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Kickstarter Weekly Summary - Sunday 27th October, 2019

Mike Minutillo
Western Australia
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Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Hey there Kickers! Welcome to the last Kick the Table update for October.

Right now there are 322 live Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category (up 3 from last week). Of those, 168 (52.2%) have already reached their fund goal. 94 (29.2%) have related BGG pages that I have found.

What are you playing? What are you backing? Have any games planned for Halloween? Drop us a comment below and tell us.

Be sure to check out for an up to date list of Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category.

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Your kickstarter weekly summary for Sunday Oct 27 2019
26 projects ending in the next 7 days

Barrage: The 5th Player Expansion
601,850.00 % ENDING 3,029 backers
(BGG) (KS)

Shady Pets - Card Game
208.18 % ENDING 926 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A card game that lets you throw octopuses, deal with naked turtles and avoid hangry hamsters!

The Search For Planet X
264.26 % ENDING 848 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Become an astronomer in this competitive, app-driven logic and deduction game.

1565, St. Elmo's Pay + 1066, Tears to Many Mothers reprint
349.74 % ENDING 805 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Relive the 1565 Siege of Malta 'the Greatest Siege in History' in this gorgeous 1-2 player, 30-40 minute, non-collectable card game

Drinking Quest: Old Habits
272.09 % ENDING 676 backers
(BGG) (KS)
It's a Drinking Game and a Tabletop RPG... and this time it's a throwback to the golden age of 80's Role Playing Games!

Dirty Fridge
1,902.00 % ENDING 667 backers
(BGG) (KS)
The 2-6 player card game you always wanted, for only 1 €.

Sumo Gnomes : Pocket sized wrestling!
142.11 % ENDING 484 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Become a Sumo wrestling Gnome to eject your opponent from the tree stump dohyō!

Heroes & Gods: The Master of Dreams
87.88 % ENDING 472 backers
(BGG) (KS)
The epic fantasy player-driven board game where you control your own fate. Play solo, co-op or free for all. Join the fight!

H.P. Lovecraft's "The Cats of Ulthar" Card Game
410.80 % ENDING 432 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, use ancient mysticism to collect cats around your spell caster and take out the villains!

122.92 % ENDING 396 backers
(BGG) (KS)
An exciting new game of twisting tiles, where the legend of the Minotaur comes alive for 2-4 players.

The Path of the Adventurers Boardgame
162.83 % ENDING 376 backers
(BGG) (KS)
The Path of the Adventurers is a combat-based exploration game for 1 to 4 players, The adventurers will fight to defeat the Dark Lords.

DrunkQuest: Wastedlands
221.40 % ENDING 269 backers
(BGG) (KS)
DrunkQuest is back, bringing awesome new ways to level your party up!

FlickFleet: The Second Wave Reprint & Scenarios Expansion
133.87 % ENDING 218 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A reprint and a scenario pack for FlickFleet the space battle dexterity game where you flick your ships to move and flick dice to fire.

219.52 % ENDING 217 backers
(BGG) (KS)
An epic duel in the darkest night.
A terrifyingly fun board game for 2-5 players where you will become a Dark Lord of Halloween.

3 New Pocket-Size Games, 18 cards Each! FLOAT Series Wave 3!
197.15 % ENDING 167 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Featuring Cards of Olympus by Mike Wokasch, A Wizard's Shelf by Cassie Friedman, and This IS Rocket Science by Marcin Zarycki

1 Survives - A horror themed / slasher card game
62.56 % ENDING 137 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Stranded on a seemingly deserted island, you must find a way to escape while avoiding your own untimely demise. Run. Fight. Survive.

31.39 % ENDING 125 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A board game of aligning the stars, predicting the future, and telling tales.

ABOVE TOP SECRET - The Official Re-Launch
15.61 % ENDING 115 backers
(BGG) (KS)
ABOVE TOP SECRET is a turn-based strategic card game featuring stealth and secret technology as your defense systems.

