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The Merchant of Venus Mega Map & Eternal Painting Adventure

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Been a few months so thought I'd post another update.

As always, my primary free time activity is painting Game: Shadows of Brimstone. I've been focusing on heroes recently, trying to finish up the Wave 2 figures and original set females. Making good progress but slow. I've got 8 more including the newly released Trederran Veteran that came with the Forbidden Fortress Kickstarter shipment. He's definitely part of the Old West content so including him in the hero count. That gives us 19 Old West heroes and 10 Japanese heroes. I'm putting the Japanese themed content away for now as I don't want to lose focus on the original material. The only other exception is the Magma Fiends since they are primarily part of Cynder.

I haven't done any new graphic design projects but have done some extensive rework of my Merchant of Venus game board so it can be printed at a full 3' x 3'. I'm also doing some 3D miniatures but will discuss that in more detail below.

Also did some revisions to my Escape from New York gameboard.

Merchant of Venus - Huge 3' Gameboard & Minis

The whole project started when a user tried printing my Escape from New York game board on an InkedGaming mat. I'll go into more details about that below but it did make me ponder doing the same treatment to the MoV game board.

The original board wasn't square and a much smaller size. I'd re-scaled it once already and realized if I wanted to increase the size to this scale most of the graphic design elements would need to be recreated. Fortunately most of the source art was done much larger so I didn't have to redraw everything. First thing was to rescale the background illustration to the proper size which was done from my heavily overpainted version of an original scan someone did long ago. The InkedGaming template required a 1/2" bleed so I extended it out to 37" x 37" and used the clone tool to extend the space art out to the edge. Couldn't have any exact border since printing on mouse pad material isn't super accurate.

One lesson I learned working on this and the EfNY boards, I no longer want to put borders on game boards. Just bring the art to the edge and a half inch bleed. Otherwise any inaccuracy in printing will look pretty bad. This is also the case with tokens.

So once I had the illustration art resized and the art extended out I re-layered in all the graphic design elements. I spent a couple weeks doing this; a few hours here and there when I had spare time. It pays to keep all your source art otherwise this would have been a much bigger job. I even had all the circular space lines intact so could scale & adjust thickness.

After it was all done I uploaded to InkedGaming's website and got it a couple weeks later.

Board Game: Merchant of Venus
Board Game: Merchant of Venus

I'm fairly happy with it. The colors turned out great. The downside is the lower resolution. I made it at 300 dpi but as I understand mousepads are around 200 dpi. So not as crisp. Text is harder to read. I noticed light text on dark looks thin while dark text on light looks thick. Someday I'd like to print it on something like a GripMat. I'm sad GripMat never took off but that's got to be the best material I've ever seen for game boards. At least their first printer. Their later printer didn't do nearly as good a job.

From gallery of ScottE

I mentioned minis, yes, working on minis! This was a test print of the Space Station and Factory. Unpictured is a Mining Colony (will post pic soon). I'll release the STL files eventually. Right now we are printing the full set in 6 colors and will hopefully play the game with them at GAMEX 2019 at the end of May.

And I finally released the full set of files if you want to build your own copy of my graphic redesign. I've had a few requests over the years and finally got around to compiling all the art.

Race & Ship Mats (Old School Edition 3.0)
Tokens & References (Old School Edition 3.0)
Game Board - 36" x 36" (Old School Edition 3.0)

Thread discussing this here- Classic Board Graphic Redesign (Old School Edition 3.0)

Someday I plan to do minis for the space ships. For now using the standees but I'll see about finding time to do that. It's a little more involved since the illustrations are side profiles. Have to extrapolate what they would look like in 3D.

Escape from New York - New Gameboard for InkedGaming mat

My interest in InkedGaming started with this game. User James Williams tried printing the game board on the 36" x 18" sized mousepad. It worked ok but it was very apparent the silver border wasn't going to work. So I went back to my original game board, rescaled it up, and removed the border. This required me to extend the art out since they required a 1/4" bleed. I did a test print and discovered another problem. The right side art was too close to the edge. So shifted the whole image to the left and extended out the art. I also reduced the text size at the top and moved it down since it printed too close to the edge. My 2nd print turned out great.

