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iOS Board Games

Among the best things in life is playing printed games in person with family and close friends. When those are not convenient we like iOS Board Games. News, reviews, previews, and opinions about board gaming on iPhones, iPads, iPods and even Android devices. (iPhone board games, iPad board games, iPod board games, Android board games)
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Zombie Jombie

Eddie F III
United States
North Catasauqua
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The Stats:
Compatibility: Universal
Current Price: FREE
Developer/Publisher: GREE, Inc.
Version: 1.5.1
Size: 13.4MB
Multiplayer: Social Network
AI: Yes
Itunes link: Zombie Jombie

The Good:
- It’s free.
-It’s simple.
-The game contains zombie animal art as well as human.
The Bad:
- It’s simple.
-Boring Mafia Wars type of play.

Zombie Jombie is the first game from Gree Inc.’s North American studio. This game is an iOS exclusive title and takes a lot of plays from Zynga’s Mafia Wars playbook. It practically stole a lot of plays from Mafia Wars. Just tweak the theme from criminal thugs of the organized underworld and change it to the living dead. Also, instead of collecting items like weapons to improve your gang of gambinos; change the idea to a card collecting game. That idea of using the game as a card collecting game intrigued me. Plus, I’m a fan for the living dead and anything that involves rotting flesh. So, I gave the game a try. It’s free, what can be the harm of playing with an army of the undead.

The story plays out like almost any zombie game, except this time you are not playing as the living humans. You control and build an army of zombies to take over the human race by going from city to city, mission to mission, and finish off the bosses at each location. Have you ever played Mafia Wars or any other popular clone to hit the social networks? It’s the same formula that has been run into the ground. This game is as mindless to play as the hordes of zombies that you control. Just click a button to do a mission, watch the percentage rise for completion, unlock random cards or gems during the process. Just like Mafia Wars there is an online battle mode where you take on random other players. They take your top cards in your collection and team them up against your opponent and complete your battle for you. There is minimal thought and strategy needed to grind through this title. There is a little bit of thought that goes into a feature that allows you to fuse cards together. I’ll cover more of that later in my article.

The big part of this game is the in game purchases to be able to quickly progress through the missions. At the start of your game they do provide a certain level of cash to unlock rare treasure chests full of rare cards. However, the tutorial they walk you through quickly burns through your cash deposit and there is no way of earning more cash by playing. The only way to get more cash is by paying. With that being said, the gameplay is limited once you get so far and will find yourself repeating completed missions just to build up your levels and coins (which is different from cash or bucks).

The game presentation is very well done and ran smoothly for me on my iPhone 4. I did not experience any crashes which is a popular complaint on the iTunes reviews for this current version. Once you log into the game, you are brought to your main page which will highlight any daily bonuses you are eligible for, a section showing social news like friend requests and player vs player attacks, and your personal stats. All the information is easily accessible from one main section and does not feel cluttered or thrown together haphazardly.

This game is just meant to be played a few minutes at a time or until your energy level depletes (similar to Mafia Wars). Once you are out of energy you might as well put it down, wait a few hours until your energy is restored and then continue to do the mindless grind. Sure there is the enticement to collect all the cards but they are just cards. The artwork on the cards are interesting and unique from zombie roosters to zombie leprechauns and zombie surfers. However, the only thing that differentiates one card from the other besides the art is the attack and defense levels. It would be nice if some cards had special abilities that would be beneficial in battles against other players. There just lacks a level of strategy that I would expect from a card collecting game to keep me interested. The only strategic involvement in the game is the ability to fuse zombie cards together to make one more powerful. All you do is take one of your stronger cards and load them into the Fusion menu and then select up to 6 weaker cards that you obtained through the quests, pay a certain coin amount to complete the transformation, hit a button, and you are done. You know have the same stronger card but just a higher attack and defense rating.

This game is not for me and did not last long on my iPhone. Maybe I am too burned out on these mindless click and wait games that Zynga flooded the Facebook scene with. Or, as a board game geek, I expect a bit more to capture my attention and time. This game carries neither for me except for the fact that there are zombies involved in the theme. I would only recommend this game to a young gamer who doesn’t want to deal with the intricate strategy a CCG needs to be and just wants something to waste a few minutes on while they wait for their next text message or Facebook status alert.

Rating: Not For Me.
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