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Some gabbing about RPGs

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I wanted to write this post in August, but I couldn't get myself to do it...

In the first decade of 21st century role-playing games were still a huge deal in Poland, much more popular than board games. Two most popular systems were Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Neuroshima. Ignacy Trzewiczek was the Polish guru of the former and his for years completely unprofitable publishing house, Portal Games, was the publisher of the latter. Neuroshima was the first true success of the firm, allowed it to survive and to slowly abandon RPGs in favour of, as it turned out, much more profitable board games.

So I used to be into RPGs, since it was the default activity of guys being into fantasy. It never was a true passion, I wasn't playing a lot (a couple of dozens of sessions over 10 years or so). However, I loved reading source books, scenarios, creating NPCs etc.

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My RPG shelf. On right Warhammer 2nd edition, then Neuroshima, and some random books

After I had fully discovered modern board games, I still happened to play a session of Neuroshima, but at every time I felt I'd rather play a board game. The logical conclusion was to abandon RPGs all along.

(One exception being brilliant InSpectres, a game that doesn't need much preparation and can be played in any setting)

When I established a (board) gaming group with friends, one of them wanted to try some RPGs and I refused. That was 7 years ago.

Now back to May of 2019. I talked with the same friend, and he raised the subject again, because he read some Cyberpunk source books and saw a bunch of kids playing (apparently the hobby is slightly less dead than I thought). Funnily enough, one day earlier I bought a Dog Eat Dog PDF, just to read out of curiosity how the theme is implemented. This time I agreed to play something the upcoming Summer.

I knew we had to choose a one-shot game that doesn't require to learn about lore. I made a research, again was buying many books (but this time in PDF), and Fiasco looked the most promising.

I heard about the game before, but wasn't interested since I'm not into movies and rarely watch them. This time, seeing that Fiasco was recommended by virtually everyone, I decided to look into it. This video bought me and I knew I had to try it.

Over the summer I manged to play Fiasco 3 times, with different friends, most of whom hadn't played an RPG before, and we had a blast.

This is truly a role-playing game. It is set in the real world (at least most of the playsets), so getting into character is easy. The game is just hilarious. It is GM-less, so the players have to collectively assure the coherence of the story, which isn't an easy task without revealing too much of what we want to do next... Once we know how to do it better, there should be some plot twists and more of unclear intentions.

I doubt that this experience made me or others want to try a classic, campaign-oriented system, but we're certainly will often get back to Fiasco.
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