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Car Wars Expansions Return!

As part of our ongoing Pocket Box games campaign on Kickstarter, we've been slowly unlocking classic Car Wars expansions as add-on options for those backers who want to replace their originals with near-exact replicas. After all, your factory-fresh copy of Crash City absolutely needs a minty copy of Car Wars Expansion Set #3, East Midville, right? Thanks to the support of project backers, we've already unlocked several ziplock bag expansions from the eighties . . . and we still have three weeks to go before the campaign closes!

So far, for those of you who haven't been following along, the Car Wars expansions that are offered as a part of the Pocket Box games campaign on Kickstarter include:

* Convoy: A Programmed Car Wars Adventure - A perfect companion to the Car Wars and Truck Stop Pocket Box titles, this is a programmed adventure that can be played solo.

Board Game: Uncle Albert's Auto Stop & Gunnery Shop 2035 Catalog
(Image posted to BGG by Wisphunter on September 9, 2004)

* Uncle Albert's Auto Stop & Gunnery Shop 2035 Catalog - When my friends and I would sit down to play Car Wars back in the late eighties, the Uncle Al's series of catalogs were always a must. So many fantastic memories!

* The AADA Vehicle Guide - Page after page after page of ready-to-go vehicle designs, we often used the cars and cycles from this book as target practice in our games. I cannot think of a single session where we used the cars for our own, but we did enjoy blasting them.

* Car Wars Expansion Set #1 - Possibly one of the most-useful expansons from the earlier years of Car Wars, if only because the road sections allowed us to construct larger maps.

* Car Wars Expansion Set #2 - Duplicate counters are always handy!

* Car Wars Expansion Set #3, East Midville - The first really big Car Wars ziplock bag expansion and the heart of many insane battles, this pack expands the city battlefield that's included in Crash City.

Board Game: Car Wars Expansion Set #4, Armadillo Autoduel Arena
(Image posted to BGG by kimbo on October 18, 2004)

* Car Wars Expansion Set #4, Armadillo Autoduel Arena - Looking at this expansion now has me asking myself: What was our first arena event? If my memory is correct, it had to have been the Truck Stop map . . . though we did eventually work our way to playing in the Armadillo Autoduel Arena.

* Car Wars Expansion Set #6, The AADA Vehicle Guide Counters - This one was more of an oddity in our group than a vital part of the game, but I've since learned that many Car Wars fans found these color-em-yourself counters entertaining. I guess these were the gamer version of the adult coloring book movement?

Those eight expansions, alongside the three Car Wars Pocket Box titles, equals eleven Car Wars reprints that are being created because of the success of the still-active Pocket Box games campaign on Kickstarter. It is the support of project backers that makes all of this possible, and we're looking forward to unlocking even more Car Wars stretch goals before the project comes to a close in three weeks.

So far, almost 1,000 fans of these classics -- or those who want to experience games from the eighties -- have joined us in the Pocket Box games campaign on Kickstarter, and we're once again startled at how many of you remember and enjoy these older titles. If you're one of the (as of this writing) 990 project supporters, thank you!

And if you've not yet added your support to the project, please be sure to check it out. Your support helps us bring back even more classic Car Wars expansions . . . and we know there are favorite expansions that have not yet been unlocked.
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