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My wife and I love to play games together. Join us for the journey!
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Sorry! Sliders

sean johnson
United States
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We got this game in the December of 2008. At that time, my wife was providing respite care for a teenage boy with Down Syndrome. We got this game for him for Christmas because we thought it would be a game he could handle and would enjoy. I do not remember the store we got it from, but it was a black Friday sale where there was a list of mass market games where players can buy two games for a lower price. We got two copies of this. One to give to the boy and the other to keep for ourselves. Theoretically, we got it because I thought it might be a good game to have around for youth group lock-ins and other sort of activities. To be honest though, I have only had limited success at using it for that purpose. Despite that, do we like Sorry! Sliders or are we sorry that we got it?

Game Overview
Sorry Sliders is a dexterity "flicking" game. The goal is to get four pawns into the home area. Players do this by flicking a special pawn on a roller ball towards a target. Depending where this pawn ends up on the target, will depend on how many spaces forward one of their scoring pawns will move towards home. Pawns must get to the home spot by an exact count. Pawns are not moved until everyone has flicked their pawns, because it is possible for pawns to be bumped. There are several variant boards and set up that can be used, but the basic idea is the same. The first player to get all of their pawns to home wins.

The Game We Played
This game plays quickly, and we played two games in about fifteen minutes. For the first game we played the basic board which has a bulls eye target. The outer ring is one space and it counts up to the center which is five spaces. I actually forgot at first that it required an exact count to get into home. This meant at the beginning of a new round, I had all of my pawns one space from home. I flicked them hard so they were on the far side of the board in the one area, my wife actually knocked a couple of my pawns into a higher moving area. However, the next turn I got them all in.

The second round, we flipped over the board and played the other side that had a similar set up. The only difference is it had four exclamation points around the board. If a flicked pawn ever stopped one of these, then it was removed and would not score. It turned out this was a non-issue because we never stopped on one of these areas. I was really close to landing on the center and getting a five. Then on my wife's flick she knocked my pawn squarely on the five. This vaulted me to the front. Later, my wife had a good round where she had all of her pawns in the three and fours, but it was not enough to catch up and I won the second game as well.

Our Thoughts
My Rating: 3 (It's OK)
My Thoughts: This game is just OK. I do not love it or hate it. It is moderately fun, easy, and the quick play time fits well.

Her Rating: 2 (Do Not Care For)
Her Thoughts: I just do not like dexterity games, but I do look forward to playing this game with our son someday.

Combined Rating: 5

The biggest thing this game teaches us is that flicking games are not good for us. While I do not mind them, my wife gets very frustrated with them. This means that we will never be making the plunge for a Crokinoleboard. However, we will be holding onto this game because we both think it will make a good game to play as a family some day.
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