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App News: Evolution coming to Switch, Stonemaier games exploding (digitally speaking), More Talisman and more...

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App News

From gallery of Neumannium

Evolution coming to Switch
When NorthStar Game Studio released Evolution (2019) back in February its polish pushed it into the upper echelon of digital board games with one exception: no asynchronous play. Well, we know that async play is coming at some point, but today we learned that's not the only thing being worked on behind closed doors. It's also coming to Nintnedo Switch.

The Switch version will have all the features of the current version including online multiplayer and pass-and-play. We're not sure of a release date, but we're told to expect it in early 2020.

Even more good news! For those who haven't taken the Evolution plunge, North Star is celebrating the Switch announcement with a 40% off sale on all current platforms. So, if you haven't tried Evolution yet or just want it on another platform, now's the time to grab it.

- Evolution for PC/Mac via Steam, $9
- Evolution for iOS Universal, free to download ($6 full unlock)
- Evolution for Android, free to download($6 full unlock)

Board Game: Wingspan

Stonemaier Games bringing Wingspan, Viticulture and more to digital
This is old news, but when I looked back to check it appears I never fully covered it. Well, we kind of covered it. We mentioned that Charterstone was headed to your favorite screen at some point but it appears that's just the tip of what Stonemaier Games has in store.

First of all, we can expect the Kennerspiel des Jahres winner, Wingspan. It's being developed by Monster Couch and is currently on Steam, not for purchase but you can wishlist it now. No mention of a release date or other platforms at this time, but we'll let you know when more news drops (probably a month after it drops, but <shrug>.

From gallery of Neumannium
From gallery of Neumannium
From gallery of Neumannium

The other game coming is Viticulture and that's coming via digital board game veterans, Digidiced UG.

Digidiced wrote:
• 1 to 6 players
• Play in single-player with challenging computer opponents, against your friends in local multiplayer, or face players from all over the world in online mode!
• Learn the rules with our Interactive tutorial or even watch games of the top players on your device!
• Take your time in asynchronous game mode with push notifications and never miss a turn.
• Family friendly – non violent theme
• Easy interactive tutorial to learn the game from scratch
• Analyze your best games or learn tricks from the best with playback
• 3 different computer opponents
• uses the newest rules of the board game
No word on when Viticulture is going live either, but I think we can safely assume that Digidiced will follow their previous releases and we'll see it on both mobile and Steam.

From gallery of Neumannium

In news that surprises no one, Talisman gets more content
Ah, Talisman. We can't go a month without posting without some new Talisman expansion news, can we? No, we cannot. In fact, I'm shocked that we only have three expansions to mention in this update, especially considering that we have two Talisman games to worry about.

First, Nomad Games Ltd (II) has updated Talisman: Digital Edition with a new expansion, The Clockwork Kingdom. This expansion adds something we've never seen in Talisman before: the ability to craft your own items. You will have all sorts of different crafting combinations that will allow you to build thousands of different items.

Nomad wrote:
The Clockwork Expansion includes:
● 41 New Adventure Cards
● 8 New Spells
● 30 New Material Cards
● 3 New Characters
● 2 New Alternative Endings
That's not all!

We also have Talisman: Origins, the solo version of Talisman that tells stories from the history of Talisman.

There are two expansions for Talisman: Origins: The Legend of Pandora's Box and The Assassin's Tale. The Pandora's Box expansion will cost you a little bit of coin to unlock, but the Assassin's Tale addition is free for owners of Talisman: Origins.

Nomad wrote:
Talisman: Origins - The Legend of Pandora’s Box adds a new book to the Origins Library with a whole new five chapters to play through. This book isn’t for the faint-hearted, as the challenging Nether Realm creatures are some of the strongest in the history of Talisman. Featuring 5-10 hours of new content, The Legend of Pandora’s Box adds new challenges and achievements in which you have to use your wits to survive.

The Assassin’s Tale is the 4th free DLC to be added into the Talisman: Origins Library. Featuring 3 new chapters, this free content update tells the tale of the Assassin proving his worth and becoming the feared character players know in Talisman. Will he be able to remove the bounty on his head?
All of these expansions are out now for iOS, Android, and Steam.

- Talisman: Digital Edition for iOS Universal, $4
- Talisman: Digital Edition for Android, $4
- Talisman: Digital Edition for PC/Mac via Steam, $7

- Talisman: Origins for iOS Universal, $4
- Talisman: Origins for Android, $4
- Talisman: Origins for PC/Mac via Steam, $7

Board Game: Dixit

Dixit coming (again?) to digital
Way back in 2011, when Dixit was still the shiny new kid on the block, there was a mobile version that kind of flopped. I mean, the app itself wasn't terrible but there were massive bugs at launch that ruined online play and it just never recovered. Then again, maybe the fact that Dixit is a social game and playing alone staring at your screen isn't the best way to play it? Maybe?

That's not stopping Libellud Digital from trying! They're working on something called Dixit World and it's currently in beta. In fact, you can head to their site right now and sign up to beta test this thing and let us them know what you think.

Here's what we know: It's coming to iOS/Android, will have both offline and online play, and will be free to download with the ability to buy more cards inside the game.

Head over and see if you can get in the beta...I'm curious to hear how they're going to pull this one off.

- Dixit World for iOS/Android beta signup page

Board Game: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

Lord of the Rings Adventure Card Game now live
It released back on August 29, but we were indisposed so we weren't' able to share it with you. If you haven't seen it yet, The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game is now live on Steam from Fantasy Flight Games and Asmodee Digital.

Asmodee wrote:
The first adventure card game set in the quintessential fantasy world of J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game lets players face epic challenges during solo and cooperative adventures. The game is inspired by the cooperative Living Card Game®, The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. Combining a strong immersive narrative experience with rich deck-building strategies, The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game will put players’ skills to the test.

-Adventure card gaming: Players can experience the only card card game that lets them play an adventurer in Middle-earth. They will craft their own stories in the rich world of J.R.R. Tolkien by engaging in solo card-based battles or in collaborative campaigns with a friend in co-op mode.

-A new story in Middle-earth: Gamers can develop and discover new stories in the world depicted in J.R.R. Tolkien’s books. They can build a Fellowship of heroes from some of the most iconic characters and wage battle in the most famous locations of the Third Age of Middle-earth.

-A unique way of delivering new content: Players can obtain full expansion packs that provide both campaigns with new quests and hero packs with thematic cards, forging their adventures in Middle-earth.

-Unique game mechanics: Players build custom decks, each based around three heroes with unique abilities. They draw upon an ever-growing pool of cards based on the distinctive spheres of the selected heroes. Players can then challenge themselves along with friends to complete Quests. They progress through their story by defeating the forces of Sauron in combat, and by using Willpower to resolve Objectives. Willpower can also be added to the Fate Pool, used to trigger contextual abilities during a Quest. In turn, the Threat Meter displays the increasing danger from Sauron, triggering roadblocks that can disrupt player strategies.
While I think the general consensus was a little negative when we heard it wasn't a 1:1 remake of the card game in digital form, everything I've heard about the game as it currently stands has been positive. Like really positive. People seem to really like this new version and I'm looking forward to taking the plunge myself.

It's currently available for PC/Mac, but we can expect it to land on Xbox, PS4, and Switch this autumn.

- Lord of the Rings Adventure Card Game for PC/Mac via Steam, $20

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