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Photo impression of .... Ohanami

Henk Rolleman
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Ohanami is a little Cardgame in a Japanese setting. The thematically it's light but colorfull and cheerful.

Somewhere in one of the Japanese gardens

Box & Components

Colorful cards like a flower painting

Opening the Box

The four types of Colour cards

Ohanami consists of a deck of 120 cards that are numbered from 1-120, with each card having one of four symbols on it. The game lasts three rounds, with players scoring at the end of each round, in addition to bonus scoring at the end of the game.

Game Overview with four players

At the start of a round, each player receives a hand of ten cards. Each player chooses two cards, then passes the remaining cards to the left. All players reveal their cards at the same time, then decide whether to use 0, 1, or 2 of them in personal rows of cards. When you start a row, you can use any card; to add a card to an existing row, that card must be higher than the row's highest card or lower than the lowest one. A player can have at most three rows of cards. Discard any cards you don't use.

Players hand

The game play will repeat this drafting and passing. When they have played ten cards, the first round will end. Players will receive 3 points for each blue card in their rows on the table.
At the start of round two each one will receive ten new card on their hands. At the end of the 2th round for each blue card 3 points will be given and 4 for each green card.

Close Up

In the 3th round will work the same but at the end player will receive 7 points for each of the gray cards in their garden rows. Also the blue and green will be counted again. The pink Cherries will be counted two but in a pyramidal scoring, one card 1 point, 2 … 3point .. 3 cards 6 point etc. ..

Players view

At the end of round 3 all points will be counted from each round and the gardener with the most points will have the best garden.

The game play is solid and fast and easy to learn. For me it works as a little filler or played with my teenagers at home.
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