., super-powered abilities) to complete challenging missions and become the mightiest agency around!" Even so, my son might want to try it anyway since he did watch the entire series. Dang kids and all their free time...

Level 99 Games has revealed that season 3 of its EXCEED Fighting System card game will feature a dozen characters from Capcom's video game franchise Street Fighter. As with previous seasons of EXCEED, each box contains four fighters that can be played on their own against one another, and boxes can be combined — whether from the same season or different ones — to bring new competitors together. These games should be available in Q1 2019.

Board Game: Exceed Fighting System

Board Game: Exceed Fighting System
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