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Regular Opponents 3 & 4 - The Guru and The LoBster King

Alec Chapman
United Kingdom
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Paul Lister
United Kingdom
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Martin G
United Kingdom
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Now, I may be wrong, but after I was turned over to the dark side of the force by Paul (aka moving from Swiggers to London On Board) my very first game at the new club was Age of Steam and while it is possible Martin and I did not play in this game together he, along with Paul are so central to my LoB experiences I cannot but insert him into the tale.

It was a legendary bit of gaming, with AoS inducing an almost immediate brain melt headache in me and the satisfaction of making one of our opponents lose money in the last round through cruel deliveries.

Other legendary games I've been involved in with Paul have been the collectors edition War Of The Ring, my first forays into Twilight Struggle, supervising Android (since it almost screams for a GM) and one of the best games of Arkham Horror I've played too. And this just at the clubs! Paul and I have been playing games together for four years (ish) and in every single one of them he has been an exemplary opponent - especially when I am not. Our tastes are very different these days - he still loves a new Euro whereas I'm less than interested.

Martin was of course the opponent who faced off against me in the game of Tigris and Euphrates that went down to the third tiebreaker (he won, obviously enough), as well as so many other games - just springing to mind now are the game of Ra in which I scored minus points, him laughing at my Crokinole form or the way in two hands he scored more Mah Jong points than I had in total across my first two eight hand games.

I even put Tigris on my list because I knew Martin would be good for several plays. His Knizia obsession can be useful upon occasion.

Both these guys are better at all games than I am (possible exception to this rule is Cosmic). They are both excellent opponents and two of the very few people of whom I can honestly say I would never turn down a game

Unless there's an auction in it.
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