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More Mini Painting, Some Pimping, End of Year Malarkey

Scott Everts
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Another year done so thought I'd post an update on what projects I've been working on and some thoughts on board game/geeky stuff from last year.

2018 was focused on the continuing (and never ending) painting of Game: Shadows of Brimstone. I've made a good dent and should be past the half way mark. Though with Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress coming in a few months that sets me back to just a fraction of minis done. I'm certainly glad Forbidden Fortress was late. I plan to check it over to make sure I got everything, then pack it up and store it until after I finish all the previous SoB minis. I'd also like to start an SoB series of adventures sometime in 2019. Though with my painting speed I expect I'll never keep up with content. Flying Frog seems determined to keep SoB content flowing at a regular schedule and I assume the next core set will be on KS before the end of 2019. I've been thinking of why I've dedicated hundreds of hours to this game that we've only ever played once. I guess it's just my raw stubbornness to finish the whole thing. When I committed to painting it, that set in motion a series of events requiring great expense in painting supplies, time, & shelf space. After how much I've done so far, I just can't stop now. Heck, we may never play it and it will take up shelves of space waiting for my eventual need to downsize space. It happened with Mage Knight Dungeons & Traveller. Both, outrageous collections that dominated shelves and were eventually sold. At least with Traveller I got a $1000 for it. Though my complete MKD collection got a meager $600.

That all sounds a bit cantankerous I suppose. Mind you I have mostly enjoyed the painting process. I usually have the most trouble starting a mini. Once I get into it then I can actually say I'm having fun. Though if it's a series of bad guys that all wear the same thing, that fun drops off fast.

What has changed is my free time for graphic redesigns. To be honest I haven't found a game that I've really become passionate about. I toyed with doing Rivets. And with that game someone made 3D printable models which got me excited to try it. But after Steve Jackson Games mentioned they wanted to reprint the old Microgames I decided it wasn't a good idea. Don't want to waste limited time carefully crafting a new graphic redesign, then having it deleted. I dug up my work on Full Metal Plan├Ęte recently and might look at that again. I did start on the game board at one point which I still have. Maybe.

Here's a few things I did that wasn't SoB related...

Western Legends - Western Legends Cattle/Legendary Tokens

Western Legends came with small Cattle tokens with tiny text. Almost unreadable without a magnifying glass. I wonder if these were designed originally to be standard chip size and they had to cut costs and make them smaller? Whatever the reason, they were a hindrance for anyone that didn't have good eyesight. So I made big ones you can print on sticker paper and put on poker chip sized tokens.

I also made a set for the Legendary tokens. These were no problem to read but I had requests for them.

PDF File: Western Legends Cattle/Legendary Tokens - 1" Circles

Board Game: Western Legends

Tiny Epic Zombies - 3D printed Storage Trays

We got a 3D printer and we are going to use it, dammit!

This was found on Thingiverse and I thought it was a fun little thing to print. We haven't played the game yet but need to get it on our rotation. I've bought most of the Tiny Epic games and to be honest we've played them only once or twice. TE Quest is one I'm still keeping and we'll see on this one. Even though I think they are cool, they just don't seem to grab out attention. Not sure why, they seem like great ideas. I did back TE Mechs too. I will break out TE Quest again. That one I bought the game mat for and I really want to try it at least a second time.

Board Game: Tiny Epic Zombies

Argonauts - Painted Argo Mini

Just got this game last week and we played it last night. It was fun but don't know how many times you can play it without losing interest. It's really neat but the path is the same & legendary monsters are the same. The randomness is the heroes you pick, regular encounters, and items you find. Maybe that's enough. The game didn't grab everyone's attention at the beginning but once we got a few spaces in it seemed to engage everyone. I do like the hero play, each one is unique with their own skills and special power. I've reflected on the game since last night and think I might keep it. I could see getting another game or two in. It plays fast which is important and has a nice small box as an added bonus.

I painted the Argo ship mini. This was a resin model and was loose in the box along with the card decks. As you can imagine, many of them were broken (countless complaints in the KS comments section). I was lucky and just had a bit of the front post missing. Not enough to worry about a replacement. Can't notice it during play.

Board Game: Argonauts

Game: Shadows of Brimstone - Mini Painting

No Scott blog is complete without the latest round of SoB painted minis! Still focusing on monsters.

I finally started prep work on the Wave 2 heroes. I got them soaked in vinegar, scrubbed with soapy water. I've got a few of them glued and primed. So will try to get those done before I go back to monsters. I hate, absolutely hate, the prep work I need to do with the resin minis. I do like the detail they have but the pain of getting them ready to paint is just too much. I have noticed that the petroleum based primer I use specifically for resin is harder to paint. The paint sticks but doesn't coat as well as the acrylic based primer. So takes more effort on the first coat.

