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This is a weekly report of our Tuesday night gaming sessions in Chelsea (Manhattan).
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AAR 13 March 2012 - ASL, Band of Brothers, BSG, Successors, 7 Wonders

J. R. Tracy
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We had a dozen players tonight for wide range of gaming.

Joe and I tried an ASL scenario called 300 from Le Franc Tireur; this is a Chinese/Japanese scenario that takes place in Shanghai in 1937. The action centers on the Sihang warehouse, the subject of several scenarios; the GMD are well armed and motivated but the IJA are no slouches either. My Japanese had to either capture a third of the warehouse or make sure there were no good order Chinese by game end. I had thirteen squads and a pair of tankettes against Joe's eleven squads; Joe also had three medium machine guns and a pair of LMGs against my four LMGs and two mortars.

Smokin' Joe

The objective

I made my main attack from the east, with supporting elements to the north and west. After moving up under cover, I hit the objective with white phosphorus, then sent my tankettes forward to breach the fortified walls. I then launched a Banzai charge that got me inside the building. I soon captured all the stairwells so Joe's men on the upper levels were encircled, dropping their morale and making their fire less effective. He counterattacked and briefly opened a path to safety, but a couple lucky shots by my supporting platoons sent him back upstairs and soon it was a hopeless cause for the valiant defenders.

Piling in

We found the scenario a little dull and one-dimensional, certainly not as interesting as other takes on the topic. Joe is preparing for the Noreaster tournament and I think he will leave this one off his list.

Counter density!

Scott and Herr Fuchs tried Worthington's Band of Brothers, opening with the short teaching scenario. In that one, David's paras assault an MG-heavy German force, and in a flurry of dice and movement, the American attack was stymied. They then tried a much larger scenario with Americans again on the attack, this time in Holland. They got through a couple turns and David was making progress against Scott's left flank, crossing a lot of open ground but not suffering too terribly in the process. I think both players appreciated the simplicity of the system but found it pretty slow-going despite the clean mechanics. I'm sure both will comment further.

Scott's MG42s open up

The Screaming Eagles storm Best

A very slow game of Successors continued, with an action-packed fourth turn. Nate soon had three of his four generals cooling their heels in the box, and as predicted Jim was dragged back into the pack. Dr. Rob made a play for victory but fell a point short, pushing the game into the final turn. I think they are having fun but we will be firing live ammunition over their heads next session to encourage them toward the finish line.

Nate surrenders his elephants

A brutal turn

A closer look at the back row of generals:

Diadochi a la Natus

Campoverdi, Dave, El Rios, and Adam played the base game of CattleCar Galactica. At first it seemed they were Cylon-free, but they were getting hammered with waves of base stars and fighters. They twice managed to jump to safety from very sticking situations, but made little progress toward earth. Suspicion soon fell on Adam's Adama and sure enough, he was a toaster. By the time he was revealed, the human cause was desperate, with morale plummeting. Adam applied the coup de grace with his super-crisis card, Inbound Nukes, played after the humans had nearly exhausted their resources. Chalk one up for the robots.

Trouble off the port quarter!

The last whimper of humanity

Finally, we had a quick nightcap of 7 Wonders. John rolled to victory thanks to a devotion to science, destroying us with 70 points to my 51, David's 50, and Scott's 47. My miscues were too many to count, as I played cards that proved superfluous given the very next pass. Ah well, short, but not so sweet.

Not a great move

That's it for a couple weeks - Spring Break is upon us!

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