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Mosmic Mencounter

Alec Chapman
United Kingdom
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I taught it yet again (I must have taught more than twenty people this game), and played my F2F Cosmic games 36 & 37. Puzzle Strike kept off the most played ever spot as a result.
It was a curious game of Cosmic involving an opponent playing the Visionary yesterday. As the Loser (declare an upset before playing cards, losing side wins), I thought I had a good chance of pulling out a win by getting rid of the attack cards, play negotiate when none left and declare upset to automatically win if they play an attack card – good chance for your final colony if you can bluff well and manage your hand. I didn’t reckon with the Visionary forcing me to negotiate two turns in a row on my first round after I drew his colour on both occasions. It made sense to join with him to get to two points, but since his next move was to force another negotiate it felt a little dull for the opening bouts of my favourite game in the world. With my negotiate cards gone and an unlucky cosmic zap I came horribly last. Visionary won by forcing a negotiate vs. attack card situation. Sadly, the loser does not win the whole game when coming in last place. Especially since I had just six ships left (three on colonies).
The next game was made up of, weirdly, five aliens beginning with M. Perhaps as tribute to Matthew who joined us for it. The cards were shuffled since I rarely use flares with new players (therefore, ever) so this was a product of the weird way probability works.
I had more fun with the Mite (demand the opponent discards down to three cards at random or gives you a free colony) in game two, though I imagine it is pretty rare that a colony is preferable tribute when the alternative is so much preferable despite the random discarding being a real pain. As it was I was hampered in my card destroying attempts by being up against Mimic (match the opponents hand size), Mind (look at your opponents’ hand) and Miser (has two hands of cards). Matthew’s Mirror was less well matched and Mite really causes them a problem since the random discard could be the crucial 08 that becomes an almost unstoppable 80. I also used a well timed morph to smash his attack. Mirror HATES the morph card. In the end, Mite and Mimic joined forces to win.
Then we had a bash at Settlers. Oh how I blow at this game. Despite having upgraded to a city next to a 10 brick, I think we rolled it once. Going to take a less risky manoeuvre if I ever play again, but I’m not particularly hankering after this one any time soon. The best moment of the game was hearing about how my copy looks retro and then realising it is almost six years old – bought from Hamleys on a whim and leading me to BGG. Awesome.
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