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G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, The Orville, Men in Black, and Throne of Glass Come to the Tabletop

W. Eric Martin
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• In late February 2019, WizKids announced an new licensing partnership with Hasbro in which "beloved properties G.I. Joe, My Little Pony and Transformers" would be added to WizKids' line of miniatures in 2019 in both pre-painted and unpainted formats. From the press release announcing the deal:

"Much of the WizKids team has grown up with these cherished brands and are thrilled to be bringing them to life with the high definition sculpting processes that our customers have come to love," said Justin Ziran, president of WizKids.

WizKids has also signed a deal for HeroClix releases related to The Orville television series. From the announcement: "The first product to release will be a Jumbo Starter Set featuring the main crew, including Captain Ed Mercer, played by actor Seth MacFarlane, along with Commander Kelly Grayson, Dr. Claire Finn, Lt. Alara Kitan, Lt. Gordon Malloy, Lt. Commander Bortus, Lt. Commander John LaMarr, enabling HeroClix players and fans to embark in interstellar combat with their favorite characters."

Board Game: Men In Black: Undercover
IDW Games is working with long-time design team Jay Cormier and Sen-Foong Lim to bring out Men In Black: Undercover, a 3-6 player game due out in May 2019 in which you need to use aliens to advance your own goals:

In Men In Black: Undercover, you play as a member of three different groups with three very different goals. The Men In Black are a secret organization who supervise alien activity on Earth and work to keep their existence hidden from the general population. Meanwhile, members of the Shadow Government are doing everything in their power to capture aliens and weaponize them. Lastly, there are the Conspiracy Theorists who are working toward proving the existence of aliens to the world.

Which side will come out on top? That's where you come in! Join a team and influence the aliens to join your cause, but make sure you aren't too obvious with your goals. After all, you'll need to stay undercover to win...
Board Game: Embers of Memory: A Throne of Glass Game
• To move on to something less nostalgia-driven, we have Embers of Memory: A Throne of Glass Game, which is based on Sarah J. Maas's Throne of Glass series of YA novels, as you might be able to tell from the subtitle. This Osprey Games title due out in October 2019 is based on a design from Kuro, presumably The Ravens of Thri Sahashri based on Osprey's prior publication of that design and this game description:

Aelin Galathynius has given up her freedom for the sake of her people. Held captive by the Queen of the Fae and tortured for information, her only companions are a silent prisoner and her own mind. The image of her mother, her lover, her friends. The embers of her memory, and a voice, deep inside...

"You will not yield."

Embers of Memory: A Throne of Glass Game is a two-player co-operative card game set during the events of Kingdom of Ash. Working together, you must delve into the memories of the young queen and help her face her inner demons before she is overwhelmed. Be warned — each challenge you face is more complex than the last, testing the bond between you and your partner to its limit.
Board Game: Ravnica: Inquisition
• To circle back to the company that kicked off this post, Ravnica: Inquisition is a hidden role game for 5-10 players due out from WizKids in June 2019 in which players each represent one of the ten "two-color" guilds of Ravnica, with you being either loyal to the Gatewatch or an agent of Nicol Bolas. (If you've been following the current Magic: The Gathering storyline, that sentence will make sense to you. Otherwise I'll note only that the world of Ravnica has ten guilds on it, and each guild is identified by a different combination of two of the five colors of magic in Magic: white, blue, black, red, and green.) As for the gameplay:

The Gatewatch loyalists are tasked with discovering who the Agents of Bolas are, while the Agents simply need to survive in order to further the schemes of Nicol Bolas.

Players will elect leaders for each of the five colors, but only players whose guilds’ color pairs contains the color may be voted for. Each color leader has a special power they can use to further their goals, and players must be careful when voting, as Nicol Bolas’s influence may grow. Once all the color leaders have been elected, a vote is held to eliminate one player. Once the dust has settled, players will reveal their roles, and if the Agents of Bolas were eliminated, the Gatewatch wins.
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