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Pret-a-Porter and the unexpected stretch goal

The element of Pret-a-Porter I like the most is The Plan. The fact that at the beginning of the game, in the setup phase, we laid out all the exhibition shows tiles and The Plan for the game is ready. Every single person at the table knows when Quality will matter. Every single person knows when to invest in Trends. Everybody sees that Public Relations will be worth a ton of points in the third quarter.

We all see the plan. We all have it set up in front of us. We all are going to prepare for this roadmap and decide how to shape our company and how to navigate between shows - to have the best Quality in the first quarter, the best possible PR in the third and to not ignore Trends during the whole game, because they are low, but at the same time, will score in every show.

We all see The Plan. And yet, only one player will win the game. Only one player will navigate the best, their company will adjust to each of the shows, their long and short time strategy will have the best synergy.

What does The Plan have to the new content? Well, I have a new plan for you.


It's called Modern Times. It moves Pret-a-Porter to the present day. You have online banking - you can use Bank space without action pawn. It's so much easier to get credit and increase your company's cash flow.

You have a home office culture, so you can hire employees without having a building for them.

You have Twitch streams and e-shows, so in August, before September show, you can present your collection on a special streamed show and get additional prestige for your brand.

Small tweaks in the gameplay that are presented on the scenario sheet in the setup phase. Every single person at the table knows when Twitch show starts. Every single person knows they can invest heavily in Employees. Everybody sees that we have easy to get a credit line.

We all see The New Plan. We all have it set up in front of us. We all are going to prepare...


Scenario-based Pret-a-Porter is aimed at the players who played the game a few times already and want a new challenge, want new scoring possibilities during the year, want small tweaks in the base engine of the game. Want a new plan.

Last week I opened the gate. Opened an endless sea of possibilities. I gave you a tool to develop Pret-a-Porter in the directions none of us could ever dream. Because of this fantastic Kickstarter campaign, I made the first step in this journey.

I will design a Modern Times scenario, offer it as a free PDF content for everybody and as a nicely printed of thick sturdy 350 g paper for every backer.

What's next?
You tell me. Cannot wait to see your ideas.


Check out this amazing Kickstarter campaign here.
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