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Kickstarter Weekly Summary - Sunday 7th July, 2019

Mike Minutillo
Western Australia
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Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Hey there Kickers. My house is still upside down and my games collection is safely kept away from the horrors of plumbing leaks. Workmen came and took away the flooring and the plaster from to rooms and we have had massive fans running 24x7 for 2 weeks!

Right now there are 277 live Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category (down 20 from last week). Of those, 127 (45.85%) have already reached their funding goal (over a 5% drop from last week!). 64 (23.1% down from 28.6%) have related BGG pages that I can find.

Is it too early to bring this back?

What are you playing? What are you backing? Drop us a comment below and tell us!

Check out for an up to date list of Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category. Gently press the subscribe button and there will be a new Kick the Table update for you next week. See you then!

Your kickstarter weekly summary for Sunday Jul 7 2019
19 projects ending in the next 7 days

Monikers: Serious Nonsense with Shut Up & Sit Down
1,242.42 % ENDING 2,730 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A new 330-card box for the party game Monikers—all 100% created by Shut Up & Sit Down!

X-ODUS - Rise of the Corruption
562.49 % ENDING 2,308 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A cooperative adventure and tactical boardgame for 1-4 players.

Die Macher: Limited Edition
633.02 % ENDING 1,943 backers
(BGG) (KS)
The new & improved edition of this classic game on German politics for 3 – 5 players.

On the Underground: London / Berlin
560.27 % ENDING 1,563 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Develop the Underground and attract passenger traffic! A remastered edition of the clever network-building 1-hour game for 2-5 players.

Eternal Adversary
252.66 % ENDING 1,141 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A 2 to 6 player teams game: build up your hero as you play, getting tougher, faster, deadlier. Will you fight for Order or Chaos?

HABITATS XL expansion
326.04 % ENDING 954 backers
(BGG) (KS)
This expansion to HABITATS adds camp sites, flowers, and animals that require larger habitats! With 3 extra game turns!

307.38 % ENDING 771 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Join the new Space Race in a space themed game with innovative orbital movement mechanics for 1-5 players.

Two Robots, an original sci-fi game
355.94 % ENDING 655 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Challenge your friends and prevail in this battle royale with the right mix of speed, strategy, bluffing, and a hint of luck.

Legends of Novus
120.16 % ENDING 421 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Experience a new style of fantasy adventure boardgaming! For 1-5 players, full of stunning original fantasy art! ⚔️⚔️⚔️

Stalingrad Besieged
842.13 % ENDING 202 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Refight the Battle of Stalingrad in an hour or under. For 1 to 2 players.

Principle Dilemma
95.99 % ENDING 165 backers
(BGG) (KS)
An intellectual card game of strategy and critical thinking to delve deeper into your thoughts, morals, and understanding.

Anno Urbis - The Fight for Rome
52.92 % ENDING 159 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A Strategy Board game based on ancient Rome, with lots of miniatures and interesting mechanics.

atommix :: Game of Art & Science
81.26 % ENDING 155 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Strategic card game combining art and science to visually portray 118 elements of the periodic table - the building blocks of reality.

Dwarven Miner - Reforged with Larry Elmore!
124.29 % ENDING 138 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A revised edition of the awesome Dwarven Miner game, with cover and game board as envisioned by legendary fantasy artist Larry Elmore!

Panzer Strike: Western Front 2
418.25 % ENDING 92 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Enjoy a tactical tanks battle in this realistic game on 3D terrain. Simple, dynamic and amazingly deep in many different scenarios!

Ruby Roundup.
20.72 % ENDING 85 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Ruby Roundup is frantic race to grab as much treasure as you can while manipulating, denying, and stealing treasure from everyone else!

THE VEIL: Rulers of Darkness
47.00 % ENDING 60 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Venture into the underworld with 20 new characters & 5 new decks in this stand-alone expansion to the dark fantasy deck building game.

Population Boom! or Doom?
25.53 % ENDING 27 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A tabletop game with area control and resource management that plays 2-4 players. 7 factions that are unique in the way you play!