Salty Dogs - The Card Game - illustrated by Simon Bisley
77.17 % ENDING 113 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Battle animal pirates and the mighty Kraken in this fast-paced, hard-hitting, fun-packed adventure. Never trust a pirate!

Change Up
129.36 % ENDING 96 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A fast-paced memory card game, it's 5 card monte with friends!

THE VEIL Season 2
249.31 % ENDING 85 backers
(BGG) (KS)
An epic, dark fantasy deck building game! Solo mode, multiplayer campaigns, PvP, and more! Now with more than 40 playable characters!

Flipcard: the Postcard Challenge
13.36 % ENDING 65 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Finding the perfect gift card is no game. Well... what if we tell you it is?

Missing Persons: The Game
128.06 % ENDING 63 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Outwit your Fellow Detectives and Solve the Case.

Goodies & Baddies Card Game
11.08 % ENDING 49 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A competitive tabletop fantasy card game for 2-8 players, for gamers who love fast-paced chaos and fun.

Oracle: A Game of Galactic Salvation
29.87 % ENDING 43 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A game about the end of the universe and what creatures will survive the rebirth.

This Means War! Modern Strategy Card Game
9.66 % ENDING 25 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Blow your enemy's city to rubble, build your metropolis to reach the heavens. The choice is yours.
29 projects launched within the last 7 days

High Frontier 4 All
1,265.93 % NEW 1,586 backers
(BGG) (KS)
High Frontier, Phil Eklund's signature game. For all: with extensive tutorials and enthusiast's rules in modules; printed continuously.

8-Bit Attack
308.11 % NEW 1,080 backers
(BGG) (KS)
8-Bit Art, 64-Bit Gameplay

Beyond Humanity: Colonies
525.46 % NEW 1,059 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Leave Earth and venture into space to discover exoplanets and set up a colony in a worker placement board game with electronic minis!

Runaljod: The sound of the runes
142.11 % NEW 745 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Runaljod: The sound of the runes is a miniature game with an innovative mechanic based on the launch of runes to manage your actions.

ZESTREA - a marriage negotiation board game
104.08 % NEW 414 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Experience ridiculous Romanian traditions, arrange weddings & survive Hard Times in a beautiful, witty game ready for commercial print

STRIKE! The Game of Worker Rebellion
105.99 % NEW 390 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Lead a city-wide strike of workers against the diabolical HappyCorp in this cooperative board game!

Hey Robot
148.21 % NEW 374 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A game for smart speakers

124.20 % NEW 333 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Aeolis is a fully cooperative game for 1-7 players. It is mainly a kingdom building miniature game with strong civ aspects.

52.71 % NEW 311 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Create the most beautiful koi pond! A peaceful tile-laying game for 1-4 players by Danny Devine.

Pet Evil - The Explosive Card Game
129.64 % NEW 271 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Draw cards, build missiles and defeat your frenemies. The last player standing wins!

39.66 % NEW 217 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Valkyrie is a solitaire miniatures board game taking place in the near-future. You pilot a Valkyrie and command its support forces!

Tiny Footprint - a game about sustainability for 1-6 players
64.83 % NEW 179 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A cooperative game about sustainability for 1-6 players where you try to reduce your carbon emissions to meet the climate target

Dragon Brew: Orctoberfest
113.68 % NEW 161 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A fast fun card game where you and your friends brew custom beers during Orctoberfest to win the favor of the Orc judges of Brumancia.

Don't Let It Die - The Prehistoric Coop Survival Game
100.33 % NEW 135 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A 1-4 player, prehistoric, co-op survival strategy game where you are a part of the tribe that discovered fire.

Damnation: The Gothic Game
17.70 % NEW 121 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Can you survive the night? Competitive battle royale gameplay in a gothic horror setting for 3 to 6 players.

Anno Urbis - The Fight for Rome (relaunch)
60.42 % NEW 114 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A Strategy Board game based on ancient Rome, with lots of miniatures and interesting mechanics.

Council of Verona
42.98 % NEW 111 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Council of Verona Card Game

The Girl and the Robot - The Card Game
75.67 % NEW 70 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Avoid the demonic presence at all costs! A cooperative strategic card game inspired by concepts from Russian roulette.

