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App News: Aeon's End set to arrive next week and Siberian Dawn moves to 2.0

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App News

Board Game: Aeon's End

Aeon's End Comes to Steam Next Week, Tablets later
They started with a humble helper app for Sentinels of the Multiverse but today Handelabra Games Inc. is a powerhouse in the digital board/card game world. Last year's release, One Deck Dungeon, is still my go-to time waster when I have my iPad with me and their port of Sentinels has gone completely epic with all published expansions now available on your touchscreen.

So, when Handelabra announces a new game is in the works, our ears perk up. We know they're currently working on a port of Spirit Island, but today's news involves that other game they're working on, Aeon's End.

Aeon's End is currently in Early Access on Steam but that's going to end very soon. How soon? Next week on Tuesday. That means the PC/Mac/Linux version will be up and live around noon on September 17.

You'd rather play on your iPad or Android tablet? Me too! Don't worry, while it won't arrive in the App Store on the 17th, we only have a couple of weeks to wait. We can expect the tablet version of Aeon's End to go live for iPad and Android tablets on September 30.

Not sure what the hell Aeon's End is? Here's a primer:

Handelabra wrote:
Aeon’s End is a deck-building game where you create a team of up to 4 mages who will fight cooperatively to defeat whichever Nameless nemesis has come through the breach today. You begin with a starting deck of 10 cards, 5 in hand. Each turn you play gems to gain aether, which is used to buy new gems and relics, learn new spells, and increase your casting potential by opening additional breaches. You can also play relics to give yourself or your allies a boost. Then prep spells to your opened or focused breaches to be ready to cast them on your subsequent turns.

What makes Aeon’s End unique is how it uses randomness. Unlike other deck building games, players do not shuffle their deck when it runs out. The order in which you discard is preserved so plan your discards carefully to set yourself up for subsequent turns.

Instead, randomness in Aeon’s End comes in the order of turns. At the start of each round, the turn order deck is shuffled to determine the order of play. Will the nemesis go twice in a row, pushing back the mages’ defense? Will the mages get 4 turns in a row to set up for the coming onslaught? It can be hard to know what’s coming next when you are deep in the melee!
So, it's a tower-defense style game where your mages defend the town of Gravehold from The Nameless and you do so by building decks. What's not to love?

We'll remind you of the release next week and on Sept. 30 when the tablet version arrives.

- Aeon's End for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, arrives Sept. 17

Board Game: Siberian Dawn

Siberian Dawn 2.0 Released
Siberian Dawn is a deck building card game from renaisance man (and reader) Stephen Winterflood. It's a labor of love: he created the game, art, programming, everything. He's basically the Ryan Laukat of the digital game scene.

He's been hard at work on his baby and, just recently released version 2.0. This huge update not only fixes up bugs and whatnot, it also adds a shiny new veneer in the form of HD graphics and a new tutorial system to get new players up to speed.

Stephen Winterflood wrote:
Siberian Dawn is an original, solo, digital card game that combines the core soul of a deck builder with the tactical power of a war game and the strategic challenge of crisis management.

You are an Overseer in the Union, one of the tactical controllers who has to deal with the increasing dangers facing the Union through Objective based Missions. Recruit and deploy Units, enlist the help of the Guilds, and build your Bond with those in the shadows, whilst trying to control the conflict unfolding before you.

The basic Training Run Mission is available for free with the base game, to give you a taste for how the game works, and the first Mission Pack available as DLC adds the full Core game and first 3 Missions of the Siberian Dawn story.
Considering that most of the negative reviews on Steam are about the huge learning curve and rules complexity, the new tutorial should be just the trick to make Siberian Dawn playable. If you haven't tried it--or did and had no idea what was going on--you might want to give it another shot.

- Siberian Dawn 2.0 for PC via Steam, free
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