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My Knizia top 10s. Actually, 8 of them.

Laszlo Molnar
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So, now everyone is doing Knizia top 10 lists for whatever reason. I wanted to do mine but then I found out I just can't choose only 10 from the hundreds played. So here you are, my top 10s...

Top 10 Knizias
Hard to choose ten, but let's say these are my all time favorites.
d10-2Tigris & Euphrates
d10-3Yellow & Yangtze - need to play it more to know if it goes up or down from here
d10-4Taj Mahal
d10-5Modern Art - haven't played it for ages so I can't be sure
d10-7Royal Visit - reaching #6 after bad initial reactions
d10-8Keltis: Neue Wege, Neue Ziele - by far my favorite of the family
d10-9Through the Desert

Top 10 Knizias published in the 2010s
d10-1Yellow & Yangtze
d10-2The Quest for El Dorado
d10-3Keltis: Das Orakel - because Neue Wege is 2009
d10-7The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug/The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
d10-8RevoltaaA - one of the very underrated fun little card games.
d10-9Yangtze - a modern Knizia that went largely unnoticed
d10-1d10-0Blue Lagoon

Honorable mention: Amun-Re: The Card Game

My top 10 most played Knizias
d10-1Kangaroo - I have 3 kids. It's my only game with 100+ plays.
d10-2Royal Visit
d10-3Battle Line/Schotten Totten
d10-4Ingenious - would be #1 if I recorded online plays and vs AI
d10-5Circus Flohcati - with the kids
d10-6Dreaming Dragon - with the kids
d10-7Samurai - would be #1 if I also recorded online plays (~200) but no plays vs AI
d10-8Piranhas - with the kids

Top 10 tile-laying Knizias
d10-2Tigris & Euphrates
d10-3Yellow & Yangtze
d10-4Through the Desert
d10-6Stephenson's Rocket
d10-7Carcassonne: The Castle
d10-1d10-0Take it Higher!

Honorable mentions: Blue Lagoon, BITS, Jäger und Sammler, Indigo, Genesis, Sudoku: Duell der Meister

Top 10 Knizia card games
Focusing mainly on cardgame play (many Knizias have cards even though I wouldn't call them card games; on the other hand there are a few games that feel like card games even if there are a few other components included as well - you can find these here).
d10-1Times Square
d10-2Blue Moon Legends
d10-3Schotten Totten/Battle Line
d10-4Lost Cities
d10-7Circus Flohcati
d10-8Medici: The Card Game
d10-9Lost Cities: Rivals
d10-1d10-0Karate Tomate - surprisingly fun and for 3 to 10 (!) players

Honorable mentions: Razzia!, Keltis: Das Kartenspiel, Tabula Rasa, Scarab Lords, Katzenjammer Blues, Voodoo Prince, Modern Art Card Game.

Top 10 Knizia auction games
d10-1Taj Mahal
d10-2Modern Art
d10-5Beowulf: The Legend
d10-7Tower of Babel
d10-9Das Letzte Paradies

Honorable mentions: Strozzi, Lost Cities: Rivals, Karate Tomate, Medici vs Strozzi, Ivanhoe, Katzenjammer Blues

Top 10 Knizia dice games
d10-1Ra: The Dice Game
d10-2Pickomino (esp. with expansion)
d10-3Heckmeck Barbecue
d10-5Los Banditos
d10-6Sushizock im Gockelwok
d10-7Keltis: Das Würfelspiel
d10-8Reiner Knizia's Decathlon
d10-9Age of War (would prefer the Risk Express theme)
d10-1d10-0Mmm... Brains!

Honorable mention: Katego for being so fun despite being so minimal

Top 10 Knizia games for kids
It's hard to define kids' games - Here I mean games that could get (some have actually gotten) a Kinderspiel des Jahres nomination - mostly, games for 3- to 6-year-olds, maybe 7 or 8 if their look aims at children. Also, it matters a lot more what my kids like / liked here than what I like in games. I was having fun with them, after all.
d10-1Whoowasit? - Kinderspiel des Jahres-winning 'board+electronics' game. Its sequel Wer war's? Löst das Rätsel von Schräghausen! is quite similar and almost as good as this one.
d10-2Lord of the Rings - well, the age suggestion is strange here: this almost pure luck roll-and-move, spin-and-fight game has an age: 6 recommendation but my kids enjoyed it between 3 and 6 the most.
d10-3Captain Black - board and electronics combined with a spectacular ship, Great for kids.
d10-4Circus Flohcati
d10-6Mmm! - can be quite challenging even for grown-ups
d10-8Der kleine Sprechdachs
d10-9Einfach Genial Junior - a fine introduction to the Ingenious/Axio system.
d10-1d10-0Kangaroo - well, not that fun for adults but I can't not list our #1 most played game here.

Honorable mentions: Dreaming Dragon, Bibi Blocksberg und das Geheimnis der blauen Eulen! (roll and move with some fun ideas), Bucket Brigade
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