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The Cat Lady and the Quodd Heroes take on the Legendary Forest and find Welkin.

Steph Hodge
United States
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Well, it's no Ginkgopolis...

Hia Everyone!


So many amazing games I picked up at Gen Con! It is always so difficult to decide which games to pick out and play first. This time I decided on the massive game that is Quodd Heroes. New to me!

Not gonna lie, I was totally drawn to this game for the amazing little cube figures. Wonderment Games had theirs painted in the Gen Con booth and they were incredible. I should start painting miniatures - I know I could do a good job of it.

I was lucky enough to get the brief demo on the BGG livestream, and that just made me even more interested.

Quodd Heroes has a ton of options for gameplay and modules. There is so much content in this box and ideas are seemingly endless. There are 11 characters to choose from and tons of double-sided boards for modular play with countless tokens and materials to keep it new and interesting each play.

There are also a ton of scenarios. You can choose whether to play solo, competitively, or cooperatively. You name it, you can play it. The game's designer, Ryan Iler, told me he wants to see everyone's scenarios where they have taken what he has given and has made it their own.

The rulebook is laid out where you play through an intro 3 step tutorial which will introduce the mechanics so you can become familiar with the system. The basic gameplay of the tutorial scenarios is that you are racing to get to different rally points on the board. Each turn you will tumble your cube in a direction and then perform the action that matches the newly face-up side of your cube. The actions are assigned to each cube face at the start of the game. If you ever land on the Q side of the cube, that action allows you to reassign all of the different actions, so you aren't always locked into how you assigned them.

As you add in more mechanics, you will start using cards and different tokens that give you extra movement and abilities. Finally, you will add in upgraded powers to your cube's abilities that might help increase movement or even blow your opponents up!

There can be a bit of take-that in this game. You can steal items from other cubes and push them around... sometimes into pits. It is a race, after all, and a cube's gotta do what a cube's gotta do!

Michael and I worked our way through the rules and tutorial game. I think it was a pretty simple learning experience and we were able to play the 3 step game in no time.

He was able to make it to the first rally point in the first part. Once we started adding cards and power-ups, I totally won the final 2 parts. So I will declare that I won that game!

We definitely got a good feeling for what the game is and how we will play in the future. I do wonder about some of the cards just being crazy good. Some of the upgrades and card combos make it so a cube can go flying across the board in no time. Anyway, I am excited to explore this one further and see what the other scenarios are. I also want to check out some of the cooperative scenarios too. Sounds fun!! Gorgeous production and game and I think it will be loved by many!


Cat Lady is a game that has been on my radar for some time now and I have been told to try it from many friends. The day had come! New to me!

I do love the fluffy friends so many gamers have. I am allergic, but it hasn't stopped me from admiring the adorable creatures.

Cat Lady is the epitome of cat games. It is all about your friendly household cats. In Cat Lady, the cats have all been named appropriately. My favorite, of course, is "Pumpkin" because it is most like Punkin.

In Cat Lady, players are trying to collect various cats and foods and toys and costumes, all things your cat would just love. You are trying to get the most points by feeding your cats and from the toys you have collected.

This is a drafting card game. You will have a display of cards in a 3x3 grid pattern. On your turn, you will draft one row or column of cards from the grid, and the cards will be replaced. But you cannot take the same column or row that was just taken by the last person. Play continues until the draw deck is depleted.

Michael and I ended up playing 2 games back-to-back. In the first game I just totally got crushed. It was more that I wasn't valuing certain cards high enough. I needed more cats and less food and just couldn't seem to make it all work. Not to mention, I was trying to go for the stray cats that Michael ended up claiming first. I needed an immediate replay.

The second game went much smoother for me and I was able to hold my own. I collected a lot of food up front and could fulfill the cats needs more precisely than in our first game. This time I actually won with 45 points! Michael had won that first game with 55 so there is still room for improvement from my side, but I will take the win when I can get it!

