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Kickstarter Weekly Summary - Sunday 12th May, 2019

Mike Minutillo
Western Australia
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Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Hey there Kickers and welcome to a special Mother's Day edition of Kick the Table. When I was a kid, my mum was instrumental in getting me into board gaming. When I saw an ad for HeroQuest on TV, I begged my mum for a copy and she got it for me and put it under the Christmas Tree. The note said it was from Santa but I was more naughty than nice that year so I'm pretty confident that it was her. She still enjoys a good game of Jaipur or a Scotch-fuelled game of The Mind every now and then. You'll probably never read this, but I love ya mum!

Today there are 284 live Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category (same as last week). Of those, 130 (45.8%) have already reached their funding goal. 73 (25.7%) have related BGG pages that I can find.

What are you playing? What are you backing? Do you play games with your mum (or even with your mom if you're in the US)? Drop us a comment below and tell us!

Check out for an up to date list of Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category. Hit the subscribe button and next week there'll be another Kick the Table update, just for you.

Your kickstarter weekly summary for Sunday May 12 2019
22 projects ending in the next 7 days

Bloodborne: The Board Game
1,693.52 % ENDING 21,967 backers
(BGG) (KS)
In this dark and intense game, 1 to 4 Hunters must explore Yharnam, facing terrifying beasts brought to life as amazing miniatures!

Runes & Regulations: A Game of Suburban Sorcery
2,985.51 % ENDING 8,265 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A strategic card game that combines the aggressiveness of a horde of dragons with the passive-aggressiveness of a suburban unicorn.

Plague Inc: Armageddon Expansion
1,045.04 % ENDING 3,520 backers
(BGG) (KS)
The first major expansion for Plague Inc: The Board Game is here. Armageddon adds new disease types, genetic modification and more!

Hostage Negotiator: Career
334.10 % ENDING 1,828 backers
(BGG) (KS)
An overarching campaign for the Hostage Negotiator solitaire game!

191.15 % ENDING 888 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Choose a guild, gather resources, & fight monsters for the King! A light weight family friendly game for 1-5 players. Adventure awaits!

1824 Austria-Hungary
307.78 % ENDING 622 backers
(BGG) (KS)
The Railroads in Austria-Hungary

Aventuria - Inn of the Black Boar
271.26 % ENDING 338 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A second edition and new expansions for the Aventuria Adventure Card Game based on the fantastic setting of The Dark Eye.

Counter Attack: the football strategy game
142.31 % ENDING 224 backers
(BGG) (KS)
It's football tactics at the kitchen table!

Return to Ravingspire
223.27 % ENDING 216 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A cooperative questing dice-battle board game in a land of Swords and Sorcery. For 1-4 Players.

Brave New Worlds: A Race for Discovery!
53.99 % ENDING 173 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A strategic tile-discovery game incorporating every explored world in the Solar System, from Asteroids to Ice Giants.

Promenade - The Game of Market Manipulation
59.16 % ENDING 169 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Become the most prestigious painting collector in a 2 to 4 player deck building game of impressionist art.

CoreBall: The Zero-G Sport - A game with flying miniatures!
29.23 % ENDING 168 backers
(BGG) (KS)
CoreBall is a miniatures sports game set in space where 2 to 4 players compete to become the ultimate champion!

Rollecate: a fast track-laying game
163.48 % ENDING 148 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Easy to learn and fast to play card game, combining push-your-luck with tactics, set building and a beautiful white metal locomotive.

The Dutch East Indies: Adventures on the High Seas
133.15 % ENDING 139 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Return to the Dutch East Indies and discover 6 new modules; forts, treasures, crew, reefs, settlements and events on the High Seas!

Show of Force: Card Game
97.25 % ENDING 121 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Simple to learn, quick to play 2-6 player competitive card game.

Austerlitz 1805
95.72 % ENDING 113 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A board game about Napoleon's greatest victory

Builders of Blankenburg: Fields & Flocks
73.63 % ENDING 105 backers
(BGG) (KS)
This expansion adds 6-player support and more ways to earn income and prestige. Combo pledges available for those new to Blankenburg.