Gods of Metal: The Chosen Back on Tour!
17.45 % NEW 63 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A co-operative 1-4 player deck-building game using the power of Metal to defend reality from the forces of Darkness!

Vector Wars
21.15 % NEW 54 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A 2-player strategical area domination board game where two teams battle it out to become the champions of the Vector Wars.

Wake Up Sheeple
11.58 % NEW 52 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A conspiracy theorist's card game about seeking the truth!

Fartzilla - a press your luck, dice rolling card game
102.30 % NEW 40 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Designed by a six year old & packaged in a fanny pack!

13 Monsters - a frantic easy to play partygame!
13.74 % NEW 34 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Memory, Luck and Strategy come together in this beautiful tabletop party game about the rise and fall of Monsters and their masters.

35.89 % NEW 33 backers
(BGG) (KS)
The Best Dam Game Ever (for 2 to 4 Players)

9.86 % NEW 31 backers
(BGG) (KS)
10 Minute Space Battle.
A tactical dexterity card game for 2 to 6 space pilots with a few minutes to spare. Easy as rock-paper-railgun!

The Game of Lies
4.20 % NEW 28 backers
(BGG) (KS)
The trivia party game of fake news, fibs and false memories!

BIZLIVE! The Business News Strategic Card Game
4.59 % NEW 15 backers
(BGG) (KS)
While we wait for the market crash, it is time to build executive teams, businesses, companies, empires, and fortunes.

HOUSEBOY Board Game (3rd ed.)
2.45 % NEW 12 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A frisky board game explicitly made for the gay community.

#demiDancer: An Adorable Dexterity, Sequencing Card Game
28.26 % NEW 6 backers
(BGG) (KS)
#demidancer is a super-fast card game for two. A 'Dance Class Dash' that girls passionate about dance will relate to.
Preview of 11 projects ending in 8 to 10 days

Zombicide: 2nd Edition
646.81 % 11,534 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Zombicide is back! New art, new minis, new expansions with new gameplay! And, on top of everything else, a Roleplaying Game!

Tiny Epic Dinosaurs
2,387.97 % 10,179 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A worker placement dino game on the go! Plays 1-4 dino-ranching players in 45 minutes and is easy to learn and teach! It's Tiny Epic.

Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood
3,251.95 % 9,285 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A Grand 1-4 Player Dark Fantasy Board Game. Epic Story, Brand New Mechanics and Giant Monsters.

MOVIE CLICHÉS - the card game
657.40 % 2,575 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A card game made by (bad) movies.

Village Attacks: Grim Dynasty
193.91 % 2,124 backers
(BGG) (KS)
The 1-5 player fully co-op Castle Defence war between monsters & mortals is back with an all new Chinese themed expansion!

Rome & Roll: A roll and write eurogame
453.27 % 1,582 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Roll, draw, and conquer! Build Rome and raise legions in this strategic roll and write from designers Dávid Turczi and Nick Shaw.

Fresco Mega Box
1,346.73 % 795 backers
(BGG) (KS)
ALL of FRESCO including 4 brand new modules, Fresco - The Card Game and Fresco - The Dice Game!

Dwar7s Spring
380.35 % 704 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Spring is here! As the flowers blossom, empires will rise in this engine building, worker placement game for 2 to 4 players.

124.20 % NEW 333 backers
(BGG) (KS)
Aeolis is a fully cooperative game for 1-7 players. It is mainly a kingdom building miniature game with strong civ aspects.

Dragon Brew: Orctoberfest
113.68 % NEW 161 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A fast fun card game where you and your friends brew custom beers during Orctoberfest to win the favor of the Orc judges of Brumancia.

Poo Poo Fighting
2.05 % 24 backers
(BGG) (KS)
A hilarious, fast, and highly interactive 2-7 player card game that will cover your kids & friends with tons of Poo Poo and laughs!

If you cannot hunt, perhaps you're a fisherman.
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