Super cute and super quick, this is a keeper game for sure. I really enjoyed this game and I will definitely be bringing it to game night to play with Susan and James. I think they will really enjoy it and I think the mechanics might change up a bit with more players. I can't wait to find out. Now I just need to figure out how to upgrade the cube food tokens!


Sometimes I just don't understand why a game sits on the shelf for so long. This next game was sitting on my shelf for over a month!!! FINALLY hitting the table, I got to play Legendary Forests. New to me!

Yeah, yeah, I know what you are all thinking, a month isn't that long, and trust me I know, but for a game I KNOW I will love, it seems like quite a long time.

Most of you who follow the blog know I love multi-player solitaire games like Cities and Karuba. Legendary Forests is in the same genre and is a multi-player solitaire tile-laying game. One player will draw a tile and the rest of the players will find the matching number and play that tile into their field of tiles.

This game is all about flowers and leaves - EVEN GINKGO LEAVES! The different patterns on the tiles must match sides when they are placed into your fields. Some tiles have white circles, and when one of those is pulled, all players in turn order will get to select a tree token and place it in a matching field type - a red token in a red field, etc. A field without a tree token will not score at the end of the game. Fields with tree tokens will score one point for each completed rune in the region. If the region is fully enclosed, then it will score double the points. Most points wins.

Michael and I played 2 players and it was another case of, "I need to play this game again RIGHT NOW!" Yeah, Michael had the superior score in the first game, but I learned from my mistakes and totally crushed his score in the second game. He won with 30 and then I won with 45. Boom!

I like to play it risky at times. Since not all of the tiles will be revealed, you just have to take your best guess at what you think might show up. I managed to have some pretty big enclosures in that second game so it was definitely worth the risk.

This is a game I could play anytime. I love all types of these games and will never turn them down. Multi-player solitaire for the win! Super love it and I hope Iello sells out of them! Maybe I will start a Play With Steph series where everyone can join in and play with me if you already own the game. Wouldn't that be fun!?

Hype! Definitely loved this one and will be playing it more.


I was terribly excited to try out a new game called Welkin. New to me!

This was my #1 want-to-play game from Gen Con. Ankama always has clever designs that are always so beautiful. You can tell from my images that Welkin is simply gorgeous. I want all my games to be this pretty.

In Welkin, players are trying to collect and manage resources to build houses. You will be collecting coins based on the resources used to construct these houses. Once the house stack has been depleted, the game will end and the person with the most coins will win!

The mechanics are fairly straightforward. You will select one action on your turn. You can take a new house design from the 5 houses available on display, you can collect resources using a mechanic on your player board, or you can allocate resources to your houses under construction. Completed houses are moved off your player board and you will claim a number of coins.

The cool part about this game is manipulating this market area. On the main board, there are a bunch of tokens that will be moving around. There are 4 token spaces in each of the 5 resource areas. But there are only 10 double-sided tokens, so not all spaces will ever be filled. The number of coins you will get when you sell a house per resource type is totally dependent on the current value of the resource type which is how many tokens are in that region's area at that moment of construction.

Some of the houses have a market token symbol on them. When you take one of these houses, you will get to select a token on the main board and change it to the opposite side, repositioning it in the correct location. This is one way of manipulating the market.

When you collect resources, you must flip over one of your 5 resource tokens. You can spend coins to flip more over. The more tokens that are face down, the more resources you can acquire for tokens that are face up. For example, if you have 4 tokens face down and your stone token is face up, you can collect 4 stone. If you have 3 tokens face down, and stone and lava face up, you are able to collect 3 resources from a mixture of stone and lava. You will be flipping tokens a whole bunch so you can obtain just the right resources to construct your houses.

When you have allocated enough resources to construct a house, you will be awarded the coins based on the resources used. For example, if you used two lava to build a house, and there are three tokens in the lava area, you will get 6 coins. Not only that, but many of the houses will have a 1-time ability that you can use at any time after the house is built.

Michael and I learned the game fairly quickly and we got started. I was able to evaluate the current market board and tried to grab some houses that required resources from the more valuable regions. I also wanted to try to claim the houses that would let me manipulate the market or give me cool 1-time abilities.

