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#ThirstyThursday :: 5 Control Water Spell Feats

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I never liked Thursdays growing up.

Maybe it was because that while it was nearing the end of the week, it was that one day keeping me from my precious, freedom-filled Friday night. No more school, no more books, you know the rest. I also noticed it would rain more on Thursdays, especially in the morning. Never knew why, but it didn't help things!

That said, I will take a cue from the oft-lauded Happy Hour specials name and redeem Thor's Day for this blog: find a RPG product, water-centric if possible, and spotlight it!

The first on my list is an old PDF product from the now defunct Super Genius Games. They had something of a re-org and you can find this product now under the DriveThruRPG store of Rogue Genius Games. The trade dress of Super Genius is still retained. Let's take a peak inside, shall we?

5 Control Water Spell Feats
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[ DriveThruRPG link ]

This tiny three page PDF is part of Rogue Genius Games' #1 With a Bullet Point series of Pathfinder options. In one page you get five thematic feats which act to complement or modify your spells pertaining to water.

As the DTRPG description refers to them:
Eldritch Well: You can summon up water into the spaces you magically create.
Greater Water Control: Your ability to control water is greatly expanded.
Water Lord: You have become a duke of the element of water.
Water Knight: You have become a knight of the element of water.
Water of Life: Your water spells are also blood magic.
Eldritch Well
This one is interesting in that one of the prereqs is Knowledge (Engineering). If your character isn't trained in this skill, it would be worthwhile to at least dip into such. Thematically it makes sense and gives some love to a Knowledge that, like Knowledge (Geography), doesn't see a whole lot of action.

Greater Water Control
This is a fun one and has some synergy with Eldritch Well. Fledgling hydromancers would be hard-pressed not to grab this one, even providing a bonus to CMB when fighting in water. If this is something your character plans to do a lot, it's recommended your other feats compliment it.

Water Knight
Building on the previous feats, requiring some Knowledge (Nobility), one can keep creatures of the water subtype at bay. Given this was published years before the new diplomacy-driven rules from Ultimate Intrigue came in, I'd be interested to see how this could play out.

Water Lord
As you progress as a Water Knight, the next step is to lord it over a water elemental of your very own! So awesome. I do like that it's bound to the space of the water you are currently controlling. That gives a nice balance and makes for interesting gameplay and some crowd control on your part.

Water of Life
This is an interesting one and probably the most situational of the five. I know I state that regarding feats centered on water magic, but you obviously came to this blog for our mutual affinity for water, right? Work with me here! From the description, it appears this would serve a fellow medium-sized PC who's stricken as a vampyr, keeping them fed without taking the lives of innocents.

Additionally any creature which has blood can basically get a bleed attack from you. While that's quite powerful, it may not work thematically for your character. I can't see myself personally playing a character that would do that, but the option is there.

The point of it all
That wraps up my quick synopsis of this product. It's really easy on the wallet at just a $1 USD, so if you have any curiosity about it, especially as a Pathfinder 1st edition player, it's certainly worth taking a look at.

One caution I should note: there is a link to the old Super Genius Games website on page 3 of this product that should be avoided. Rogue Genius Games looks to have not retained the URL for forwarding to their current site, so it is now parked by what appears to be a phisher, which fires up a dialogue box to download something probably nefarious. I strongly advise you not click the link in the first place. It is likely all the #1 With a Bullet Point products have this link, so do tread lightly. I've notified the publisher on DriveThru so they are made aware.

Do let me know what you think of the product or if you have suggestions for others to look at, specifically water magic related. Know of an existing product that has synergy with these options? Share in the comments below!

While I would like this to be every Thursday going forward, it simply won't be possible for me at this time. Next week is Christmas with New Years following right after, so expect the next one on Jan. 10th.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I genuinely appreciate it.

Steady tides be with you!

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