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How Vikings landed in the best scifi push-your-luck micro game!

He was always driving me nuts. There is no other person whose face appeared on my smart TV that I yelled more often at than Sam's (well, besides some volleyball players from teams I support).


When The Dice Tower published Top 10 video, Sam drove me crazy exactly ten times - every single time he was about to say his pick, but instead of saying the name of the game, he was presenting freakin' 3 minutes entree! If I were there, sitting next to him, I'd grab his shirt yelling, 'Just say the damn title! Say it! Say it now!"

I wasn't there. I yelled at the TV. Kids were confused.


Every single time The Dice Tower published one of their Live Playthroughs, I couldn't believe that nobody at the table is making karate moves on Sam. I would. I would karate him every single time he took his 10 minutes long turn. I felt physical pain on my whole body when he was taking his turn. I am serious. My whole body was trembling. The legendary Downtime Master he is.

I wasn't there. I karated my coffee table. Kids were confused.


His picks in the Top 10 lists never matched my picks. I couldn't believe how often you can put Viking game on the list, whatever it is the best card game, the best sci-fi game, or the best party game. Apparently, there is a Viking game for every occasion. He was always wrong with his picks, he was always choosing the game, I would not consider even for Top 10000 for this category.

'Look what he picked?! Vikings again?! Is he crazy?!' I yelled to my kids. 'Dad, why don't you like vikings?' I heard back.


Jokes aside.

Tom Vasel, Zee Garcia, and Sam Healey created a dynamic, funny, and diverse trio that, over past years was recording one of the most entertaining and influential board games YouTube show. The chemistry between the members of the gang was one of the forces that drove the show. The diversity - in my humble opinion - was the second one.

With every episode, they manifested the diversity in the genre, the richness of our hobby, the differences in tastes in board gaming. The famous 'crossover' picks were a rare case. In most cases, each list was different, each of the members picked 10 different titles for the best games in a particular category.

I was yelling at Sam's picks, and I disagreed with him every time, and I thought it is the best thing that can happen. We have different tastes. We look at games for different things. We appreciate different mechanisms. We should celebrate the differences. Top 10 lists The Dice Tower was producing was the show that celebrated that.

Dear Sam, I wish you the best in your new career and thank you for driving me mad for the past few years. It was the best that could happen to our hobby - a constant reminder that we all should respect each other choices and the fact that we like different games.
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