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Voters vs. Players (once more)

Igor Larchenko
Moscow region
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The eternal question: which parameter characterizes the game better - BGG rating or the number of BGG players? First of all, lets check: those who vote for the games, and those who log their plays in these games - are the same BGG users or different?

Board Game: The Fox in the Forest

The game The Fox in the Forest is not fighting for a place in the BGG Top 100, so its data can be considered fairly reliable and typical.

5104 users rated it (7,34 on average), including that the game was re-rated after a while, giving it a new rating, only 6 users (0,1%).
2468 users logged their plays - (2,27 times on average), including 1141 users (46,2%) who played more than 1 time.

Conclusion: none of the users (0,1%) over time does not change their rating for the game. But almost half of the users play the game more than once. And how many users, like me, are just too lazy to log their next plays for the same game? That is, when playing games again, users at least somehow express their attitude to the game (whether they like it or not), and it turns out that they put the ratings purely formally, practically without specifying them after additional games played and comparing this game with new similar ones by games.

Intersection - 576 users (11,2% of voters, 23,3% of players).

The average rating given to the game by those who also noted that they played the game is 7,47, by those who did not log their plays - 7,33.

The average number of plays per game among those who also rated this game is 2,49, among those who did not rate - 2,21.

Ratings of those who also logged the game:
From gallery of Pard

Ratings of those who only voted, but did not logged their plays:
From gallery of Pard

It turns out that those who log their plays vote the game in the same way as those who don't.

And now let's compare the attitude of users to two games that are fighting for first place in the ranking and most likely are subject to different rating cheats.

Board Game: Gloomhaven

Gloomhaven has 28594 voters, and only 58 of them (0,2%) changed their vote over time.

Players voting:
From gallery of Pard

Voting of pure voters (those who do not log their plays):
From gallery of Pard

Again, we see that both categories vote the same, except that the markup (those who put the game "10" or "1") is much less among the players.

Board Game: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 has 33205 votes, and only 60 of them (0,2%) changed their vote over time.

Players voting:
From gallery of Pard

Voting of pure voters (those who do not log their plays):
From gallery of Pard

And again - it's a similar voting, but the “players” vote more honestly!

You can see how those 11456 BGG users who rated both competing games voted (horizontal - Gloomhaven, vertical - Pandemic Legacy: Season 1):
From gallery of Pard

Naturally, those who gave for two roughly equally good games radically different ratings (“1” for one game and “10” for the other) are not entirely honest in their assessment. Having looked at all the votes of such a user, you can be sure that he is an active participant in the rating struggle (from his entire collection he extremely strictly evaluated only 5 games, and exact those which are fighting for first place in the BGG rating):
From gallery of Pard

And finally - a comparison for 8274 games that were played and voted in October 2019 - horizontally and vertically, respectively:
From gallery of Pard

It can be clearly seen that the attitude towards games - to vote for them or to log those games plays - is the same for BGG users: if they are interested in the game (it is popular), they vote more for it and they play more. The first parameter cannot be tracked for the past years / months, so I use constantly the second one.

And this is the average number of plays, depending on the average rating of the same 8274 games:
From gallery of Pard

As expected, more rated games are played more often.

/I uploaded current version of Game Base.

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