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This blog is to discuss game designs that I've been working on: insight, information, and updates. I've been the research expert (no, seriously, it says so in the rulebooks) for Dean Essig for The Gamers' line of products (Battalion Combat Series, Line of Battle, Standard Combat Series, Tactical Combat Series, and at times Operational Combat Series). Hans Kishel will chime in from time to time when he's free to discuss his designs (he's the big bad designer for OCS's The Blitzkrieg Legend and Smolensk: Barbarossa Derailed. Much like the villains in Die Hard, Hans is the brains and Carl is the muscle. Dean I guess would be John McClane. Enjoy and let's keep it light and civil... until we need hostages...
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Brazen Surprise! Free counters included in every Chocolately Yummo Box of Brazen Chariots!

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As folks are getting their copies of Brazen Chariots, they are noting beyond the counters needed for said game, there are two new unit counters for Baptism By Fire: The Battle of Kasserine and a number of just formation markers for Last Blitzkrieg: Wacht am Rhein, The Battle of the Bulge.


No, they are not all errata counters. The two British Anti-Tank Battalion (Regiment) units are errata fixes (the ranges corrected to 1 instead of 2) for Baptism by Fire. The others are because we care... or some sappy reason like that.

The background behind this began with this blog post: Two's a Battalion and three's Company... more units for Last Blitzkrieg and possibly more. Initially I was looking to add units to Last Blitzkrieg to include some company-sized units that could add some more flavor to the game (more on that later). Dean recommended that I look beyond the game and see if Baptism by Fire could include any additional units. Sure enough, it did. They were originally intended to go with the Panzers' Last Stand countersheets but there was room in Brazen Chariots and Dean added them in so you get them earlier.

I relooked at the Order of Battle for the Kasserine Battle to see if there could feasibly be any independent company-sized units that couldn't already be subsumed in an existing unit. I found two, and both were with Combat Command C (CCC) of the US 1st Armored Division.

B Company, 701st Tank Destroyer Battalion was detached from its parent battalion that was attached to CCA (note the 701 TD Bn unit has only 2 steps instead of the normal 3). It was armed with the 75mm Gun Motor Carriage (GMC), a very poor anti-tank platform for the Americans.

External image

G Company, 13th Tank Regiment (part of 3rd Battalion) was attached to CCC but there's a little bit more explanation. Right before the Germans shot through Faid Pass to start the battle, the 1st Armored Division was even more divided than it was. There were four Combat Commands (CCA, CCB, CCC, and CCD). All of 3/13 Tk Bn (companies G, H, and I) were with CCD. CCD was broken up and the companies were scattered to various commands. G/13 was attached to CCC on 14 Feb 1943. It participated in the initial bumbled counterattack at Sidi bou Zid. Later, other parts of the 3rd Bn, 13th Tank Regiment were sent to CCA and became part of that command. With the chaotic battles at Sidi bou Zid and then at Sbeitla, the units were a mess. I Company, 13th Tank Regiment found itself fighting with Task Force Stark at Kasserine Pass itself. G Company and H Company would be fighting between CCA and CCC until the battle ended.

External image

In the end, two 1 step American Companies will barely make a dent into the superior (there, I said it to all the Wehraboos out there) German Panzers. Yet having these two guys in here scratches my itch for fuller representation.

For Scenarios 5.1 and 5.2, set up G/13 Tank Co and B/701 TD Co in B42.05, one hex east of Le Kef. As CCC was decimated following the initial battles, they are not set up in other scenarios and are not available to be rebuilt.

The two AT battalions for 1 Gds Bde (72 RA and 93 RA) replace the ones included in Baptism by Fire as those had the incorrect range.

For the Last Blitzkrieg Formation Markers, these are a preview of the add on formations for the premier game of BCS. In the blog post: The British are Coming! The British are Coming! The British will come to visit Last Blitzkrieg..., I discuss extending Last Blitzkrieg past the 31 Dec 1944 turn into the January counterattacks when the British formations take part. Aside from the company-sized units that will be included, whole formations will be added. The units (from HQ, combat units, to Combat Trains) will be included in Panzers' Last Stand. Why the split? Dean was concerned that with the possible flux of counters given the current testing of Panzers' Last Stand that he might not have room to include the formation markers with the Last Blitzkrieg add on counters and there was room in Brazen Chariots Countersheet 2 for the Formation Markers. I mean there's 100 new unit counters for Last Blitzkrieg. Let me repeat that for effect.

100 New Counters for Last Blitzkrieg

This isn't even counting the formation markers. So you get a preview of the new formations that will be added on to Last Blitzkrieg:

- US 90th Infantry Division of Patton's Third Army.

- British 6th Airborne Division sent over from England in the emergency

- British 51st Infantry Division

- British 53rd Infantry Division

- German 89th Infantry Division sent from 15th German Army along the northern edge of the front.

- German 340th Volksgrenadier Division sent late and was battered by a veteran division.

Now carefully place these formation markers with your Last Blitzkrieg counters and make sure that you will have enough counter tray space for the units themselves when they come in Panzers' Last Stand.

Your welcome.

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