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Under pressure

I am strangely wired. My brain loves stress. The more pressure there is, the more clear I see the world, the more precisely I work, the best effects I get. The bigger the problem, the bigger shit I landed in, the happier my brain is. It somehow cuts any situation into small slices of issues, prioritizes them, and step after step fixes it. I am deadly precise and effective under the pressure.

Here is how it affects you, dear gamer.


In 2013 I ran a KS campaign for my book. The campaign needed more Stretch goals because it turned out to be far more successful than I expected. Every day I was looking at the KS page thinking "Shit, shit, shit!" I felt I am disappointing loyal fans because I cannot reward them with new goals for their support.

Late night few days in the campaign, I came up with the idea for mini-expansion for Robinson Crusoe. It was called Beach, it had a deck-debuilding mechanism. It was both very thematic and frankly speaking pretty smart. Fans put me against the wall, the campaign was going very good, and I knew I must design something awesome for them. And I did. Beach is my favorite mini-expansion for Robinson.

Why do I mention it?
Because it's July 10, 2019.
And it happened again.


Pret-a-Porter is a game I designed in 2010. Over the years, I received so many different questions from fans. They asked about the 5th player variant. They asked about the solo variant. They asked about new cards.

Over all these years, I came up with nothing. The game was a finished product — the closed chapter. I was happy with the game as it was. I had nothing more to add.

This year we decided to release a new edition. For the purpose of this new version, I spent some time playing the game again. Who knows, maybe I can come up with some improvements, I thought.

Indeed, I found a few small things to tweak. I changed how the Contracts worked, added an advanced variant with complex, but smart player order rules, and obviously, I changed and rebalanced a few cards — overall it was polishing. The game is as good as it always was, and I am proud of it. Closed chapter, as I said.

And then you know, Kickstarter happened.


The funding goal of 35k was reached in 41 minutes. More than 900 backers backed the game in the first 90 minutes of the campaign. 3000 backers in the first 24 hours. Planned stretch goals were almost all unlocked after the first day of the campaign. And I had 13 days in front of me.

Some people call it a success. I call it pressure. Shit. Shit. Shit.

There is no more bits we can upgrade, every wooden bit in the game is already custom and screen-printed, cardboard is thick like dinosaur skin, the insert is not only plastic, it also has added the removable plastic tray for all resources. Cards have the best illustrators in the industry.

We cannot upgrade the game anymore, there is no single game piece left not upgraded already.

We are done.
Or not...


It's Wednesday morning when I am writing this post. 48 hours in the campaign. I have new content for Pret-a-Porter on my desk. Needs polishing. Needs playtesting. But it's here. If the campaign still grows, I have material to work on. Brand new content.

I haven't designed anything new to the game over the past nine years. I haven't created any new content while playtesting it recently and preparing a new edition for KS. It only took 48 hours of a Kickstarter campaign to put pressure on me and put my lazy brain to work.

Thank you.


Check out this insane KS campaign here.
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