Michael was doing a better job about managing the market and gaining huge amounts of points, whereas I was just focused on being as precise in my actions as possible. I was collecting just the right amount of resources so I could construct 2 houses at a time.

In the end, it didn't work out for me, but I still felt accomplished. Michael was just able to construct larger and better houses than I was. All that means is there is going to be a time in the near future where I will have to get my revenge!

This is one that is simple and elegant. It takes a few mechanics and makes a fun and interesting game. It is really solid for any level of gamer as well as for families. I look forward to playing it more.


There was time to learn another fast game so Michael pulled up the rules for the new roll n write game called Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy Roll And Write. New to me!

Truck Off is a game I really enjoyed in the past. Which reminds me, I should play that again soon!! This new roll n write game uses the dice you find in Truck Off, so when I was able to score this new game, all I really needed was just the paper sheets since the rules are online. I think you can PnP this game as well, though after looking I can't seem to find it. I did find the rules as a link in a forum post.

I ended up not using my dice from Truck Off and instead used some Tasty Minstrel Rainbow dice which are just so pretty!! It was to my detriment though, since I really should have used the solid colors of the normal dice to see everything a bit more clearly and quickly. So the next time I play, it will definitely be with the official Truck Off dice.

In this Truck Off roll n write game, players will be moving their truck to venue and selling their food for whatever the current dice value is for that venue. You will also collect bonus rewards along the way. Most points wins.

Each turn, the active player will roll all 6 dice and can choose to reroll one of them. Players will then move their food truck up to 4 spaces on the map, marking their path accordingly. If you end at a venue, you can write the matching die value in the space for that venue. You can't simply take the result of the D20 venue each time, because you can visit each venue only once.

Not only will you have to consider where your truck is on the map, you also have to consider your scoring track. The scoring spaces are in a back-and-forth zigzag line - D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4, repeat. And after you've moved past a space, you can't go back. For example, if you skip over the D4 and D6 locations to score the D8 location, you won't be able to go back and score those other locations.

You will score a bonus for each row and each column you complete with 3 or more values. So you want to take your time and get the best results you can in a path that makes sense for your truck.

Michael and I started on different start locations, so we each had different paths to take and venues to hit. I started off slowly, but it really ramped up quickly. The bonuses started hitting and I was on my way to the ending faster than I might have wanted.

Michael picked up a reroll ability that allowed him to reroll 2 dice on his turn, and he would always pick the dice I needed most. He would ALWAYS roll so they were wicked low. Really? I am never that lucky. Whenever I would choose to reroll, I made them all top values for him.

Yeah, it was no surprise when I lost this game. But it was surprisingly close, with a final score of 197 to 192. My rush to the finish line actually paid off because Michael wasn't able to get many points from the various bonuses! It means I will definitely win next time I get to play this. I blame my loss on the rainbow dice I chose to use. They are fabulous dice, but just not for this game. I want a rematch with accurate-color dice!!

Coming soon. devil

TMG Rainbow Dice!


I went to a local meet up and played a long-ass game of Caverna: The Cave Farmers.

Sadly, this game is just getting tiresome because I seem to always be playing it with groups of people who are learning. I fear it is going to drop out of my #top10 really soon, which saddens me.

This game was so disinteresting to me and I just didn't care about any of it. I probably shouldn't have agreed to play, but the other option was Gentes, and that took just about as long, so I guess I made the right choice, even though my ranking for this game is dropping quickly.

I should have pushed harder to play Teo, which is the game I really wanted to play.



Michael and I played a few games of The Mind.

It had been a while, so it was time to play again. We made it through level 13 with no issues and hardly any blinking. It was super fast and easy, like always.

It was harder in the Dark mode like usual and we ended up losing in round 8. We need some more practice. We are so out of practice it is ridic.

Still love this game and will play at any time. #moar


No New Games! shake

Thanks for following along!

Happy Gaming!!!


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