Ninjas!! The Stealth Assassin Showdown
56.76 % ENDING 52 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A strategy and deduction board game by Double Exclamation Games

Star Waves
23.21 % ENDING 47 backers
(BGG) (KS)
»Star Waves« is a tabletop card game that sends you on an unpredictable journey through space.

Monster Mania (Relaunch)
18.30 % ENDING 34 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Monster Mania is a family friendly battle card game for 1-6 players. Destroy cities, deal powerful attacks, and defeat monsters!

11.09 % ENDING 15 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Complex strategy and depth of play. Gain complete victory by eliminating your enemy's nobility until no challenges to your rule remain.

Castle Toppe - The Game of Sovereigns
5.41 % ENDING 11 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A medieval tabletop strategy and resource-trading game.
14 projects launched within the last 7 days

? Space Race ?
523.69 % NEW 2,366 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Space Race is a unique engine building game with amazing artwork and stunning rockets.

The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire - Cold War expansion
706.08 % NEW 1,562 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Modular expansions and solo player add-on to the 2016 strategy game of the year!

CliniC Deluxe Edition by Alban Viard, artwork by Ian O'Toole
476.38 % NEW 1,517 backers
(BGG) (KS)
The definitive deluxe edition of CliniC, with re-imagined art, modern graphic design, custom components and a collection of expansions!

Trick Shot: Ice Hockey Board Game
662.37 % NEW 1,363 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Ice Hockey game with miniatures! Trick Shot covers all the key aspects of your favorite sport, while staying streamlined and fun!

Starving Artists - Second Printing of the Award-Winning Hit!
212.38 % NEW 648 backers
(BGG) (KS)
The award-winning, paint-by-cube game now plays up to six players! Comes with over 92 beautiful works of art on jumbo sized cards.

35.70 % NEW 315 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A 5-10 player social deduction game of mistrust and betrayal. Fix your ship, find the aliens, get home safe.

VENOM Assault Reprint, plus expansion: Villains & Valor
82.11 % NEW 278 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Venom assault a Deck builder with dice-based combat; is being reprinted for new fans and an all-new expansion villains & valor for all

Against the Shadow: The Board Game
40.98 % NEW 233 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A cooperative tabletop board game in which you and your friends fight to save the world from the Shadow of the Demon Lord.

Matryoshka: A set-collection and trading game for 3-5p
116.19 % NEW 182 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Matryoshka: A set-collection and trading game for 3-5 players! Updated artwork and new deluxe version with exclusive cards!

DEVILS & BLACK SHEEP microgame - $3 worldwide edition
109.78 % NEW 153 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Raid derelict ships, fence your salvage, & stay off the Wanted List in this $3 worldwide edition of the designer's most requested game!

Spirits of Carter-Mansion
58.84 % NEW 143 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Spirits of Carter Mansion is a Haunted House Social Deduction game where the players are the spirits that haunt the grand estate!

Dino Dig: Risky Sites
57.57 % NEW 114 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A risky dinosaur set collection game. What will you dig up?

Unicorn Rescue Society: The Card Game
42.83 % NEW 105 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A fast-paced card game about rescuing mythical creatures.
Based on the hit kid's book series "The Unicorn Rescue Society"

Solo Una Noche
15.10 % NEW 55 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A Luchador wrestling themed card game for 2-4 players
Preview of 6 projects ending in 8 to 10 days

473.83 % 1,123 backers
(BGG) (KS)
The Birth of American Railroads - Introductory 18xx Board Game

Cultistorm: A Cthulhu mythos game inspired by H.P. Lovecraft
81.78 % 736 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A Lovecraftian gaming experience, 14 expansions, miniatures, 500+ narrative stories, anthology, soundtrack, metal badge, Cthulhu mythos

FIEF: The Lords Miniatures! KS Exclusive!
480.65 % 652 backers
(BGG) (KS)
The goal of this Project is to produce a nice Box set containing the 18 Miniatures, painted or not, of the 18 Lords of the game FIEF.

DOPEMAN: The Board Game
71.78 % 117 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A Game of Substance

Rusty Industry: A Fast-Paced Engine Building Board Game.
15.10 % 97 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Feel the influence of an interactive economy as the effects of supply and demand shape your choices!

4.40 % 23 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A Crunchy Giant Robot Brawl!

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