I realize for short web store runs the resin is the only option. At least now they are putting them in slotted bases. The Wave 1.5/2 heroes do not have slotted bases and I worry about how well they will hold up to play. But at least the new stuff like the resin allies are not only slotted but seem to have less tiny props to glue on or fragile pieces to break.

First up, I finally finished the Crimson Hand enemies. I really got tired of working on them. So tedious & boring. At least the boss was a bit different.

Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Order of the Crimson Hand Mission Pack

And some monsters. The Magma Giant got pretty tedious painting in all those plates. The crystals on the Dark Stone Scorpions took a while. I decided to hand paint in the edges. I was pretty happy how their bodies turned out. Was a combination of several shades of washes and dry brushing.

Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Dark Stone Scorpions XL-Sized Enemy Duo Pack

Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Swamp Raptor of Jargono XL Enemy Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Sand Kraken XXL Enemy Pack

One thing I find a bit annoying is the illustration artists has a preoccupation with green. snore

I finished up the base figures for the Allies expansion. Also did the 2 web exclusive dogs. I bought all the specialist allies but will wait to paint them until after I finish the Wave 2 heroes and generic/base otherworld monsters.

Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Old West Allies
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Old West Allies

Geeky Stuff

As many of you know, I work at Obsidian Entertainment. I've been there nearly 15 years now. The company was always privately owned but this year we were purchased by Microsoft. To be honest that was scary but after we were told how things would progress it seems fine. We're still Obsidian and we are still doing the same games we always were planning to do, just now we don't have to hunt for publishers. Microsoft will handle all that stuff. I've been working on The Outer Worlds for over a year now. With its official announcement we've had some wonderful interest in it. So work wise, it's been a very interesting year and 2019 will launch the new game and I expect I'll be working on any DLC we have planned.

As for me personally, most of my free time is taken up with painting minis, fooling around on the computer, and watching TV/movies. Occasionally doing some small graphic design projects when I'm in the mood. I revamped my Escape from New York graphic redesign with minis and a bigger board. Designed 3D minis (using Heroforge) for Tales of the Arabian Nights, new tokens & ref cards for Star Trek Red Alert, & Groo themed deck for Pairs.

Berserk Games, the company that makes Tabletop Simulator, released a digital version of our Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach. That was really exciting for us and they did an amazing job.

Entertainment wise, I've been rather sad about the state of various scifi series I've long been a fan of. What has happened with Star Trek, Star Wars, and Dr. Who has really bummed me out. I want escapest entertainment and that doesn't seem the goal of Hollywood right now. But we still have some hope with The Expanse and Orville. The first two episodes of Orville Season 2 didn't knock my socks off but I'm expecting the show will improve. I'm really looking forward to the Amazon driven Expanse and hope it keeps to the quality we saw when Syfy ran it.

What I have been doing is watching a lot of older movies and TV shows.

BBC has been releasing Bluray remastered classic Dr. Who. So far they've released the first series of Tom Baker and Peter Davison. There's some amazing stories even if the sets and effects are extremely dated, they knew the stories have to kick ass. And mostly they do. There's some real gems in there. They are coming out in a weird order. Next one is the last series with Tom Baker, out in May. I remember watching these on some UHF channel when I was in my teens. Really enjoying them again.

Also been digging through the gigantic collection of old movies/TV shows on Amazon Prime. They have the weirdest stuff but I've found some real gems in there. I just watched a Japanese giant robot movie that was subtitled in English, but dubbed in German!

A couple other old TV shows I'm rewatching is Season 1 of Buck Rogers. I'm having a blast seeing that again. And there's also a remastered Bluray edition. That show was done on film so it looks amazing in HD. I just finished the 4 Lexx movies and starting the first season of the TV series. What imagination the writers and production team had. The DVD sets have a lot of behind the scenes content. Classic Battlestar Galactica is on my list for this year. I got it on DVD but there's a remastered Bluray I'll probably pick up. I'm also planning to finish the original Outer Limits. I've got the complete series on DVD and never finished it. I also have some oddball stuff like Space Academy, Jason of Star Command, Ark 2, The Middleman, Space Rangers, Max Headroom, The Martian Chronicles, UFO (Bluray remaster), Brisco County Jr., Star Trek TNG (Bluray remaster).

That's just what I have on my shelf that I want to rewatch. There's tons more. So if Hollywood wants to screw with classic properties, I can at least watch stuff from the past. After a long day at work, I really just want to be entertained, not preached at.

That's it for this blog update. No real plans for 2019 project wise. I'll just see what strikes my fancy. And eventually talk about it here. Have a great new year!
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