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Mansions of Madness Character and Monster List

Eric Wentling
United States
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I'm doing this list mainly for myself. As I paint and post my Mansions of Madness miniatures I have had a tough time figuring out which minis belong to which set or expansion. This is complicated by the fact that I had MoM 1st edition before upgrading. So here is a list of the various characters and Monsters along with the expansions they came from. How does Fantasy Flight not have this information on their website? Even the individual expansion information on their website and store does not mention what minis are included! So here goes... all in one place! If I've painted them I'll try to put a link to their blog post.

Mansions of Madness Second Edition Core Set Investigators

Agatha Crane the Parapsychologist
Carson Sinclair the Butler
Father Mateo the Priest
Minh Thi Phan the Secretary
Preston Fairmont the Millionaire
Rita Young the Athlete
Wendy Adams the Urchin
William Yorick the Gravedigger

Mansions of Madness Second Edition Core Monsters

Child of Dagon
Deep One
Deep One Hybrid
Hunting Horror
Priest of Dagon
Star Spawn

Recurring Nightmares Investigators (Also 1st Edition)

"Ashcan" Pete the Drifter
Gloria Goldberg the Author
Harvey Walters the Professor
Jenny Barnes the Dilettante
Joe Diamond the Private Eye
Kate Winthrop the Scientist
Michael McGlen the Gangster
Sister Mary the Nun

Recurring Nightmares Monsters

Cult Leader
Hound of Tindalos

Suppressed Memories Investigators (Call of the Wild/Forbidden Alchemy 1st Edition)

Amanda Sharpe the Student
Bob Jenkins the Salesman
Carolyn Fern the Psychologist
Darrell Simmons the Photographer
Dexter Drake the Magician
Mandy Thompson the Researcher
Monterey Jack the Archeologist
Vincent Lee the Doctor

Suppressed Memories Monsters

Child of the Goat
Crawling One
Dark Druid
Dark Young
Dunwich Horror
Goat Spawn

Beyond the Threshold Investigators

Akachi Onyele the Shaman
Wilson Richards the Handyman

Beyond the Threshold Monsters


Streets of Arkham Investigators

Diana Stanley the Reformed Cultist
Marie Lambeau the Entertainer
Tommy Muldoon the Rookie Cop
Finn Edwards the Bootlegger

Streets of Arkham Monsters

Hired Gun
Star Vampire

Sanctum of Twilight Investigators

Lily Chen the Martial Artist
Charlie Kane the Politician

Sanctum of Twilight Monsters


Horrific Journeys Investigators

Agnes Baker the Waitress
Jim Culver the Musician
Silas Marsh the Sailor
Trish Scarborough the Spy

Horrific Journeys Monsters

Dimensional Shambler x2
Formless Spawn
Hunting Deep One x2
Warlock x2

Path of the Serpent Investigators

Leo Anderson the Expedition Leader
Ursula Downs the Explorer
Daniela Reyes the Mechanic
Norman Withers the Astronomer

Path of the Serpent Monsters

Serpent People x3
Ancient Basilisk
Temple Guardian x2
Feathered Serpent x2
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