Board Game: Escape from New York
Board Game: Escape from New York

The mousepad material they use for this size is thicker and has a finished border. It's super sturdy. Not so much with the MoV size. So be aware that not all of their mouse pads use the same thickness.

Files- Escape from New York - Graphic Redesigned Game Board

Game: Shadows of Brimstone - Mini Painting

No Scott Blog is complete without pics of the latest round of miniature painting. I've had a few people tell me their appreciated them as reference for their own minis. I try to stay as close to the original illustrations as possible but usually don't spend more then 3 hours per figure (if possible). I'm a really slow painter so your mileage may vary.

I started experimenting with pining, at least for the heroes since they get the most handling.

The resin heroes have nice posts that you can clip and drill holes for.

From gallery of ScottE

I bought some brass rods and going to try pinning one of the plastic figures. This will be a bit harder since I'll have to drill into the feet. This means prep time is going to be longer unfortunately. But think it will be important to secure them.

For one particular figure I added a piece of bent paperclip to his staff. To be honest, this figure was poorly thought out. A tiny hand had to be glued to the arm, and with a very long staff sticking out. There was no way this would survive very long.

From gallery of ScottE

Here's the most recent paint jobs-

Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Dark Stone Shaman Hero Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Dark Stone Shaman Hero Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Gambler Hero Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Jargono Native Hero Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Frontier Doc Hero Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Cowboy Hero Pack

And last but not least, here's a pic of my Battle Foam cases. A request showing my tray designs with figures.

Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients

As for geeky stuff, been watching a lot of terrible, not so terrible, and hidden gems on Amazon Prime's extensive movie library. I've found I'm spending a lot more time on Amazon's service over Netflix. I still like Netflix and use both their streaming and bluray service a lot. But they don't have a lot of old content like Amazon does. As I mentioned in the last blog, I've gotten tired of what Hollywood has been putting out. So going back to stuff made in the 50's - 90's. There's so much I've never seen and its been fun and light. Entertainment, not politics! I hope someday Hollywood remembers what they were good at.

I recently bought a Fire TV Stick. I have a Sony TV that's about 5 years old. And apparently Sony decided to cancel their streaming support. I can only assume that's what they did. The apps disappeared and over a week of trying to re-download them, I gave up. Seems the server that supports it is disconnected. I didn't bother contacting Sony. I've dealt with their customer service in the past and it's shit. They are horrible. The Fire Stick costs $40 and well worth it. Amazon supports it and it works with a ton of services. The picture quality and responsiveness is impressive. The Sony apps were dog slow. Wish I did this ages ago.

From gallery of ScottE

1/6 scale Mr. Spock enjoying some primitive Earth entertainment! Fully working mini Tempest machine!

New Wave Toys makes these Replicate miniature arcade machines. They are nicely detailed and accurate as possible to the original cabinet design. Tempest was one of my favorite games in High School so had to get it. I've discovered I suck at it now! But it makes a nice piece of art. I picked up their Centipede machine and pre-ordered their Street Fighter 2 machine (ships in July). They are coming out with an Asteroids and Dragon's Lair machine later this year.

The Outer Worlds ships later this year! We're deep in bug fixing and will have it at E3 to show off. Not sure what the release date will be but I expect they will announce at E3. I know there are a lot of disappointed Steam fans since it will be released on Epic Store first. But it will also be released on the Microsoft Store (same date as Epic). And Steam a year later. Not sure if everyone knows but Obsidian Entertainment is now owned by Microsoft. They've been wonderful and are letting us do our thing. It's always a bit scary when a big giant company purchases a little company but they are all about the games and seem to be happy with us making cool games without a lot of interference.

Take care all and feel free to chat in the comments.
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