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Enter Ever-Changing Dungeons in Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated, Then Settle a New Planet in Circadians: First Light

W. Eric Martin
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Board Game: Clank!: Legacy – Acquisitions Incorporated
I jumped straight from previewing Gen Con 2019 releases to working on our SPIEL '19 Preview with lots of game announcements getting sidetracked along the way, seemingly half of them from Renegade Games Studios, which previewed a number of these new titles at Gen Con 2019 itself.

The biggest of these announcements is for Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated, designed by Andy Clautice and co-published by Dire Wolf Digital and Penny Arcade. This title had the unusual distinction of being preceded by its own expansion, Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated – Upper Management Pack, as that item serves as an expansion for the Clank! base game, as well as all other things Clank!

As the name suggests, Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated is a legacy game in which your successes and failures in exploring the dungeon carry over into future games, with you being able to play through a 10+ game campaign that will result in you having "a unique and fully replayable Clank! game". In this game, everyone represents a franchise of the Acquisitions Incorporated adventuring company, with AI having started as a podcast collaboration between Penny Arcade and Wizards of the Coast in 2008.

Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated will first be available at PAX West in late August 2019 ahead of its retail release in September 2019.

From gallery of W Eric Martin
Component spread of Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated at Gen Con 2019

Board Game: Clank! In! Space!: Cyber Station 11
• Should you prefer a more traditional (sort of) take on Clank!, Renegade and Dire Wolf will release Clank! In! Space!: Cyber Station 11 in November 2019. This expansion for Clank! In! Space! from Evan Lorentz and Tim McKnight includes a new game board representing Cyber Station 11, a new boss to avoid in Commander Preon, and cyberware upgrades that you can install for benefits throughout the game.

Board Game: Circadians: First Light
• After Raiders of the North Sea, Architects of the West Kingdom, and the October 2019 release of Paladins of the West Kingdom, Renegade is continuing its collaborative publishing efforts with Garphill Games with S J Macdonald's Circadians: First Light. This worker-placement game is due out in September 2019 and bears the following description:

We were light years from our home, galaxies away, when we first discovered this ancient celestial body — a planet filled with intriguing, intelligent lifeforms, not too unlike our own. Some built kingdoms below the surface of the green seas, while others controlled the desert-filled plains and cliffs. Among them we found scientists, inventors, farmers, traders and fighters. While our presence has been unsettling for some, we have had very few incidents with the locals. Still, we Circadians, Earth's famed explorers, must do what we can to ensure peace. We must respect this world and its hosts. The heads of Moontide passed down orders from above. We are to open negotiations with the three clans, in hopes of gaining their favor, along with our own security while on the planet. We must also collect organic samples for the depository on Moontide. This is new ground for all of us, but we must be brave and resourceful. The future of the Circadians depends on it.

The aim of Circadians: First Light is to lead a team of researchers on the planet of Ryh. Players need to manage their crew (dice) to visit various parts of the planet for trade, farming, construction and research. Players score points for negotiating with the locals, harvesting resources for the depository, upgrading their research base, exploring the planet, and collecting gems. The game is played over eight rounds. At the end of the final round, the player with the most points wins.
Board Game: ClipCut Parks
• On a far smaller scale lies the game ClipCut Parks from Shaun Graham and Scott Huntington, a "roll-and-cut" game for 1-4 players due out in Q4 2019 in which a die roll determines how many cuts of which lengths you must make in the current round.

When bits of your individual player sheet fall to the table, either you place them on the park cards in front of you in matching spaces – this space needs an animal shelter, this one a playground, and these three must be placed all at once — or you place them aside as waste, which could penalize you later. Race to complete five parks first to win!

Board Game: ClipCut Parks
Ready to play at Gen Con 2019!

ClipCut Parks was the one game I played during the Renegade media event at Gen Con 2019. Everyone starts with the same sheet of paper that's subdivided into tiny squares, and you have two unique "blueprint" park cards that show what you need to place where. If the die shows 3/3, you must make two cuts that are each three squares in length. You could, for example, make a cut of three squares on one side of the paper, then rotate the sheet and make another cut of three squares elsewhere, whether perpendicular across the first one to "release" some squares or somewhere else completely.

When you complete a blueprint, you receive a bonus of some sort, maybe an animal token to satisfy the requirement on a particular space or a bonus cut on your sheet. You then take a new blueprint card and continue.

Board Game: ClipCut Parks

That was only about half of what's coming from Renegade in 2019 and 2020. More to come!
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