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The first week (or so)

Alec Chapman
United Kingdom
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It may well be time to take stock of where I am.

Game 10 is still a little up in the air. Trying to source it from a couple of places so can't be sure if any of those options will actually work out.

As for the other 9 games, here is today's play count:

1 Cosmic Encounter - 35
2 Tigris & Euphrates - 2
3 Puzzle Strike - 30
4 Tichu - 4
5 Haggis - 2
6 Summoner Wars - 4
7 Mr Jack - 10
8 Small World - 8
9 Mah Jong - 17

Things can't be expected to move on much in a week, but I'm very confident about Jack, Jong, Puzzle Strike and Cosmic, a bit more concerned about the rest. While Small World was fun in the single game format, will there really be enough interesting in the game to keep me coming back for 100 plays?

I have regular and promised opponents for most of these games, but Summoner Wars and Small World could be a problem and will be the ones going to family gatherings, long lost cousin reunions etc to maximise their chances of getting played.

Tichu and Haggis seem to suffer from themelessness (!) when being sold in the crowds in which I roll these days, but I reckon a good session or two will ease the butterflies in the stomach about them.

The elephant in the room here is the 98 remaining plays of Tigris and Euphrates. It's a game that deserves considered play and not resentful fitting in of the requisite number of games (as with all the ones on this list), but to quote Spinal Tap's manager, "its appeal is more selective" than the other games on the list. I'm hoping for very loyal Knizia-philes to come out of the woodwork and pledge to show me how this is done!

I want to ensure I balance which games I am playing to ensure I don't get into a rut, with strategically placed plays of other games to keep me in the loop to a certain extent.

(Any friends from LoB who want to join me and
Martin G
United Kingdom
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in Mah Jong should let me know, too!)

Well, finally a request:
If you've seen the rest of the list and read the criteria, what do you think my game 10 should be?

Keep playing your games, folks.
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