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My Top 20 vs. The 1PG Top 20

BGG 1 Player Group's 2019 Top 20 solo games:

1] Spirit Island
2] Mage Knight Board Game
3] Terraforming Mars
4] Aeon's End
5] Scythe
6] Gloomhaven
7] Arkham Horror: The Card Game
8] Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island
9] The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
10] Too Many Bones
11] The 7th Continent
12] Viticulture
13] Gaia Project
14] A Feast for Odin
15] Nemo's War (Second Edition)
16] At the Gates of Loyang
17] Wingspan
18] Renegade
19] Race for the Galaxy
30] Friday

So I have 3 of these games in my Top 20 (Robinson Crusoe #1, A Feast for Odin #12, and Race for the Galaxy #4). I own 2 others that I have yet to play enough to see if they belong on my list - Scythe (which I have played multiplayer but haven't tried out the well regarded Automata), and The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (see my Shelf of Shame). I still own Mage Knight but it has fallen out of favor with me.

But the oddest thing about this Top 20 is that I have not the slightest desire to get any of the other ones. I playtested Gaia Project and, while fun enough, wasn't enough to get me to buy it. I used to own Friday, but it is a very simple deck builder, so it is absolutely nothing I would ever play. Speaking of deck builders, several of the other ones are as well and I do not do deck builders, so that leaves me out of games like Aeon's End and Renegade.

Spirit Island just looks dumb - no offense to those of you who voted it #1, but there is just nothing appealing at all in its game play, design or artwork that says I need to play it. I haven't liked anything I have seen about Terraforming Mars, although I am not sure why because I don't have the same nauseous reaction to tableau builders that I do with deck builders. I guess I don't like the art work and the tableau itself seems to get far too large.

I don't do campaign games (I'm lucky to play a game once in a row, never mind dozens of times), so Gloomhaven, Too Many Bones and The 7th Continent are out. I don't see the point of getting Arkham Horror: The Card Game if I haven't even played LotR much yet. And I am a little squeamish about their deck construction as it is.

I have been mildly interested in Viticulture, as I do like me a good meaty worker placement game. But I have Vinhos and that might be enough wine making games for me. Nemo's War just seems too big and random, although you'd think I would like lots of dice rolling and the stories it would tell. I have never had a worse feeling about a game after playing it online than At the Gates of Loyang. Not sure why, but I hated every turn. And while Wingspan is highly regarded, it just doesn't strike me as my sort of game.

So there you have it - my off the cuff remarks about the Top 20 solo games. Maybe I am just getting into that curmudgeonly gamer phase of my solo gaming life. I have plenty of games I haven't played (see this post as well), plus the aforementioned games in the Top 20 that I own and haven't played, so I'd really need to get fired up about a game. Nothing to see here for me, which is truly odd.
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