Get Adler! with Gold & Sharpe novella
152.46 % ENDING 26 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A 4-8 player social deduction game with the spin-off book: Gold & Sharpe.
14 projects launched within the last 7 days

941.85 % NEW 1,816 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Pangea is a strategic board game set in times of the Great Dying. At the end of the Permian all life was on the brink of annihilation.

Okko Chronicles - Beyond the Gates of the Jigoku
891.94 % NEW 1,296 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Become a demon hunter as you track down and defeat the evil Oni in this miniatures game set in a fantasy feudal Japan!

Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels
52.63 % NEW 646 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A 1-4 Player competitive side-scrolling board game based off Yacht Club Games famously crowdfunded videogame "Shovel Knight"!

SOVIET KITCHEN UNLEASHED* - colorful coop cooking cardgame
74.62 % NEW 268 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A cardgame about throwing colorful stuff in a meat grinder while trying not to kill anyone.

Weird Alchemy
61.44 % NEW 119 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Don't get stuck with the creatures you clearly shouldn't have created!

Watch on the Rhine: The Siegfried Line Campaign, 1944-45
127.33 % NEW 110 backers
(BGG) (KS)
An Historical Strategy Game of The Siegfried Line Campaign on the Western Front during World War II, 1944-45

The Alwaysgreen Garden Game
40.34 % NEW 99 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Collect delicious forest ingredients with the help of magical friends. Prepare the most fantastic recipes on a dynamic game board.

Daring Dustbunnies the board game
51.32 % NEW 87 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A game about what happens when the magical Dustbunnies living under your sofa take on the Vacuum of Doom!

Bitchy Witches
28.93 % NEW 71 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Play as one of the treacherous witches fighting for the coven’s throne, using spells and powerful artifacts to get there!

Swindled - A Party Card Game
17.01 % NEW 47 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A strategic card game jam-packed with mini-games, theft, and strategy. For 2-8 players (up to 12 w/ expansion); learn it in 5 minutes.

Squirrelin' Around - A Fun Dexterity Game for 2-4 Squirrels
23.58 % NEW 26 backers
(BGG) (KS)
In Squirrelin Around you play as a squirrel who is collecting sets of nuts, while climbing up a tilting tree that can fall at any time.

Four Levels -- Let's Bring Fun To A Whole New Level!
1.39 % NEW 24 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Four Levels, Tabletop, 3D abstract Strategy game

Pine Tar Baseball Championship Series 1924, 1946, 1960, 2016
72.25 % NEW 8 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Replay these historic series using this fun and fast dice/card sim. Pine Tar recreates all the fun while keeping replays accurate.

Guess Who Colluded
4.78 % NEW 4 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A card game to help people guess who colluded.
Preview of 8 projects ending in 8 to 10 days

ROLL PLAYER - Fiends & Familiars Expansion
877.88 % 4,816 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Second Expansion to the Critically Acclaimed Character Building Game -- Roll Player!

941.85 % NEW 1,816 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Pangea is a strategic board game set in times of the Great Dying. At the end of the Permian all life was on the brink of annihilation.

Darwinauts - A game of interdimensional exploration.
139.48 % 562 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Out-of-this-world worker placement, tile-laying, and set collection by Chris Bryan with art by Vincent Durtrait from Green Couch Games.

Paraphrase: Songs In Other Words
216.92 % 117 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A party game that will bring a song to your heart...and table.

Sheep Boom Bah (Relaunch)
59.33 % 108 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A 2-4 player tabletop game of guiding your sheep in search of your barn hidden in an active minefield.

56.14 % 95 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Create a fake persona. Lie about your backstory. Win the Patsy's heart.

Chakkan: the card game - memory, strategy and luck!
31.03 % 38 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A two player card game with characters of the Chakkan universe. Turn based strategy, with memory and luck mechanics.

20.36 % 28 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A classic-styled fantasy board game, beautiful world map, and intriguing new denizens.
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